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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Delmark update - Eddie C. Campbell / Arthur Big Boy Crudup

  • Eddie C. Campbell suffers stroke and heart attack. Sad news about our dear friend Eddie C. Campbell from our friend Dick Shurman: "Send your kind thoughts and prayers to Chicago bluesman Eddie C. Campbell, who suffered a stroke and heart attack in Germany last weekend. He's improving, but it's going to be a hard road back. His wife Barbara is doing a good job from afar of staying on top of things but any support, if only in thought, is appreciated."
We know it will be a long road to full recovery, but we also know Eddie C. Campbell is a very strong man, inside and out, physically and mentally, and a very positive, beautiful, and determined man who will triumph over this unfortunate health setback. 

Eddie C. will go visit that "Spider Eatin Preacher" to alleviate his "Mind Trouble" and say "That's When I Know" his "Hopes and Dreams" will come to fruition, and everything "Gonna Be Alright" and he will return again to "Tear This World Up" and be the "Baddest Cat on the Block" and regain his throne as the "King of the Jungle!" So, let him grab his Purple Fender JazzMaster and 'Let's Pick It!" again!
  • Unreleased Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup 1969 session forthcoming on Delmark! How grand that Delmark Records has announced the late February issue of a previously unreleased 1969 studio session from the legendary Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup. The CD is titled "Sunny Road" and features backing from Jimmy Dawkins and the late Willie “Big Eyes” Smith. This much anticipated session also has Crudup’s guitar amped through the rotating Leslie speaker, Ala Buddy Guy 
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