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Monday, October 14, 2013

Soul Stew Records artist:Bob Eike - Happy Little Songs About Futility And Despair - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Happy Little Songs About Futility And Despair, from Bob Eike and it's quite good. I'll start by saying this is a lot of music from a man and his guitar...think early Ry Cooder for style and taste. Opening with That's Just Not Right, Eike plays country rag style and has no hesitation on the strings. This track is super. Next is My God's Better Than Your God, a slower paced rag style track again with the light hearted look at life. Had To Leave Louisiana has a more traditional RGD or Hot Tuna style with great story, guitar runs and turns. Lucifer Jesus Jones is a clever track with obvious contrast and shows some interesting progressions and plenty of fleet finger work. Very cool. That's The Way It Goes is a very strong folk type song in the manner of Pete Seeger or Bob Dylan. My Oven's Broke is a great little blues track and the cracking on Eike's voice is a great accent to the general feel. You Can't Go Home has a bluesy folk track with particularly loose vocals which I really like. What I mean is this is very real music and the guitar is precise. Allowing the vocals to wonder really compliments the composition. I Don't Do Lies is a great delta style blues track with the stiff bass rhythm and Lightning Hopkins like guitar runs under the vocals. Excellent! Wrapping the release is Do It By Myself, a sweet little slide blues track reminding me quite a bit of Seigel Schwall band. This is another of my favorite tracks on this really cool release. If you like real original blues, I mean the delta stuff, and Piedmont stuff, you haven't heard anything new in a while... this may be your ticket. It has a few different shades of blue and definitely captures the original spirit of the blues.  
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This isn't on the release but a good representation of what Bob sounds like:

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