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Friday, September 27, 2013

Ruf Records artist: Samantha Fish - Black Wind Howlin' - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Black Wind Howlin', from Samantha Fish and it's a romper! Opening with hard driving Miles To Go, Fish rides a hard rain with fat slide work and solid vocals. Pushed by Charlie Wooton on bass and Yonrico Scott on drums this is a straight up slammer. Mike Zito joins on Kick Around, a country style track featuring stylistic riffs and a little duet action with Zito and Paul Thorn. Go To Hell has a lot of guitar grind and bottom with Scott really hammering it out. A very strong radio style rocker with plenty of rowdy riffs. Sucker Born features Jumpin Johnny Sansone on harp and some razor sharp slide work under Fish's strong vocal attack. Fish penned blues ballad, Over You, is a sure winner with a nice melody, sweet guitar riffs and euphoric backing instrumentals and vocals. (put your money on it) Who's Been Talking, again featuring the hot harp of Sansone is a smokin Chicago/Latin style blues track. The guitar riffs are understated and the tone is superb. Sansone really nails it on this track as well making it one of the best on the release. Lay It Down plays a bit harder with saturated guitar tones on rhythm and thin cutting lead work. Fish's vocals are sassy making this another strong entry. Let's Have Some Fun is a quiet pop track that nicely features Fish primarily as a vocalist accompanied acoustically. Heartbreaker has the biting drive of Foxy Lady but with a bend toward Bad Company. An open wheeling slide solo on this track leaves the room smokey. Foolin' Me is pretty straight down the middle of pop rock road. Certainly a solid tune and ready for airplay. One of my favorites on the release, title track Black Wind Howlin', is strongly related to Voodoo Chile with powerful bass and drum leads and the hottest guitar riffs on the release. Excellent! The release is completed by a return to country influenced track, Last September. Bo Thomas adds to the rural feel of the track with fiddle work and Scott knows exactly how to stay down on this style of track. Fish shows broad interests in music and will likely attract new fans with this open approach to her music.  

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