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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ham-Bone Records artist: Hamilton Loomis - Give It Back - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Give It Back, from Hamilton Loomis and it knocks me out! Loomis really has developed his own style and has a great groove. Opening with Stuck In A Rut, Loomis lays his trademark funky groove in this case infused with some Hendrix style smoking hot riffs and "Sly Stone" backing vocals from Krystie Harper and Chris Eger.Terrific! Eternally is a really strong melodic track featuring Fabian Hernandez on sax and John Ontiveros on trumpet. Tommy Sims lays down a solid bass line giving Loomis a chance to riff lightly over a quiet tension, eventually breaking loose into an extended solo. Loomis brings forward his excellent tune writing and one of the best voices in the business on Give It Back, funking up the blues. Smoking guitar riffs, snappy drumming from Jaime Little and vocal and stellar bass soloing from bassist extraordinaire, Victor Wooten make this a particularly great track. Partner In Crime has a real "trick" bass line setting up a cool track with talk box effects on guitar. Loomis is always right on the beat and his sense of musical styling is super. One of my favorite tracks on the release is soul track A Woman Like You. Loomis has a stellar voice and with so many other talents as a writer, guitar player, key player and harmonica player, I think that he sometimes gets over looked as the terrific vocalist he really is. Just applying vocal backing and nice guitar riffs like dabbing paint on a canvas keeps this a a simply super track. Everything I Had has a great funky groove with crisp drums by Jaime Little and really warm vocal harmonies. One consistent string across all of Loomis' recordings is super happy energy. It's really hard to listen to him and especially to see him live without getting a broad smile and a squirmy back side! Fool Sometimes is a bluesy R&B track and again Loomis uses his voice nicely to evoke a cool feeling of well being. Sergio Gonzalez adds nice organ work behind the scenes and warm lush guitar work compliments the harmonic vocal work nicely. One More Take hits the funk hard with a strong bottom and horn reinforcement. I am particularly impressed with the mixing on this release with a superb balance of guitar, drums, keys, bass and vocal harmonies under the lead. Castle is a nice pop track with a R&B / blues edge. Loomis takes a nice guitar solo on this track but it's his outstanding vocals that make this track tick. Peer Pressure sounds like it's right out of a TOP or JB song book. Horns and funk really set this instrumental track off making it the ultimate funk jam of the year. Loomis absolutely cuts loose on the guitar and rips a hole in it! If you don't like a little funk in your step ...stay away... but if you love great music with a bit of funk and a smooth as silk vocalist... you're not likely to hear a better release this year!  

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