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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blue Edge Records artist: 'Rock-n-Rick' Patterson - Beat A Deamon - New Release Review

I just received a copy of the newest release, Beat A Demon, from Rock-n-Rick Patterson and it's really different. Opening with the title track, Beat A Demon, Patterson unleashes a voodoo sounding blues track that will stick you. With a voice like Captain Beefheart and a melody that could be right off of a Screamin Jay record, Patterson really lays out some cool guitar riffs and effects. St. Louis Girl is an upbeat swing blues with Patterson and Nick Schnebelen on guitar joined by Kris Schnebelen on drums and Danielle Schenebelen on bass. I've Been Thinkin' "Bout You has a cool bass line which really sets the track up nicely. A more contemporary blues rock style makes it practical for broad airplay and the hook is solid. Don't Have To Worry is a spiffy blues infused rock track with delta roots, cocky guitar work and spot on percussion. Sonny Kenner is a story tellers track. I've always liked tracks like this (Billy The Mountain, Mind Bender, Jack The Toad to name a few) and Patterson does a real nice job, complimented by James Whitney on keys. A laid down funky track, Still In The Game, gives Patterson a cool groove to jam over and jam he does. Some of the nicest guitar work (as well as instrumentation) on the release is on this track... think Steely Dan. On rockin' boogie, Don't Need No Woman, Patterson takes a more straight on blues attack and ready rock riffs. The release closes with Evil Train returning full circle to a similar feel of the first track with greasy smimmery guitar riffs and swampy vocals. This is a release that grows on you so you may want to give it a few listens.

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