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Thursday, February 2, 2012

New Release: Mitch Ryder - The Promise - Review

Yes. Mitch Ryder of the Detroit Wheels Mitch Ryder has a new release... his first in the US in nearly 30 years!! The recordings are all original tracks but one, a great remake of Motown hit What Becomes of The Broken Hearted ... 12 tracks in all.

The recording starts off with Thank You Mama, a straight forward Detroit style rocker. You can hear the Motown influence but it is a rocker. Track 2,the title track (The Promise) has a bit of that nawlans voodooo sound but again a strong soul background. Track 3, One Hair breaks out a little with the movement of the Tempt's or the Tops. This thing is groovin'! Track 4, Everybody Loses, has a real latin jazz flair that almost sounds like early Steely Dan. Track 5, My Heart Belongs To Me, has the soul rock fusion sound that had been so popular in the late 60's. Track 6, Crazy Beautiful is a real haunting ballad ... possibly my favorite (almost reminiscent of a Paul McCartney style). Track 7, Let's Keep Dancing another latin influenced number is certain to get you dancing around and has a very nice Latin guitar solo waiting. Track 8, If My Baby Don't Stop Dancin' returns to the traditional sound and I'm sure it will be the crowd favorite on the cd. Cool rock song! Track 9, Get Real is a driving rock song with Ryder leading the way with strong vocals and great guitar work to flavor the cd for us gear nuts. Track 10, recorded in front of a live audience, is the classic What Becomes of a Broken Hearted. Mitch does a great job on this song with the female background vocalists giving is it just the right amount of reality. Track 11, Junkie Love, is just a funky pack of fun. The recording wraps up with The Way We Were, a slower but dark funk that ties the entire ball of soul and blues together.

Mitch has been quiet for a while but I think a lot of people will be happy to hear that HE'S BACK!!

Though not a real bluesy's really enjoyable!

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