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Friday, August 28, 2015

King Biscuit Blues Festival "Call and Response, The Blues Symposium" rocks Helena, Arkansas!

King Biscuit Blues Festival presents 5th annual "Call and Response, The Blues Symposium" in historic Helena, Arkansas


Call and Response Blues Symposium Looks into The Origins of Delta Blues at The King Biscuit Blues Festival
(Helena, Arkansas) — What is about the Delta that gave rise to America’s music, the blues? Artists, journalists and presenters will discuss the special magic that defines the King Biscuit Blues Festival and inspires the world’s music at the Fifth Annual Call and Response Blues Symposium, a featured event of the 30th annual King Biscuit Blues Festival.  “Memphis is blues, but this is it,” says singer/songwriter Reba Russell about The Biscuit, America’s foremost showcase of authentic blues at the Call and Response Blues Symposium that begins at noon on Saturday, October 10 at the Malco Theater on Cherry St. “This is the freaking deal. It’s like are you kidding me? I totally think there is something that rises up from that river and that dirt there. I think that the ancestry, the ghost, everything remains there.” 
Joining Reba in the first of two hour-long sessions is Jackson, Mississippi native and Blind Pig recording artist Zac Harmon who is on a mission “to bring the moniker of the blues back to Mississippi because I think that Mississippi has gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to the spoils of the blues.” Rounding out the first hour are Bubba Sullivan, one of the founders and Godfather of King Biscuit from its inception; Matt Marshall, editor of American blues Scene, the most popular blues website in the world; and moderated by King Biscuit’s own veteran blues journalist Don Wilcock.
Roger Stolle, filmmaker, columnist, oft quoted authority on Delta blues and owner of Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art in historic Clarksdale, Mississippi, hosts part two of the symposium at 1:15 p.m. with four of the most colorful southern juke joint owners: Red Paden of Red’s Lounge in Clarksdale, Willie “Po’ Monkey” Seaberry whose juke is in Merigold, Mississippi; Henry “Gip” Gipson of Gip’s Place in Bessemer, Alabama; and Teddy Johnson of Teddy’s Juke Joint in Zachary, Louisiana.
The fifth annual Call and Response, The Blues Symposium is free to the public thanks to the support of our wonderful sponsor: Economy Drugs.
Part One 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.
Bubba Sullivan
Bubba Sullivan likes to tell people that Robert Lockwood, Jr. carried more history to his grave than any man that ever was. Truth be known? Bubba’s in the same category except he’s still with us. The historian for the Sonny Boy Blues Society, he’s been involved in booking and hosting the King Biscuit Blues Festival since the first one in 1986 when he helped secure an evangelist’s trailer as the first stage for $25. He’s proprietor of Bubba’s Blues Corner, the official record store of the festival that was jump started with the encouragement of ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons.
Zac Harmon
Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, guitarist/organist,/singer/songwriter Zac Harmon was a childhood friend of Sam Myers who embarrassed him as a teenager by stopping him mid-song to tell him the Jimi Hendrix cover he was doing wasn’t blues. Zac has written songs for Evelyn “Champagne King, Freddie Jackson and the O’Jays. As an in-demand L.A. session musician, he was booked out three and four years in advance. His just released fifth album Right Man * Right Now on Blind Pig Records features four songs written or co-written by John Hahn, Shemekia Copeland’s manager/songwriter, and  Zac does a killer scratch vocal cover of John Lee Hooker’s “I’m Bad Like Jesse James.” The CD mixes old school and new school blues with guest artists Bobby Rush, Lucky Peterson and Anson Funderburgh.
Reba Russell
Reba Russell calls herself “a stepchild of the blues. I don’t really run in the mainstream circle.” ” On “Blues Is Mine,” she sings, “I’m not privileged/I’m not rich/But I’m one hell of a bitch.” A perennial favorite at the Biscuit, she expresses her love for the festival in “Heaven Came to Helena.” In 1992 when Rufus Thomas heard her cover band that had been voted the best in Memphis, he told her, “You got it! Use it! Do it!” She fired the band and never looked back. She’s done background vocals for John Nemeth, Tracy Nelson, Huey Lewis & The News, Jimmy Thackery, Jerry Lee Lewis and U2 on “When Love Comes to Town”  for Rattle & Hum at Sun Studios. Reba has won three Premiere Vocalist Awards from the Memphis chapter of the National Recording Arts and Sciences. She has eight independent CDs with originals and covers by artists like Willie Dixon, Memphis Minnie, Tracy Nelson, and Walter Trout. Her eighth CD 8 was recorded in four different studios and mixed at Ardent Studios in Memphis for BEB Productions standing for Blue-eyed Bitches Production.
Matt Marshall
Matt Marshall is the Steve Jobs of tomorrow’s music journalism and the editor of American Blue Scene Magazine, the popular and exciting quarterly subscription blues music magazine. The magazine’s digital side, with thousands of free articles, is the most popular blues music website in the world, and commands nearly half a million visitors a year. Matt and his staff channel the very heart of the blues community. It’s as much about connecting people who love the blues with each other and the musicians as it is about capturing the pulse of the blues community. Whether it’s an intimate discussion with blues icon Buddy Guy or being the first to break the story of Johnny Winter’s passing, Marshall understands the relationship between contemporary blues culture, the fan and the digital frontier.

Don Wilcock co-moderator, Part One
Award winning editor, writer, film maker and blues society founder Don Wilcock organized the Call and Response Symposium five years ago and is currently working on a coffee table book on The Biscuit with award winning photographer Bob Van Degna. He has interviewed more than 5000 artists in nearly a half century as a music journalist and was writing for Blues World in England before there was an American blues magazine.  He is a recipient of the Blues Foundation’s Keeping The Blues Alive in Print Journalism Award, writes for The American Blues Scene and is a weekly music columnist for two dailies in New York’s Capital Region. He is the author of the 1991 authorized biography of Buddy Guy Damn Right I’ve Got The Blues that set the stage for Guy’s multi-Grammy-winning career surge.
Part Two 1:15 to 2:15 p.m.

Red Paden
Sixty-something Big Red has operated his quasi-legal Red’s Lounge in Clarksdale, Mississippi, for more than three decades, but he’s been in the juke-running business for most of his life. Through the years, bluesmen like Robert Belfour, “T-Model” Ford and “Big Jack” Johnson have graced Red’s carpet-remnant stage on weekends while locals, tourists and notables like Robert Plant, Tom Waits, Samuel L. Jackson and Steven Seagal listened, bathed in red light. Customers are treated to sayings like: “The game’s for life.” “I’m backed by the river, fronted by the grave.” And, “I kill for fun.” Red’s has been much celebrated — from the LA Times to We Juke Up in Here!

Willie “Po’ Monkey” Seaberry
In 1963, Mr. Seaberry opened his juke (which doubles as his home) in a cotton field near Merigold, Mississippi. Now in his mid-70s, he still drives a tractor on the land, and his weekly Thursday parties night have become legendary. As a deejay spins discs, a mix of regulars and tourists drink, dance and shoot pool. The host parades through the crowd in colorful zoot suits, often wearing humorous two-sided placards. Occasionally, a nearby university books live blues there on off-nights. Signs on the exterior tell visitors to pull up their pants among other helpful hints, making the juke a photographer favorite. It’s appeared in countless publications.

Henry “Gip” Gipson
Ninety-something Gip Gipson is a gravedigger, blues musician and juke runner. His Gip’s Place in Bessemer, Alabama, nearly defies description. "The place is almost frightening in the daytime," noted one long-time regular in a recent article. "At night, though, it's pure magic." The juke opened in 1952 in what is now a large, residential neighborhood. His Saturday night blues parties are the stuff of legend with everyone from Willie King to Bobby Rush performing. In recent years, area law enforcement has raided his establishment, and local politicians have attempted to shut it down. But Gip’s is still there (though now BYOB), and its owner is beloved by his fans.

Teddy “Lloyd” Johnson
Teddy’s Juke Joint in Zachary, Louisiana, opened for business 36 years ago, but not the building. The building — once a simple shotgun shack — was Teddy Johnson’s family home. In fact, he was born in it 69 years ago. Through the years he’s added on to the structure, so now the colorfully-decorated juke includes a long wooden bar, deejay booth, performance stage and soul food kitchen. Mr. Teddy’s wife Nancy handles the food while family members and friends help out behind the bar (which features a liquor license — a rarity in a juke joint!). In addition to food, drink and music, the smiling owner is known for his colorful outfits, often complete with cape.

Roger Stolle
Roger Stolle owns Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art store in Clarksdale, Mississippi — which just celebrated 13 years. He is a Blues Music Magazine columnist, Juke Joint Festival co-founder, Hidden History of Mississippi Blues author, former Sirius-XM Bluesville contributor, and co-producer of blues films like Hard Times, M for Mississippi and We Juke Up in Here. He is co-creator of the forthcoming Moonshine & Mojo Hands web series and a recipient of both Keeping The Blues Alive and Blues Music Awards. An authority on Delta blues and tourism, he has been quoted by The New York Times, The Economist and Travel+Leisure. His web site is



Dulcie Taylor and Friends Soar Like "Wind Over Stone" on New CD, Coming September 25 from Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings

Dulcie Taylor and Friends Soar Like Wind Over Stone on New CD, Coming September 25 from Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings

Key CD Release Shows Announced

ATASCADERO, CA – Mesa/Bluemoon Recordings proudly announces a September 25 release date for Wind Over Stone, the new CD from Central California Coast-based singer/songwriter Dulcie Taylor and FriendsProduced by George Nauful and Tyson Leonard, and mixed by Keith Olsen (legendary producer/engineer for Fleetwood Mac, Ozzie Osbourne, Pat Benatar, Rick Springfield, Carlos Santana, etc.), Wind Over Stone was recorded at Colorado Studios in Atascadero, California.

Dulcie Taylor will celebrate the new album with several CD release shows, including September 13 in Arroyo Grande, Cal., as part of their “Concerts in the Park” series from 2:00 – 5:00 PM. Taylor will not only headline that show, but will also emcee the entire event concert lineup. Other key dates include a concert at Boo Boo Records in San Luis Obispo on September 26, at 5:00 PM; October 10 at the Jade Festival in Big Sur; and October 28 at the Wine & Song Concert Series in South Pasadena.

Dulcie Taylor (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, dulcimer, percussion) is joined throughout the new album by many of the same “friends” who backed her critically-acclaimed last effort, Only Worn One Time released in 2014. They include George Nauful (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals and lead vocal on “Amy” and “I Wanna Ride”); Tony Recupido acoustic guitar, backing vocals and lead vocal on “Reasons Why” and “Joyful News”); Tim Pierce and Nina Gerber (guitars); Tyson Leonard (mandolin and violin); Aaron Porter (keyboards and accordion); Bob Gross and Randy Tico (bass); and Tom Lackner, Tracy Morgan and Scott Breadman (drums, percussion).      

Together, Dulcie Taylor and Friends weave a magical spell throughout the 14 tracks on Wind Over Stone, whether on the 13 originals (most either written or co-written by Taylor) or the lone standout cover song, a gorgeous reading of the Supremes/Motown classic, “My World Is Empty Without You.”

The tone of the new disc is set by the album’s lead-off track, “Not Here, Not Today,” inspired by some of her American heroes. “I’ve always thought about what motivated the American people who revolted against English rule,” Taylor says. “These people came to America because they wanted new ways of living. Thinking about people still holding to their beliefs when their feet were freezing and they didn’t have any shoes, makes me realize this country was founded by people who wanted freedom, period.

“And Rosa Parks – my goodness. This soft-spoken woman of conviction who, in 1955, refused a bus driver’s order to give up her seat in the “colored section” to a white passenger. When the driver told her he would have her arrested, she quietly said, ‘You may do so.’ No profanity, just quiet, steely conviction. Freedom, period.

“Lastly, Flight 93 – this is what gave me the idea for the whole song. Thinking about those people who, through their cell phones, knew that the Twin Towers and the Pentagon had been hit, and by the direction they were going, figured their plane was probably headed for the White House. They knew the risk they were taking but they decided that if the plane was going down, it was going down where they wanted it to. Freedom, period.”

Other songs on Wind Over Stone touch on a wide variety of topics, including love and romance in all their incarnations.

In “Cherokee,” Taylor discourses on the physical changes this country has gone through over the years. “America is still a beautiful country, but some parts are changed forever. I’ve often thought about how beautiful it must have been before the waves of immigration. Deer on Manhattan Island, running free? And when I look at the portraits of our Native American Indians, I’ve always been so impressed by their faces – the determination, the strength. Two qualities that all people need. I love the conveniences of modern life as much as anybody, but I do know a lot of beauty has been lost arriving at this place. Everything has a price, doesn’t it?”

In the song, “Prayers,” Taylor revisits her upbringing. “I was raised by a church-going single Southern Baptist Mother; she didn’t send us to church, she took us,” she remembers. “We always had Family Bible time before going off to bed, each of us reading something from a “Child’s Story of the Bible.” I was the baby and I remember how happy I was when I could read aloud too, just like my older sisters. I realize now what a wonderful way it was to send a child off to bed, with the voices of my sisters and my mother in my head. Then, I would say my prayers with her. My mother stressed the love and forgiveness side of things, something I will always be grateful for.”

Poetry has been a main inspiration throughout Taylor’s songwriting, and in “I Take it Back,” she references one of the best. “Sometimes in the heat of the moment, a person can say things they REALLY shouldn’t say, and too much as well,” Taylor offers. “This is a song about a woman who’s let her mouth get away from her. As Carl Sandburg so beautifully said -

‘Look out how you use proud words.
When you let proud words go, it is not easy to call them back.
They wear long boots, hard boots; they walk off proud; they can't hear you calling--
Look out how you use proud words.’”

The album’s closing song, “Love Like Yours and Mine,” carries a universal message. “This song was inspired by the belief that one’s home needs to be a place of love and acceptance,” Taylor states. “And if a person lives long enough to be old and dream back through the years, you want to have had a true love to remember and be grateful for.”

For information, visit and Dulcie’s Facebook page is located at

Previous Quotes on Dulcie Taylor’s Music

“It’s already been a good year for singer-songwriter Dulcie Taylor, seeing as how she’s won her second consecutive New Times Music Award as Best Songwriter 2014. How appropriate, given the finely etched songs on her fifth album, Only Worn One Time, replete with reflections on mortality, heartbreak, self-reliance, self-doubt, commitment and similar weighty topics relevant to the real world on a daily basis … she seems poised to take a whole different kind of journey next time around. It’ll be worth waiting for, guaranteed.” – Deep Roots Magazine

“Dulcie Taylor writes from the heart. Filled with provocative imagery, universal sentiment and hopeful (yet oftentimes sad) story-songs, her folksy Americana comes to the fore with the help of some master instrumentalists.” – Aquarian Weekly

“Taylor has a sharp eye for details that helps to elevate her songs above the norm.” – Icon Magazine

Dulcie Taylor Tour Dates

8/29     Asuncion Wine Bar – Paso Robles, CA
9/01     Picking Up the Tempo (Live on KCBX) – San Luis Obispo, CA
9/03     Socrates – Atascadero, CA
9/06     Ragged Point – Big Sur, CA
9/13     Arroyo Grande Concerts in the Park (2-5 PM) – Arroyo Grande, CA
9/19     Wild Horse Winery – Paso Robles, CA
9/20     Luna Red – San Luis Obispo, CA
9/23     Paso Robles Golf Club – Paso Robles, CA
9/25     Costa de Oro Winery – Santa Maria, CA
9/26     Boo Boo Records (CD Release Show - 5:00 PM) – San Luis Obispo, CA
9/27     Shell Café – Pismo Beach, CA
10/02   Cheren Ranch (CD Release Show) - Atascadero, CA
10/03   Sea Pines – Morro Bay, CA
10/04   Otter Rock Café – Morro Bay, CA
10/10   Jade Festival – Big Sur, CA
10/11   Sea Venture – Pismo Beach, CA
10/12   Cambria Pines – Cambria, CA
10/17   The Pour House – Paso Robles, CA
10/18   Ragged Point – Big Sur, CA
10/23   1880 Union Hotel - Los Alamos, CA
10/24   Chateau Lettau Winery – Paso Robles, CA
10/25    Luna Red, San Luis Obispo, CA
10/28   Wine & Song Concert Series – South Pasadena, CA
10/31   Vina Robles Winery – Paso Robles, CA

What's Not To Like? - David Gogo's Vicksburg Call

What's Not To Like? - David Gogo's Vicksburg Call 

New promo video, pre-order instant download and tour dates


David Gogo Introduces "What's Not To Like?" - view on YouTube here

Cordova Bay Records and David Gogo are set to release Gogo's 14th album, Vicksburg Call, on September 4th, 2015. Early reviews are already calling it "THE album of his career." (John The Rock Doctor, Gonzo Online) and "one of Gogo’s strongest to date." (Victoria Times Colonist)

Pre-Order now and instantly get downloads of " What's Not To Like?", “Cuts Me To The Bone” and “Our Last Goodbye".

Gogo is also heading out on the road for several tour dates throughout Western Canada and Europe. Dates detailed below. 

About Vicksburg Call

For over two decades David Gogo has been recording and performing all over the world, bringing his magnetic and accessible groove-fueled blend of blues and rock to audiences of all ages.  The British Columbia based guitarist and vocalist's name has become synonymous with the Canadian blues scene, and with good reason.  Vicksburg Call (September 4) is Gogo’s 14th release and is poised to add even more acclaim to an already impressive inventory.  He’s earned numerous accolades, including five JUNO nominations and multiple Maple Blues Awards.  He has thousands of tour miles under his belt and has played on stage with B.B. King, Johnny Winter, Bo Diddley and Otis Rush as well as opened for ZZ Top, Buddy Guy, Charles Bradley and many others.

Undoubtedly a rockin’ blues album, Vicksburg Call was recorded in a studio with a live, intimate atmosphere, which yielded an overall grittier sound with lots of feeling.  "I wanted this album to have more of a “band” feel to it, rather than just going into the studio and basically dictating the parts to the musicians", says Gogo.  "I also wanted as many songs as possible to have a very live feel and be easily transferrable to the stage."

With the help of his backing band consisting of Bill Hicks on drums and Jay Stevens on bass, each of the tracks on Vicksburg Call are replete with the grooves, emotion and soulful delivery that David Gogo is known for. From the opening rocker “Cuts Me To The Bone”, the  bluesy “Fooling Myself”, featuring Kim Simmonds and the haunting “There’s A Hole”  with a guest appearance from Shawn Hall of The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer.  Vicksburg Call also highlights Gogo’s aptitude for selecting cover songs that one would not expect to hear on a blues album including Neil Young’s “The Loner”, Stephen Stills’ “Jet Set (Sigh)”, and Annie Lennox’s “Why”.

“In the time that has passed since the last album, there has been a lot of loss in my life with the passing of friends and colleagues in the world of music. There were many sad days, but also tears of joy when I think back at fond memories from my time on the road”, Gogo recalls. “Relationships can also have their ups and downs as the years pass by, and many of my new songs deal with this. I tried to write from many viewpoints of love and loss, reconciliation, regret, acceptance and hope for new horizons.”

Gogo’s passion for blues and his extraordinary, virtuosic guitar talents are laid bare alongside his emotions on this album - a combination that grabs you from the opening bars and keeps you hooked through all 10 tracks.

 /DavidGogoBlues  @DavidGogoBlues

                             Photo by Scott Doubt

Track Listing

1. Cuts Me To The Bone (3:19)
2. Fooling Myself (4:12)
3. The Loner (3:55)
4. There’s A Hole (3:26)
5. Jet Set (Sigh) (4:16)
6. What’s Not To Like? (3:01)
7. Our Last Goodbye (6:21)
8. Vicksburg Call (5:06)
9. Coulda Shoulda Woulda (2:37)
10. Why (5:29)

Upcoming Tour Dates:

August 29 - Woofstock Music Festival, Prince George BC
August 30 - PNE Mosaic Concert Series, Vancouver BC
September 5 - Fascinating Rhythm, Nanaimo BC *in-store appearance
September 11 - Waverly Hotel, Cumberland BC
September 19 - The Bassment, Kamloops BC *solo
September 25 - Ghost Town Blues - Maple Creek SK *solo
October 1 - Ironwood Stage And Grill, Calgary AB
October 2 - Vangeli's - Saskatoon, SK 
October 3 - B Street Bar, Edmonton AB
October 4 - Fratter’s Speakeasy, Red Deer AB
October 10 - Tally Ho Sports Bar, Victoria BC
October 16 - Canal Bank Shuffle, Thorold ON
October 30 - Duncan Showroom, Duncan BC
November 28 - De Flint, Amersfoort Netherlands
December 4 - Theater De Molenburg, Delfzijl Netherlands
December 5 - L’Esprit, Rotterdam Netherlands