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Friday, September 20, 2013

Delmark artist: Toronzo Cannon - John The Conquer Root - New Release Review

I just received a copy of the new release, John The Conquer Root by Toronzo Cannon and it's powerful. Opening with The title track, John The Conquer Root, this release is balls to the wall! With a percussion bottom (Brian "BJ" Jones) worthy of Bonzo himself, this track is heavy and laden with hot guitar riffs and gripping vocals from Cannon. Excellent. I've Been Doing Fine has more of a Chicago blues style with organ by Roosevelt Purifoy and bass from Dave Forte. Cold World is a much more contemporary R&B style number with horns from Kenny Anderson (trumpet), Norman Palm (trombone), Dudley Owens (sax), Jerry Di Muzio (sax) and backing vocals by Kay Reed, Theresa Davis and Vanessa Holmes. Cannon takes the opportunity to lay out some tasty riffs but this some is all about the groove. Gentle Reminder is a rock blues track with a stiff driving funk belly. Cannon uses great vocal phrasing on this track and answers his call with Texas style stinging guitar riffs. Very cool. If You're Woman Enough To Leave Me is a funky blues track with Cannon laying down really solid guitar riffs to accompany his spot on singing. A Latin beat on drums by Jones and sweet harp work from Omar Coleman make Shame a real strong contender for the radio track on the release. On relaxed, soul style blues track, You Made Me This Way, Cannon really shines on vocals and Purifoy adds bright key work. Been Better To You opens big with horns and a New Orleans style funk. Singing guitar punctuations and rich horn work saturate this track and Cannon knows how to work it. On Big Ray Bop, a swing track, Coleman plays some of the nicest harp work on the release. Cannons vocal is more Ray Charles in nature and Purifoy steps up the piano work laying down some real fine riffs on this track. Sweet, Sweet, Sweet is a slide guitar butt rippin with Joanna Connor and Lawrence Gladney adding guitars. Finishing up with Root To The Fruit... She's Mine (Reprise) returns to the wall of music in the title track and flat out guitar/ drum massacre. I can't say enough how much I especially enjoy these two particular tracks. Excellent ending to a very solid release.

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