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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Delta Groove Music is very pleased to announce the participants in their first annual Blues Stimulus Program, an opportunity for blues talent around the world to become members of the successful Delta Groove Family.  Over the last decade, Delta Groove Music has set the new standard for producing, promoting, and booking exciting blues and roots music talent.  Now they’re sharing in their success by inviting emerging blues acts to submit their recordings for review, and each year Delta Groove will choose two U.S. and one foreign blues act to come on board with one of the biggest success stories in blues in this millennium! 

After much careful review and painstaking consideration over the last several months, the producers and talent scouts at Delta Groove have chosen the Nashville-based Andy T and Nick Nixon Band, and Portland, Oregon’s Kevin Selfe as this year’s U.S. participants in the Blues Stimulus Program. 

Guitarist Andy T and singer/guitarist Nixon are both veteran blues players who enjoyed long and successful careers on their own for years before joining forces to create one of the most dynamic and soulful blues bands in Nashville – a town with no shortage of great musicians.  Andy T’s fiery yet tasteful guitar provides the perfect backdrop to Nixon’s deeply bluesy, church-schooled vocals, an appealing combination that caught the attention of Texas blues guitar legend Anson Funderburgh, who produced and guests on their debut CD for Delta Groove.

Virginia native Kevin Selfe is one of the most exciting and tasteful young blues guitarists and singers on the scene today, with that golden combination of reverence for the masters and the fire and passion of an artist from a new generation, out to write his own chapter in the blues history books.  Selfe has been on the scene since 1997, and appeared on numerous CDs with The Fat Daddy Band and Little Roger and The Cheap Thrills.  In 2005 he formed Kevin Selfe & The Tornadoes in his native Roanoke, VA, eventually relocating to the other side of the country in Portland, OR.  Since then he’s continued to hone and perfect his own unique sound, using his mastery of traditional blues as a springboard into his own exciting blend of cutting edge attitude and original songs that speak to several generations of roots music and blues fans.

The debut CDs on Delta Groove by Andy T - Nick Nixon Band “Drink Drank Drunk”, and Kevin Selfe “Long Walk Home”, are scheduled for release by Delta Groove in February of 2013. 


Andy T - Nick Nixon Band
"Drink Drank Drunk"

Anson Funderburgh
John Garza
Christian Dozzler

and more!
"Andy was a great musician when we started and I think he's an even better player now. His dedication to the music that he loves is unstoppable…And Nick is one of the greatest singers in blues today. When people hear his voice, they are moved."
– Anson Funderburgh
"Andy T Band, featuring James "Nick" Nixon is one of those amazing artists that rarely surface today."
– Bman's Blues Report
"Nick and Andy T are both world class performers with a show that offers something for everyone."
– Peter Fleming co-founder, Nashville Office – AirPlay Direct

Kevin Selfe
"Long Walk Home"

Jimi Bott
Mitch Kashmar
Gene Taylor
and more!
"Selfe plays with rare thoughtfulness and taste…his clean tone and deep well of approaches keep things fresh."
- Blues Revue
"They have originality of lyrics, individuality of playing their chosen instruments and a collective output which ranks at the best of the modern era in blues" - Blues Matters
"Kevin draws the crowds to the band with fiery
fretwork that gets"wanna-be" guitar heroes excited
and professionals listening closely."
– Greg Johnson, President, Cascade Blues Association


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