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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Icehouse Records artists: Low Society - You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down, from Low Society and it has edge. Opening with Blues Rocker Crammed & Jammed, vocalist Mandy Lemons is riding high on the slide work of Sturgis Nikides, supported by Mike Munn on drums and Nick Dodson on bass. Voodoo Woman again features the master slide work of Nikides with a style not a lot dissimilar to Rod Price. Lemons has the ferociousness of Pearl but her own style. Rick Steff adds a cool organ line and Dr. Herman Green some cool sax. Need Yer Love has an unusual euro sounding construction making it really stand out. With it's calliope feel and Nikides on slide, Lemons lays down some of her bluesiest vocals. Son House Says has a smooth jazzy feel but almost like a twist on "Sumertime". Keywork from Steff helps the shape the track but this is really all about Lemons. A funky twist midway led by Dodson and Muss adds texture and Nikides slides in with a cool solo as well. Title track, You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down, has a very cool boogie rhythm led by a solid bass line from Dodson. Nikides takes a slick ride on the slide on this track making it one that is most likely to end up on the radio. Very cool! Possibly my favorite track on the release, This Heart Of Mine is a slow ballad with heavy blues overtones. Building intensity throughout the track, Nikides and Lemons really hit it on the head. Excellent! Up In Your Grave has a country gospel feel with a bit of pickin and a two step rhythm. Let Me Ride has a deep south spiritual feel with Lemons coming on strong. Slide work from Nikides and light piano work from John Shaw gives it a bluesy feel. No Money Down is a ballad with a western feel. Perfect rhythm from Munn on drums makes this effect particularly clear along with steel work from Nikides. You Got A Right is a rolling blues track with an easy R&B feel (Think I'm Tore Down). Nice guitar work from Nikides adds to the rolling momentum overall. El Diablo is a fairly contemporary ballad featuring the lead vocal of Lemons but with a cool acoustic guitar riff from Nikides. Wrapping the release is Should've Known Better, a solid Texas style blues track. A solid sax solo from Dr. Green and a few cool riffs from Nikides top it off.

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Be On The Lookout: Mike Zito DVD/CD Out On November 11th

Mike Zito and The Wheel Makes
An Illegal Turn In The Right Direction
Live CD/DVD Songs From The Road Out November 11th

Atlanta, GA – Ruf Records artist, Mike Zito is set to release his Songs From The Road Live CD/DVD on November 11th .  Zito, an award winning artist and producer, wows the Texas home crowd with his blues boogie-woogie one winter night in January 2014, at Houston’s Dosey Doe only a few miles away from where he lives in Beaumont.

Straight from the start, Mike takes command of the stage with songs from his vast catalog over the years, with songs like Greyhound, “Gone To Texas” and “Pearl River”, co-written by the great Cyril Neville, won a Blues Music Award in 2011. Even a clever cover of the Prince classic ”Little Red Corvette”, would impress the Purple Rain man himself. Mike’s guitar work soars, sings and cheers against his velvet voice perhaps only after years of perfecting the two. Mike has cultivated this sound, one that stands on its own head with songs that talk about taking that leap, to somewhere else, has become his life story.

"Zito is a solid singer and songwriter with the technical prowess as a guitarist and producer to confidently execute his vision.” -BLINDED BY SOUND

A blasting concert with the full band starts the DVD, but there is a bonus after the lights have been turned off– a tender acoustic storyteller set where Mike stops to tell his side of his life. Three songs are performed “Dead Of Night”, “Death Row” and “Gone To Texas” with only Mike and his acoustic guitar. He tells the behind the songs, which is worth the price of the show.

"Zito’s actual backstory, coupled with the kind of soul you can’t help but pick u if hailing from that close to Memphis, probably explains why his particular brand of blues-rock seems not only more honest, but more flexible, than many of his contemporaries." – OFFBEAT

His band, The Wheel backs him up and adds color to the show. The Wheel consists of Jimmy Carpenter on saxophone, Scot Sutherland on bass, Rob Lee on drums and on Hammond B-3 and piano, the legendary Lewis Stephens (Delbert McClinton, Freddie King). Mike is able to pick, slide and strum on his guitars in and out as they create the musical back drop.

"Mike Zito and his collection of top notch musicians in The Wheel delivers songs with incredible artistry and a frankness that should never ignored"- LIVERPOOL SOUND & VISION

“The audience was on fire from the first note. The band played with such energy and passion. I was overwhelmed many times throughout this performance by the sheer energy of love that poured out of every soul in that building. It was a truly magical night, one I’ll never forget.” Mike beams with excitement about the show.

           A trailer of the show is ready to view on You Tube:

Mike will be out on the road this fall and winter, supporting his release, around the states as well as Europe at clubs, theaters and festivals. He is booked by Blue Mountain out of North Carolina and managed by Rueben Williams at Thunderbird Management.
Mike Zito is found on the internet: as well as all social media outlets.
To arrange an interview with Mike, please contact: Jill Kettles at Miss Jill PR by email: or tel: 404-213-8542.
To download a hi-res photo for editorial needs, click here:
US Dates:
10/14/14           Memphis, Missouri       VFW/Lil Memphis Blues Society         
10/15/14           Galesburg, IL                Fat Fish Pub    
10/16/14           St. Louis, MO               Broadway Oyster Bar   
10/17/14           Kansas City, MO          Knuckleheads Saloon   
                                                            W/ Samantha Fish
10/18/14           Columbia, MO              Mojo’s 

European Dates:
11/01/14           De Korenbloem            Zingem                        Belgium
11/02/14           Nix en Meer                 Enschede                      Netherlands
11/04/14           Beaverwood                  Chislehurst                   UK
11/05/14           Wolverhampton                        Robin 2                                    UK
11/06/14           Edinburgh                    Jam House                    UK
11/07/14           Carlisle                         Bluesfest                      UK
11/08/14           Haringe                                    Bluesfestival                 Belgium
11/09/14           Ottersum                      Roepaen                       Netherlands
11/11/14           Bristol                          The Tunnels                 UK
11/12/14           Swansea                       The Scene                    UK
11/13/14           Derby                           Flower Pot                    UK
11/14/14           Sutton                          Boom Boom Club         UK
11/15/14           Berlin                           Quasimodo                   Germany
11/16/14           Sumperk                       Blues Alive                   Czech Republic
11/18/14           Bonn                            Harmonie Bonn                        Germany
11/19/14           Lindewerra                   Gemeindesaal               Germany
11/20/14           Bensheim                     Rex                              Germany
11/21/14           Basel                            Volkshaus                    Switzerland

Award-Winning Roots Music Artist Eric Bibb Sings About "Blues People" on New Stony Plain Records CD, Coming November 4

Award-Winning Roots Music Artist Eric Bibb Sings About Blues People on New Stony Plain Records CD, Coming November 4

Special Guests Include Taj Mahal, Guy Davis, The Blind Boys of Alabama & Ruthie Foster

EDMONTON, AB – Stony Plain Records, one of the world’s foremost roots music labels, announces a November 4 release date for Blues People, the new CD from award-winning singer, songwriter and musician Eric Bibb. Produced by Glen Scott, who also plays several instruments throughout, Blues People includes special guest performances by Taj Mahal, Guy Davis, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Ruthie Foster (who Eric has been touring with), Popa Chubby and a number of other musicians from around the world.

The 15 tracks on Blues People include a number of Eric Bibb originals, as well as collaborations with other songwriters, plus songs written by Guy Davis (“Chocolate Man”), Rev. Gary Davis (“I Heard the Angels Singin’”) and the traditional, “Needed Time,” arranged by Taj Mahal, Eric Bibb and Glen Scott.

The concept of Blues People came to Eric Bibb, who’s won the Blues Music Award as “Acoustic Artist of the Year” and been nominated for a Grammy, when he was surrounded by his musical friends at the Blues Foundation Awards in Memphis a few years back. It inspired him to create a collection of songs about change and hope, in collaboration with many of his friends in the blues and roots music realm.

“In the introduction to his classic book, Blues People, Amiri Baraka (who published it as LeRoi Jones) wrote: ‘The path the slave took to ‘citizenship’ is what I want to look at,’” writes Eric Bibb in the album’s liner notes. “That same path, along with its continuation, provided much inspiration for this album called Blues People. This record is also a tribute to the tribe of blues troubadours that I’m grateful to be a member of and it features the talents of several friends and heroes of mine. We, who traverse the highways and skyways of the planet playing the music known as blues, have become a rainbow tribe. We hail from many lands and cultures, bonded by our love of this music and the challenge of making it our own. What began in the fields of the southern United States, became a universal treasure, cherished by music lovers the world over.
My intention with these songs is to focus on some of the history of African Americans, the original blues people, as a reminder of what we’ve been through and where the music is coming from. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is one of my greatest heroes. The Civil Rights movement that he is synonymous with is referred to in several songs on this album. I hope these songs will remind us that Dr. King’s dream is still a work in progress – we are still not home. May the New Year bring us closer to living that dream.”

Eric Bibb, one of the highest profile international roots music artists, was raised in New York City by a musical family; his father is noted folk singer Leon Bibb and his uncle was world-famous jazz pianist John Lewis, founding member of the Modern Jazz Quartet. Legendary actor/singer/activist Paul Robeson was Eric’s godfather, and other music icons such as Peter Seeger, Odetta and Bob Dylan were known to regularly visit the Bibb household.

Eric was given his first guitar at age seven, and by the time he’d reached 16 was asked by his father to play guitar in the house band for the elder Bibb’s local New York City TV talent show.
In 1970, Eric Bibb left New York City for Paris, meeting legendary guitarist Mickey Baker, and began to concentrate on playing blues guitar. He later moved to Europe and is now based in Finland, from which he tours extensively both in the U.S. and overseas.

To watch a special video Eric Bibb created to explain the backstory about Blues People, click on this link:

Eric Bibb will be touring in support of Blues People and is booked by Folklore International Artists ( For more information, visit and

Blues People Track Listing

14 HOME - Featuring ANDRE DE LANGE

Electro-fi artists Fathead - Fatter Than Ever - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Fatter Than Ever, from Fathead and it is a full spectrum of blues influenced tracks. Opening with I Don't Want To Leave The Party, a rolling boogie, featuring John Mays on lead vocal and Al Lerman on harp. Johnny Says has a rootsy '50's kind of sound with Bucky Berger pushing things along on drums and cool guitar from Papa John King and Lerman on harp. Take A Little Time For Yourself has a little twist of country swing with a cool resonator solo from Lerman. One of my favorite tracks on the release, Evil Eye has a jagged rhythm pattern accentuated by Berger. With laid back vocals and harp and guitar adornment, I just like this track. Twenty Second Chances has a R&B ballad feel with some of the best vocals on the release. Lerman adds a warm to the track with some smooth sax work. When Did You Ever has a country two step feel. Vocal harmonizing between May and the band gives this track a feel of it's own. Lerman plays a cool harp solo on this track as well adding just that right touch. Slippery Slope has a contemporary blues feel and vocal harmonies. Lerman takes a nice harp solo on the track making it one of my favorites. Life Goes On is the most melodic track on the release making it the most likely for radio play with it's catchy hook and subtle instrumentation. My Brother actually reminds me quite a bit of the Doobie Brothers. Vocal harmonies on the chorus and both and guitar and harp leads make it a prime radio track as well. Better Off Taking Chances has a laid back Randy Newman style. Lance Anderson adds some nice piano work on this track and Lerman also adds a cool sax solo. Shoot That Rooster is a cool jump track that makes my top 3 on the release. With a great rhythm and nicely blended vocals, over the cool piano work of Anderson and hot solos from King and Lerman, this track cooks. Pinching Pennies has a little twist of Latin and a little pinch of funk and a dose of New Orleans. Denis Keldie opens Preacher Man with a cool B3 part and the pace is set by Berger on drums, cool bass lines from Omar Tunnoch and the guitar work of King. A Little Feat like track with contemporary rock/blues/funk feel ...sure to be well received. Throw Me A Bone is a cool track with a feeling of Rufus Thomas. Cost To Boogie has a sound of Funky Chicken with Tower Of Power. King breaks loose with his hottest solo on the release. It's a great conclusion of an interesting release.

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