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Monday, October 17, 2011

Blind Raccoon presents: Walkin' Through the Fire ; a new release by Scott Ellison - Release review

I just received the new release by ex Gatemouth Brown Sideman Scott Ellison. This is a real strong effort written entirely by Ellison and Charles Tuberville or Walt Richmond (Eric claptons keyboard player)with definite clues to Motown and Memphis. Gravelly vocals are dominant throughout and Ellison is a good guitar player although this release is primarily vocal driven with stinging guitar for icing. Shakin' With the Blues definitely shows the strong guitar feel and there is a pretty tasty slide guitar solo on "Trouble Times".

As a change up, The Name of Your Game comes straight from Jamaica. There is a nice guitar solo there to give the song just the right balance. All Things, starts off with a nice guitar intro and has the rhythm style that I would typically associate with Johnny Winter although the guitar styling is a lot more "Albert King". There is also a real nice piano interlude in the middle of the song which again provides for a nice balance.

The last song on the release "The Man Who Shot Mustang Sally" is a take off on Wilson Pickett's Mustang Sally. It definitely has the Muscle Shoals feel but with Ellison's own signature.There is some pretty tasty guitar groovin here wrapping up a pretty cool offering by a talented writer.


The video is not of a song on the release...nothing yet available.

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