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Friday, July 19, 2013

Tommy Keys - Devil's Den - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Devil's Den from Tommy Keys. Opening with the title track, Devil's Den, Keys takes us on a trip through a political venue and the undercurrent experienced there. Not a political experience but a musical description in ambiance. Seductive rhythms and light piano accompaniment to Keys vocals are a good start. You Don't Deserve A Thing, a rockabilly stye blues track driven by Keys on the keys with 40's like backing vocals from Franny Mae and Sweet Suzie Smith and a slick guitar solo from Bill Marino. Life Is Too Short is a cool little ditty reminiscent of Randy Newmann, with cool New Orleans piano, one of my favorite tracks on the release. Down and Dirty is a full on Boogie with Keys taking the piano for a quick run and featuring John Whelan on  guitar. This is some pretty cool piano work so check it out. What To Do About Love has a bit of a country two step rhythm and adding Marino on slide. Bison Bounce has a ragtime feel and super piano articulation. Leaky Ceiling Blues takes a straight on charge at the blues with a standard 12 bar rhythm and Bob Oven on harp. Walter Jacob's Chicken Shack which was recorded live features John Whelan on tasty guitar, Frank Celenza on bass and Sony Rock on drums. This is a cool track and well balanced. Blind W McTell's Statesboro Blues is given a different arrangement.. This is another cool track with tasty piano riffs, Oven on harp and fine guitar contribution from Whelan. Another rag style track, That's What I Love About The Blues shows Key's certain capabilities to play rolling piano riffs as he sings great swing style blues. Finishing up with Mess Around, Keys has the band really hopping with crisp piano soloing, Whelan joins on  vocal and guitar riffs and Oven on harp. Super conclusion to a cool release.

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  1. I have 3 Tommy Keys albums and this is the best one of the lot... and the others are good too! They are Side Street Boogie and The Man In The Moon.