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Monday, October 7, 2013

Blues Boulevard Records artist: Brad Wilson - Hands On The Wheel - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (October 8, 2013), Hands On The Wheel, from Brad Wilson. Ready for some hard driving blues rock...well, here it is! Wilson opens his newest release with Hands On The Wheel, a serious rocker. Rocket, another rocker with over driven rock riffs featuring Brian James on bass, and JJ Garcia on drums. Nobody But You opens with an Elmore James slide riff but rolls into a boogies track with twists and turns. All Kinds Of A Fool shows Wilson has his hands firmly on the throttle pushing the guitar into high for high power riffs and then down to 1st for vocals. The Road Back To You, another blues infused rocker, shows a more controlled pace but with hot riffs pushing the dynamics. Cruisin' The Coast has tandem slide guitar parts sounding a bit reminiscent of riffs but Les Dudek. It is a lighter jazzy track but with a melodic instrumental sound. The Ballad Of John Lee is a straight up boogie with traces in Texas. This is a pretty solid guitar ripper and one that should attract most blues rock fans a la La Grainge. Blues Magic is a light Latin jazz style track with an almost Santana sound. Nice guitar work peppers the track and the melody is quite nice. Last Call is a blues ballad with a strong melody. Sounding a lot like Gregg Allman, Wilson does some of his best vocals and Francesca Capasso add really nice backing vocals. Slide On Over is a blues rocker more reminiscent of SRV or Chris Duarte. Possibly one of my favorite tracks on the release, Wilson lays down some really hot riffs on this track. Hot Stuff is a rock track with a taste of Steeley Dan and that pop/jazz rock styling. I'm Still Breathing is another blues ballad, this on really reminding me of one of my favorite Greg Allman tracks, Queen of Hearts. Not at all a copy of having just traces, a really well composed melody and solid vocals. My One Desire, a soul style track is another of my choices on the release. Simple understated guitar riffs blend nicely into the arrangement making for a well balanced song. Wrapping the release is Roll With Me, an easy going rocker. Is a simple rock track that could easily find airplay with smooth vocals and well stated guitar work.

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