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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bakersfield Just Got Hotter!: Hollywood's Burning Hot Blueswomen, The Scorch Sisters - B'Field Debut At The Pyrenees

        Hollywood's Burning Hot Blueswomen, The Scorch Sisters:  
Make Their Bakersfield Performing Debut at  Pyrenees - Saturday, Oct. 6 
   (Bakersfield, Calif.) -  "Hollywood's Burning Hot Blueswomen," the Scorch Sisters, are ready to set Bakersfield on fire with their saucy, sizzlin' female-fronted blues this Saturday, October 6 at The Pyrenees Cafe & Saloon, 601 Sumner St.. 2-6 p.m. Free. Info: (661) 323-0053 or  

                      What The Press Is Saying About The Scorch Sisters

"Scorch Sisters wowed the Real Blues Festival 2 ready for these Hollywood hipsters because they'll 'blue' you away. I really dig these gals and I think you will too."  
                                                                     Casey Reagan/ AMERICAN BLUES NEWS

"The Scorch Sisters seize the blues as their own and subsequently fire it up with a unique intensity. They will demand your respect with their powerful vocals all the while having you wonder where the "Hell" have these ladies been hiding! The Scorch Sisters deliver the blues straight up: can someone say 'Cheers'?"    
                                                                      Jim Lederle/AMERICAN VETERANS RADIO       
"Just might be the hottest blues act in Los Angeles."   
                                                                      Will Phoenix/L.A. EXAMINER  

   The Scorch Sisters are vocalist Francesca Capasso; keyboardist-vocalist Alicia McCracken Morgan; and guitarist Kimberly Allison. Honored and recognized by longtime industry trade publication Music Connection as a "Top 100 Live Artist Of The Year For 2011,"  Scorch Sisters have performed at high-profile events including Real Blues Festival of Orange County and Ladies Do the Blues, as well as competing in the 2012 International Blues Challenge (IBC), in which they were a semi-finalist.

    Among the stellar bands and artists on the three ladies' collective musical resume's: Neil Young; Rod Stewart; Delaney Bramlett; Billy Vera and the Beaters; Joe Houston; Zola Moon; Don & Dewey; Bobby Womack; Melissa Etheridge; Spencer Davis; Carmine Appice; Randy Jackson; Some Like It Hot Revue; and Francesca and the Flames 

  A new Scorch Sisters album will be released on Kimberly Allison's Starliner Music label soon.    
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