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Monday, July 15, 2013

Favored Nations artist: Randy Scott - Out Of The Blue - New Release Review

I just received a copy of the newest release (July 18, 2013), Out Of The Blue, by Randy Scott and it has a little of something for everyone. Opening with Ramblin' Man Blues, a jazz/country/rock/blues fusion track with a good airplay hook. Next up is Whiskey From A Bottle, a contemporary style blues built over a 12 bar blues rhythm. Having a bit of a Robben Ford flare, Scott has a decent voice and a great knowledge of the fretboard exercising good taste. Piano work on this track by Jeff Babko are particularly good. Nothin' But A Thang is another track with a bluesy jazz style gives bassist Travis Carlton the opportunity to set the pace and Gary Novak on drums to play tight breaks while Scott plays some nicely innovative guitar riffs. His guitar tone on the intro to this track is immense. This is actually a real good track. Can't Quit On You is a direct blues track with just a quick polish to make is sound more contemporary and jazzy. There is no doubt that Scott's chops are there and his voice works nicely with his style of playing. Never Enough opens with some really unusual guitar progressions as an intro opening a funky blues track. Again Carlton and Novak step up and create a hot bed of rhythm as Scott's foil. Subtle key work by Babko adds warmth and texture. Blues played light and jazzy is the map for Mean-Hearted Woman. Well articulated jazz/blues guitar riff trades from Scott to Albert Lee really brighten up this track. Don't Call It Love shows strong promise as another radio track with a solid hook and well balanced instrumentals. Kisses Like Cherries is a solid ballad which also has solid blues guitar riffs. Possibly my favorite track on the release, Talkin' My Baby Down is a cool uptempo boogie track with original but Funderburgh like guitar riffs. Title track, Out Of The Blue is a hard driver reminiscent of the Dregs with long intricate instrumental expressions and exhibiting modern guitar techniques. Very cool! Hell To Pay is another track to have a fusion of blues/country and rock. A fast paced track, this is also bound to be a crowd favorite and also features virtuoso Albert Lee. Tommy's Tune, an acoustic guitar boogie with jazz chords and fancy finger pickin' makes this a terrific track on which to end the release. Very nice freshman entry from a talented guitar player.

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