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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baja Blues Festival

Howard and the White Boys CD Release Parties at Rosa's Lounge, Buddy Guy's Legends

"Chicago's Hardest-Working Blues Band " for over two decades is Howard and the White Boys, pictured here outside Rosa's Lounge in Chicago, where they recorded their new album, the aptly-titled "Rosa's Lounge". They'll celebrate the new album with two big Chicago-based CD Release Parties - one at Rosa's Lounge on Friday, August 22; the other at Buddy Guy's Legends on Saturday, August 30.


    (CHICAGO, IL) -  Howard And the White Boys celebrate their long-awaited new album "Rosa's Lounge" with two big Chicago-based CD Release Parties: Friday, August 22 at Rosa's Lounge, 3420 W. Armitage Ave. (9 p.m.; $10. in advance, $12. at the door; 773-342-0452 or for info.); and Saturday, August 30 at  Buddy Guy's Legends, 700 S. Wabash Ave. (11 p.m.; $20.; 312-427-1190 or for info.).

"Rosa's Lounge"


   Rosa's Lounge, the new album from Chicago blues veterans Howard & The White Boys, is named after the legendary Chicago club where the band's new CD was recorded. Captured live on one of those magical nights where the crowd and band feed off of each other's exuberance and energy, the recording reveals a group at the top of its game and offers insight into why many consider Howard & The White Boys one of the best live contemporary blues acts of the past two decades.
   Chicago, a city steeped in blues history, is where the band have honed their chops since their inception in 1988. Howard & the White Boys have established a reputation as one of the city’s favorite attractions and regular appearances at Buddy Guy’s Legends have afforded them an opportunity to display their wares before locals and out-of-towners who come to Legends to hear the best the city has to offer in blues entertainment. Indeed, Buddy Guy has been their unofficial mentor and his support for the band has been instrumental in exposing them to a wider audience. He has taken them on several major Midwestern tours as his opening act, and has often jumped onstage to jam with them when they appear at Legends. He also gave them the ultimate endorsement by making a rare guest appearance on their third release The Big $core. He
plays some scorching guitar and sings a duet with Howard on a remake of the Sam & Dave classic “I Thank You." Guy  told the L.A. Times, "These guys deserve whatever they get and more. And I tell these guys, 'If you ain't gonna do it, you know I will, so don't let me down now.' And they haven't!"
   Howard & the White Boys formed in 1988 and began jamming together just for fun, but their fast-growing popularity soon convinced them they could make a career of it. After only a few months, they got their first big break by opening for B.B. King. Their reputation grew in Chicago and they began performing with the biggest names in blues: Koko Taylor, Otis Rush, Albert King, Junior Wells, Lonnie Brooks, Luther Allison, Bo Diddley, and Chuck Berry. Between 1994 and 1997, the group made two highly acclaimed recordings, Strung Out On The Blues and Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?, for Los Angeles-based Mighty Tiger Records. They began traveling extensively across the United States and their growing popularity captured the attention of Philadelphia-based Evidence Records. The Big $core was the first of three successful discs released by Evidence, and the band wasted no time in promoting it via the first of many trips to European countries such as Belgium, France, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, Luxembourg, Lithuania, and England. Riding the ever-growing wave of popularity both at home and abroad, the group then released a well-received live CD for Evidence entitled Live At Chord On Blues. In 2007, Evidence released the critically-acclaimed Made in Chicago which showcased the group's versatility and encompassed the funk, R & B, and rock styles that have become Howard & the White Boys trademarks.

  Rosa's Lounge bears witness to the power of the group when they perform live, and also lends credence to the Chicago Sun-Times' recent statement, "You can't see this high-energy, good time band at a club without leaving with a smile on your face." The band is now focusing on touring to support the new CD and working on material for their next one.



Kaye Bohler - Handle The Curves - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Handle the Curves, by Kaye Bohler and it has has a definite soul attitude. Opening with Diggin on My Man, a horn laden, R&B strut with a cool chicken fried guitar solo from Pete Anderson. The Way I Do Business is a bit smoother but still showing strong hor backing from the likes of Lee Thornburg (trumpet and trombone) and Ron Dzibuka (sax) as well as some nice piano work from Michael Murphy. Bubble Gum has a real Al Green style arrangement and by nature will be one of my favorite tracks. Drums by Jeff Sorenson and John Paul as well as the key work of Murphy strongly support Bohler's powerhouse voice. Title track, Handle The Curves is a slow soulful ballad with strong blues overtones. Solid B3 work on this track along with Bohler's vocals make this a leading contender for airplay choice. Backbone has a lot of attitude with a funky strut and great horns and a cool guitar break. Party Time is a fast paced swing type number with tight horn punctuation. Never overplayed Anderson steps up the guitar and hits it hard. Back in the Al Green groove, Slayed is another of my favorites. Dzibula lays down a real nice sax solo and the horns nicely compliment Murphy's key work throughout. It's The Blues takes a straight walk down the blues road. With a loose melody over a standard rhythm this track is easy to follow. Family Is Found has a little bit of rock blended into it's basic R&B feel. Carried on the shoulders of Murphy, Thronburg and Dzibula this track has a really clean sax solo to compliment Bohler's vocals. Wrapping the release is Don't Take My Hope Away, a spiritual/soul style track. It showcases Bohler's vocals as well as any track on the release and a nice conclusion to this release. I particularly like Murphy's keyboard work on this track.

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Pro Sho Bidness artist: Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners - Good Music - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Good Music, by Jeff Dale and the South Woodlawners and it's got the blues. Opening with Town Line Road, is a hard driving blues rocker featuring Tim Austin on drums, Orlando Wright on bass and Jeff Stone on harp with Dale on guitar and vocal. Naked Woman In My Bed has a cool R&B feel with Glen Doll leading the way on harp. Jim Jedeiken adds key sax work with Charlie Love on guitar, Mark Mack on drums, Andre "Big Perm" McCottry on bass and Derek Phillips on keys. On title track, Good Music, Dale lays down a cool shuffle feel. Chef Denis Depoitre adds some real nice harp work and Charlie Love joins again on vocal and guitar. Andre Howard sets a strong bass line and Mark Mack keeps the bottom tight on drums. Letter From The Birmingham Jail is a cool track with a lot of commercial potential. With it's catchy melody and tight rhythm it's certain to garner attention. One of my favorites is Final Destination. A somber ballad along the lines of The House Of The Rising Sun, Dale's vocals are spot on and cello work from Dane Little gives it a unique feel. She Love Me has a Chicago blues rock feel with key harp work from Jeff Stone. Tim Austin really sets the tempo and shifts on this track and a cool guitar riff from Dale keep this in the groove. Wagon Wheel is a cool low slung blues with a great feel. Stepping out on guitar, Dale really takes the bull by the horns and rips it. Very nice! Cold Wind is another deeper slow blues, this time featuring Doll on harp. Rich guitar overtones and a smart crisp solo sets this track apart with a feel of the House of the Rising Sun or St James Infirmary. Very cool! Black And White is a cool track with a cool groove. Snatch it Back comes to mind but with a different return. Again Doll is on top with harp and Austin on drums. Orlando Wright handles a solid bass line and Dale's vocals are tops. Rock and roll blues...very cool. The Devil I Know is one of the coolest tracks on the release. I like the groove and the overall pace of the track is just right. Dale and Love on guitar and Doll on harp really deliver on this track. Murder has a 50's soundtrack kind of feel (like Fever). Marilyn Schram plays an unusual oboe solo on the track, possibly the only oboe solo I've ever heard on a blues release. Walking bass line from Howard and tightly packed drums keep this track on par with Dale's vocal delivery. Wrapping the release is an extremely cool, My Brain Took The Whole Night Off. A swing blues track, Dale tells the tale and mack really plays the drums on this one. An exception sax solo from Jedeiken really caps this track as an excellent closer.  

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