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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Delmark Records artist: Studebaker John's Maxwell Street Kings - Kingsville Jukin' - New Release Review

I just received a copy of the new release, Kingsvile Jukin' by Studebaker John & the Maxwell Street Kings and it's a raw blues butt whoopin good time! Opening with Mississippi To Chicago with all of the vigor and crispness of Hound Dog Taylor! On When They Played The Real Blues, John plays in traditional Chicago style along with great harmonica. Shake It Down Now is a real cool track with contemporary sound but keeping it's primitive roots. Over driven guitar and vocals give it a definite raw texture. The Rest Is Up To You is a cool boogie pushed along by Steve Cushing on drums and Bob Halaj on bass. Grinding guitar riffs are teams with super harp riffs making this one of the best tracks on the release. On I Am The Houserocker, John has a real greasy groove and his slide playing is right out of Elmore land. John's voice is also particularly cool on this track. Howlin' In The Moonlight blends the droning sound of a primitive delta track with Howlin' Wolf like vocals making for a very satisfying track. Think cool and primitive. Ride Again takes a lesson from Morganfield with a smokin' Chicago blues track with a lot of mojo, but with a modern twist and primitive distorted overall sound. Really nice! The title track, Kingsville Jukin' is a hot little harp track with light cymbals and rhythm guitar... cool! Wicked Soul has a rough and ready texture with delta style vocal delivery and rhythm guitar that really hits home. John has a wicked way with the slide and I really like it! Shake Some For Me is another great track that Hound Dog Taylor would be proud to own. John has really captured the spirit of the primitive Chicago sound and has captured it here on this recording. Right Tonight is a cool driving boogie opening the door for a riding guitar rhythm and nice harp work. John knows how to place the notes where they need to be and not to clutter the music too much with frivolous details. Ending the release is a great slider, Bad Gasoline. A foot stompin' stripped down guitar, vocal and amp on full distortion is just the ticket and the slide playing is just super. If you like the primitive sound that Hound Dog Taylor is know for and you like Chicago Blues... If you like one man band sounds.... you'll love this recording. Nice....real nice!!!

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