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Monday, July 6, 2015

Cozmik Records artist: The JC Smith Band - Love Mechanic - New release review

I just received the newest release, Love Mechanic, from The JC Smith Band, and it's a ripper. Opening with jump track, Jump For Joy, Smith is out of the box on lead vocals pushed notably by Donnie Green on drums and Tommy Maitland on trumpet. Abraham Vasquez and David Sandez rips it up with nice sax work and Smith lays down a nice guitar solo as well. A rock version of Mr James Brown's infamous Cold Sweat is up next with an almost JB like roll. It cool hearing someone taking James Browns hottest track and using what is his trademark rhythm solid bass line and turning it back on itself by Robert Green. Very Cool idea. Smith wails again on lead guitar backed by the horn section making for a cool cover. R&B ballad, Come On Home To Me, is up next with a nice piano solo by Richard Palmer. Title track, Love Mechanic, is a blues rocker with a bit of chug a lug compliments of Green and Green. Cool rhythm work with horn backing and JC cuts loose with a real nice guitar solo and Todd Reid is hot on the organ as well. On shuffle track, Ring Around The Tub, Smith lays down a nice guitar solo adding to his clever lyrics. Elmore James' track, Yonder Wall gets a total make over with a heap of funk. I really like Green's drum work on this track and Vasquez and Sandez set down some real nice sax work. Smith lays in a real nice solo of his own but for me on this track it's the Green's that make it happen. Bad, Bad Feeling has a totally different feel with a simple almost train style blues rhythm and what to my ears sounds like banjo solo. Little Walter track, Last Night, takes the slow road and Smith digs in nicely on the guitar intro. Todd Reid really lays it out nicely on organ on this track making it one of my favorites on the release. Super star guitar man, Chris Cain, joins on Elmore James' shuffle track, Talk To Me Baby, and he really rips it. Staying in shuffle mode, Rocket To The Moon, has a real nice feel with a nice muted trumpet solo by Maitland and sax solo by Vasquez and Sandez. Eddie Boyd's, Five Long Years, gives Smith a chance to stretch the strings out a bit again and he does a nice job. Smith's vocals on this track are probably his best and with excellent backing by Reynolds and Maitland, a real fine track. Wrapping the release is Toronzo Cannon's Ain't No Stranger. Smith and Vasquez trade solos and Maitland and Reynolds provide solid horn support over a nice driving bass line by Green.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Kern Pratt - Broken Chains - New release Review

I just received the newest release, Broken Chains, from Kern Pratt and the boy can play. Opening with Greenville Mississippi Blues, an Elmore James like track with nice slide riffs and Eden Brent on piano. Lights Are On But Nobody's Home is up next with a compliment of horns including Lacy Blackledge on trumpet, Bob Henderson on sax, Pete Verbois on bari and Chris Belleau on trombone. There is some exceptionally warm sax work here that you should check out and Kern absolutely smokes the guitar on this slow blues number. Excellent! Somewhere South Of Mississippi has a radio style format but nice and clean... well written. David Hyde runs a nice bass line on this track and Denise Owens on backing vocals adds a bit of warmth. Black Hannah is a high stepper with tight drums by Nelson Blanchard, nice vocals with Kern and Owens and tight horn work from Blackledge, Henderson, Verbois and Belleau. Nice blues rock guitar riffs lay out nicely on this track making it a sure radio crossover track. Cotton Pickin' is a cool upbeat blues track a great lead guitar line and sax melodic response. One that I will point out that my old pal Stilladog will likely really dig. I do! Don't Leave Me Baby has a Rhumba beat with Blanchard really digging in. Kern shares the guitar stage with Kenny Neal and along with Henderson and Verbois really crank this track up. It Hurts Me Too takes a more traditional feel with Luc Borms on harp and Pratt on acoustic guitar. Very nice! Handcuffed To The Blues gets more into a funky rock feel with an Albert King style guitar attack. Pratt, Owen, Elaine Foster and Blanchard get an almost gospel blend on vocal on this track. Very cool! Smokin' Gun features Denise Owen on lead vocal backed by Pratt for another radio track. There are some nice vocal harmonies on this track and Kern does some some hot riffs off as well. Soulshake, a classic revival style track from the 70's is up next and the vocals are blended nicely, the horns are hot and the drums are tight. Sit back and wait for the hot sax solo! Excellent! Closing the release is Broken Chains, an Eerie resonator guitar solo by Wes Lee. Almost ends too quickly. Very nice!

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