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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tech Talk - Masco MA 50 (1942)

40-50 Watts(its loud) setting is 2ohm for 4x10" speakers
speaker: Epiphone 2x10" cabinets
tubes: 2x5U4,4x6L6, 2x7C7, 1x7N7, 1x7F7
Masco Amplifiers were largely a mail order brand available through Layfayette, Archer and other large electronics supply catalogs. It could also be purchased at music stores and appliance stores as an inexpensive house brand.

Masco PA heads are widely available and good quality. They were disgned for voice or music amplification. They differ from Guitar amplifiers in that they did not have the high gain preamp stages and produced more realistic tones. This makes them excellent harp amps.

Many harp players use masco heads with custom speaker cabinets or make a combination amp cabinet. They amps often have multiple speaker outputs to accomodate a variety of speaker combinations. The microphone input is perfect for a high impedance mic such as the JT-30.

MASCO stands for Mark Alan Sampson Company and the amps were produced on Long Island, NY during the 1940s and 1950s. The circuits in Masco amps were often incuded in SAMS photofacts and appear regularly on eBay.

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