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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

American Showplace Music atrist: Todd Wolfe Band - Miles To Go - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Miles To Go, from Todd Wolfe Band and it's a straight forward blues rocker. Opening with Nuthin' But You, Wolfe puts up a solid rocker that should head straight to the airwaves and fly high. With a solid hook and flashy guitar work it has what it needs. Sunnyvale takes a step back to a simpler sound with a stripped down bass (Justine Gardner) and drum Roger Voss) part and acoustic guitar and vocal by Wolfe. Locket Full Of Dreams opens with a cool guitar riff with reverb developing to a pretty cool track with vocals by Wolfe, Gardner and Voss. Steve Guyger also adds a nice harmonica texture on this track as well. Howlin' Wolf's Forty Four is up next. The band does a real nice rendition of this including great slide guitar work, military style drumming (adding to the drama) and great vocals. Day To Day is another open road rocker with Chuck Berry like riffs and Eric Clapton like vocals. This is another track that could easily hit the airwaves hard. it has all of the tricks including a good driving beat, grinding guitar riffs and snappy drumming. John Ginty adds some nice organ work on this track as well. I Stand Alone is a basic acoustic ballad with clean finger picking and subtle backing vocals. Stay With Me Baby is a slower blues rocker with a cool swaying groove. The vocal backing on this track is particularly cool and Wolfe plays scorching lead guitar riffs over the basic rhythm setup. Come What May comes out with a bit of a surprise with a distinct Reggae bottom and searing guitar lead work. This instrumental track is really nice break and possibly my favorite track on the release. George Harrison's The Inner Light closes the release opening with Wolfe playing eastern sounding lead guitar work and with changing time signature and what sounds to be Leslie sound effects. This is a cool blues rock release that should please existing TWB fans and is sure to win him a number of new ones!  

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