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Monday, September 9, 2013

SWMAF Records artists: Dave Riley and Bob Corritore - Hush Your Fuss! - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (September 17, 2013), Hush Your Fuss!, from Dave Riley and Bob Corritore and is got a great groove! Opening with title track Hush Your Fuss!, a track right from the delta, Riley's gravely voice and Corritore's harp punctuation keep this acoustic brother to Nobody's Fault But Mine on track. Baby Please Come Home has a strong Chicago feel with a more electric sound and Brian Fahey on drums. A smooth Chicago swing gives Corritore a nice opening to play solo. On No Cussin', the men take a Morganfield road and Corritore again plays some real nice harp work in support of Riley's great vocals. Dave "Yahni" Riley Jr. pushes the band along on bass on this very traditional sounding track. Snuff Drippin' Woman has a nice slow pace giving Corritore the opportunity to dig in deep on a gripping harp solo. Riley has authentic blues vocal feel and delivery with clean complimentary guitar riffs. On R&B style track Mississippi Po Boy, Riley shows some of his best vocals on the release. This is a track that should easily garner airplay. Also stepping up a bit on guitar, Riley articulates cleanly. Home In Chicago has a traditional 12 bar feel and keeps it simple with crisp harp riffs from Corritore. Again stepping up on guitar, Riley shows that he knows his way around the fretboard. Hard Headed Woman has the traditional "Train" rhythm lead by Fahey on drums and nicely complimented by Corritore. Happy As A Man Can Be is a cool boogie track with boppin rhythm guitar from Riley and solid harping from Corritore behind Riley's vocals. Both Corritore and Riley play some of their best riffs on the release and Corritore gets into a smokin' harp solo with great tone on this track. Go Ahead And Blame Me takes a slower pace and you can actually smell the smoke and alcohol from the club. Really nice track. My Baby's Gone is back to mostly acoustic sound with Riley accompanying himself on guitar and soloing by Corritore. A real nice Chicago sound. Oil Spill Blues is one of my favorite tracks on the release with strong blues building blocks on rhythm guitar and a balance of vocal and harp for music track. Again Corritore steps up and takes a great solo on harp. Laughing Blues is an unusual track featuring subdued melody and primitive singing. An interesting cool down number for a pretty cool release.

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Although not a track from the new CD. a good example of the duo at work.

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