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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nugene Records artist: Simon McBride - Crossing The Line - New Release Review

I just received the soon to be released recording, Crossing The Line, by Simon McBride. This new recording bridges a number of rock/blues genres but one thing that is consistent are the solid vocals and the strong guitar work of McBride. Lead Us Away is a strong composition bringing to mind Black Label Society of Mahogany Rush. No Room To Breathe has the structure of a blues ballad. The vocals and guitar work are powerful and the hook is solid. This guy really rips actually! Strong airplay possibility here. Starve This Fever is a real arena blues track with the potential to blow your hair back. McBride is highly accomplished and has the recorded presence of Gary Moore or Joe Bonamassa. Alcatraz takes on a bit of the Latin rhythm but the addition of horns pumps the track out of the standard blues rock idiom. Again McBride's finger work shows that he is an absolute guitar master. One More Try is another ballad set up to feature McBrides vocals and hard hitting soloing. If you like blues/rock ballads it's hard to refute this guy's talent. Heartbreaker is a strong rocker with strong roots in the blues. The rhythm guitar on this track has great tone and the guitar lead is light and fast. This is the track for the rockers! Home To Me gets a bit of the southern US into it's sound. It is different than the balance of the record but it blends quite nicely with the southern guitar rhythms and riffs. Down To The Wire (Revisited) closes the recording with a strong slow blues rock anthem. McBride lays down additional fireworks which are sure to gather fans. Contrasting backing vocals add a nice touch to this cool track.
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