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Friday, August 2, 2013

Big Dave & The Prickly Bluesmen - Big Snark - New release Review

I just received the newest release, Big Snark, from Snarky Dave and the Prickly Bluesmen and it's a lot of fun. The release opens with Caucasian Blues, a slinky blues number with cool drum and bass accents from Don Stein and Tony Robinson . Joey Fulkerson plays a pretty tasty "British" style blues guitar solo which makes this a pretty cool track. On a R&B style rock track, Big Girl, Stein again sets a great bass line (not unlike The Changeling by J Morrison) driving the track under vocals and some super guitar riffs from Dave. On Mother and I, Dave gets a lot more serious and retrospective for a straight up ballad. Addition of sonic guitar lines on E Bow guitar by Fulkerson create a soundscape of smoke. Very nice. Doggone Fool has a strong funk line again featuring solid work from Fulkerson and Robinson. Jay Heath steps up with a cool sax solo and Dave steps up the guitar riffs in pace. On Mike Sully's Boogie, a driving but graceful guitar boogie, Lin Doughton plays some light fretted guitar solos that dance through the track over Edgar Fernandez on an organ carpet. Makes No Sense is a sax laden rock track with jazzy overtones. Jay Heath throws down some very solid tenor work and Fulkerson adds a nice baritone guitar effect throughout. A well written track a likely candidate for radio play with just the right amount of hook and flash. Concluding the recording is Caucoustic Blues, an acoustic version of the opening track. With a different arrangement, Dave shows some of his own cool riffs on acoustic guitar and Jay Heath does a really sweet sax solo making this one of the coolest tracks on the release.

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