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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crustee Tees Records artist: Tas Cru - Tired of Bluesmen Cryin' - New Release Review

I just received and have had a chance to listen to Tas Cru's newest release, Tired Of Bluesmen Cryin'. The recording opens with the title track, I'm Tired Of Bluesmen Cryin', which starts as a solo slide guitar and vocal wail. Influenced by an aspiring blues singer/songwriter, Cru wrote this track and determined to make an upbeat blues recording. This track quickly transitions from a swampy wail to a full blown blues rocker with lots of sliding. This track has the hook that could win it national recognition. Cru is an accomplished slide player and that is evident from this track. Changin' My Ways is an uptempo blues rocker with resonator used in a way that you often hear an electric slide played. This is the kind of track track that will have the crowd dancing in the isles. One More Time opens with a very cool piano intro by Chip Lamson and Cru joining on electric guitar. This blues follows that T-Bone Walker/Elmore James pattern for slow blues and is bound to be an immediate draw for traditional slow blues lovers. Cru delivers on vocals and guitar making this a sure fire Bluesville player. Road To My Obsession has a bit of R&B/Stax mixed into the sound that approaches Wilson Pickett. Cru takes the opportunity to lay down some nice guitar riffs on this track especially on the bridge. Nice job! Try, Oh I Try gets the New Orleans funk feel going but keeping the track within his own sound (without the horns)of harmonica, drums, bass and keys. I particularly like the harp solo on this track fairly naked against the bass work of Joe "the Claw" Goehle. On That Lovin' Thang, Cru lays down a solid rocker with clean slide work paired with Tony Perrino on organ. On Every Word I Say, Cru explains every man's plight of only looking like they aren't listening. This swing blues track has warm organ backing and takes cool harp work throughout, taking the volume down creating great dynamics for a hot finish. Sure Do (want to fool around) has the characteristics to make it an adult top forty type track. Lyrics that you could relate to, a great melody and well executed. Storytime has a cool blues groove to it with Cru talking the lyric story over a nice bass line and slide punctuation. Jeremy Walz, Cru's long time sideman is featured on slide this track. This is a track that stands out in that some very hot players have successfully employed this "singing" technique and I really like it. Heal My Misery has the structure of an old western trail giving it special appeal in that "everyone" doesn't do it. I always like to see artists take steps out of the norm and bring different flavors of music to the table. Walz again plays great slide riffs on this track and Larry DiVivo keeps the straight rhythm on drums. Dark Side Of The Mountain is a really deep blues/ballad dedicated to the soldiers and families from the US Army's 10th Mountain Division. This is a serious track with solid vocals, great melody and passionate electric guitar soloing. This is a solid blues recording with a modern approach to playing the blues. Many of the primitive instruments are used, blended with state of the art technology and contemporary instruments giving the recording an authentic texture while broaching contemporary themes. Nice job!  
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