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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Silvertone Records/RCA Records artist: Buddy Guy - Rhythm & Blues - New Release Review

Buddy Guy is back and with a vengeance! I just received the newest release (July 30, 2013), Rhythm & Blues, by Buddy Guy and it screams! This new release, a double CD offering is broken into Rhythm and Blues but frankly... it's all Buddy and all great! Opening with Best In Town, Guy is crankin' right out of the box with funky horns behind Buddy's signature vocals and wailing guitar riffs. I love it when Buddy just opens it up and lets it fly and he does open it up! Justifyin' has a lower profile but again with a bit of funk under the lead and voracious man eating guitar tones. I Go By Feel is a bit more of a soul ballad but Guy still doesn't relent on his ripping of the fretboard. On Messin' With the Kid, Guy joins up with Kid Rock for an honest cover of the classic track. What's Up With That Woman has a great sway and Guy's voice is smooth as silk. Guy has not lost a step continuing to grow as a player. On One Day Away, Guy and Keith Urban sing a duet which will likely get a lot of airplay in crossover markets. This track is laden with solid punctuate guitar riffs. Guy pulls out an oldie with Well I Done Got Over It puts a new spin on it. With a huge horn sound backing him, Guy sings with a lot of feel and plays guitar riffs with swing, but maintaining his signature sting. What You Gonna Do About Me features Guy in vocal duet with Beth Hart. Taking a lot of the kind of style from Thrill Is Gone, Guy and Hart trade vocal leads and Guy really holds back on the pyrotechnics a bit making this another track want for the radio. The Devil's Daughter is a strong solo track with Guy handling vocals on his own and with simple keys and drum/bass accompaniment, flares away on his guitar in compliment to his smooth vocals. On Whiskey Ghost, Guy, keeps his vocals at bey with sonic sound garden guitar effects creating a ghostly bed for his tale. Lightly picked guitar blues backs this track. Closing the first disc is Rhythm Inner Groove, a really cool funky instrumental ... my only complaint is it isn't longer! Disc two opens with Meet Me In Chicago, a country funk track reminding me quite a bit of Elvin Bishop in style... Buddy Guy and Elvin Bishop... now there's a thought! This is a cookin' track and Buddy lets the dogs out. Jump back and watch! Too Damn Bad opens with a traditional blues pattern on guitar developing into a full blown guitarsplosion. Excellent! Evil Twin is a more modern turn on the knock down blues featuring Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. Guy digs in some good riffs as does Perry. Nice. On I Could Die Happy, Buddy opens with very clean acoustic guitar rhythm and his rich vocals but as the song progresses plays really tasty but sparse electrifying guitar riffs. On Never Gonna Change, Buddy dons his slide for a swinging boogie. On All That Makes Me Happy Is The Blues, a sweet electric piano riff opens the door for Buddy to strut in sounding all slick and polished. Horns balance out the electric piano and Buddy lays back just hitting you with a hot riff here and there as he tells his story, but you know it's coming... a gut wrenching solo like nobody else can do. If there is one artist on the planet who a person can tell who he is with one's Buddy... and that note is wow! On My Mama Loved Me, a cool track along the lines of Tobacco Road, Guy lays back in the pocket and sings the blues but then the tidal wave comes and Buddy unleashes the big guns! Great fretwork and dynamic vocals! On Blues Don't Care, Guy is paired with Gary Clark Jr., one of my favorite contemporary players. This is a super track and one where each player takes his turn and their styles match up quite well. I Came Up Hard is right down the middle Buddy Guy... just what you want to hear. Guy is a terrific singer and player and this is a super demo of his well rounded talents. I see Buddy every chance I get and I'm really happy to see this super new release with all fresh material. Buddy just keeps crankin' and I still find him one of the most exciting blues men of any age on the scene today ... if not the best. Poison Ivy is a really uncharacteristic track fro Guy having a real swing lope to it. Guy has his guitar turned up real fat and with the solid boogie bass line behind it it's a great intro or outro track. Without his vocals, it's such an uncharacteristic track for him, that you'd have to listen twice to guess it was him... but his signature sound is still there and it's like a new day. This is a really superior recording and I recommend it for new and old fans alike. I have heard most everything Buddy Guy has recorded and I'm thrilled to add this to my listening stack!

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  2. Buddy is great musician. I like his songs. I think his idea with his club is very interesting.