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Saturday, July 21, 2012

MC Records artist: Debbie Davies - After The Fall - New Release Review

I just received the new recording, After The Fall by Debbie Davies. Debbie is a stellar blues guitarist and I been anxious to hear this. The recording opens with Don't Put The Blame, a song that to my ear has a country rock swagger. Davies has a great voice and it is the feature on this first track. The Fall, another vocal dominant track has a great guitar solo with Davies bringing that slick style and tone that she's known for. True Blue Fool is a classic R&B style ballad and Davies takes full advantage of the opportunity to play a beautifully melodic guitar solo. Done Sold Everything, an uptempo Texas style blues track with a good story line and great dual lead guitar playing. A sure crowd pleaser. Little Broken Wing, another R&B style ballad is well written and includes another cool contrasting guitar solo. All Of My Forgiveness has a light Latin rhythm and another smooth guitar solo to top off Debbie on vocals. Goin' To Gaggle gets the Bo Diddly rhythm going and Davies plays off the piano and guitar rhythm to tell her story. I'll Feel Much Better When You Cry is a straight up 12 bar blues with the money solo that traditional blues fans will be looking for.... EXCELLENT! R.R. Boogie is a great and unpredictable instrumental giving Davies and crew the chance to stretch out a little... certain to be a favorite at concerts. The recording ends with Google Me Baby, styled after early jazz style tunes. Davies takes this opportunity to show her jazz chops and her touch is spot on.
Davies has put together a versatile recording of blues influenced music and there is certainly something for everyone.
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