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Friday, September 19, 2014

AC Myles - Reconsider Me - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Reconsider Me, and I really like it! Opening with Fenton Robinson's You Don't Know What Love Is, Myles shows that he has a terrific voice for soul and guitar riffs to match. Joined by Derrick 'D'Mar Martin on drums, Endre Tarczy on bass and keys, Kid Andersen on rhythm guitar and keys, Nate Ginsberg on piano and keys and Lisa Andersen on backing vocals this track is hot! My definite favorite on the release. Rory Gallagher's Do You Read Me is really hot with a funky flavor and Gallagher's intent blended with SVR's flair. This is a really interesting track an one that will likely appeal to a broad audience. One of my favorite old Elvin Bishop tracks, Rock My Soul, is up next and even though it wasn't a Mickey Thomas era track, Myles vocals have a Thomas timbre. A fun track and a feel good track. Breaking into a full rock track, Myles breaks loose with cool rock riffs and Anderson's backing vocals really add a nice touch. Very nice! Title track, Johnny Adams' Reconsider Me, has a real nice sway and a definite gospel feel reinforced by organ filler and finite piano riffs. Myles further shows his vocal range with near falsetto high notes. His guitar soloing on this track is clean and interesting. Sweet! Roman Carter's Queen Bee has that rolling James Brown R&B feel with Myles taking total command with his strong vocal and nicely appointed guitar details. Myles takes the lead on guitar and shows how nicely a man can lead and follow his own voice. Very nice job! Livin' A Lie shows Myles ability on slide guitar with bad intention. A stylized rock track, this track is really the closest thing to a pop track on the release. With extensive flaming slide work on this track, it's a sure winner. Death Bed Blues is the first down the middle blues track on the release. With a standard 12 bar blues with vocal call and guitar response this track is rock solid. Bart Davenport track, What Is Love, is a simple ballad with a taste of country. Myles uses this simple platform to again show his versatility and nicely executed. Call 'em All Baby comes out of the gate hot with a Lynyrd Skynyrd like swagger. A catchy melody and perfect execution make this the sure fire winner for radio play. Boogie track Three Ways To Fall again finds Myles grabbing the slide and he does a real nice job on this track. His vocal styling and simple sliding technique make for a track that most blues rockers will love. Wrapping the release is Fats Domino's Blue Monday, and man does it get a make over. Myles has done a really sweet job of interpretation and I really like the way his voice sounds on this track. Kind of a mix between Thomas and John Fogherty. This funky rocker is definitely one of the best tracks on the release and a super closer for this very cool release. Looking forward to getting it into my car for further review!

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Annika Chambers up for BMA

Aside from her newest release, Making My Mark, Annika Chambers has been busy! She recently completed her degree at the University of Houston, Downtown in  December of  2013 in Corporate Communication. She has also been Nominated for Best Blues In Houston by Free Press Houston.  Her musical career has continued to flourish as she opened for Shemekia Copeland, Carolyn Wonderland and performed Mess Around at the blues music awards Memphis in May 2014 with Jeff Jensen and gang,  Pearland Crawfish Fest, Springboard South Houston, Big Music Festival,  Tall City Blues Fest (midland),  Navasota Blues Fest and  played with Brandon Santini during the IBCs 2014!

Here my review of Annika's most recent release:

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Little Silver Records artist: Iko-Iko - Bullets In The Bonfire Vol.1 - New release Review

I just received the newest release, Bullets In The Bonfire Vol. 1 from Iko - Iko and its flavorful! A fifteen track retrospective of the band it has a lot of variety. Opening with Party Car, a New Orleans flavored track, the band is really hopping featuring strong vocals from Graham Wood Drout, super sax from Ron Dziubla and traditional drumming from Stewart Jean. Cajun tasting (I Never Had An) American Dream is a party track deluxe with cool lyrics. Celebration rolls more into the R&B styling and it's pop nature. A definite hook and familiar melody makes this a radio stopper. Dziubla really blows the walls out on this one giving it just the right spice. Live track Don't Mess With The Voodoo is a swampy rocker. Mike Bauer and Larry Williams lay out some smokin guitar riffs on this track and I particularly like the drum work of Jean. Miller's Woods has a solid pop rock style and some cool guitar slide riffs by Williams. Mike Mennel adds a cool under line on the bass throughout this track. Late Hours is a slow blues track featuring Bob Hemphill on harp. Drout sets a nice bass line on this track joined by Joseph Anthony Smith on drums and understated guitar soloing by Nick Kane. Returning to a New Orleans flavor and the rich sax and organ work of Dziubla, Pet De Kat is a cool track with a playful nature. Funky track, Snowstorm In The Jungle, gets a bit more rowdy with Drout's aggressive vocals, nice harp work from Hemphill and guitar riffs from Kane. Too High To Drive, is a simple rock n roll track based on a common theme... too much! Doug Leibinger adds a lot of depth on keys and Williams shows his rock riffs. Jalapeno Be Thy Name has a definite Latin/New Orleans. Solid bottom provided by Dziubla and Mennel along with some tasty guitar riffs from Williams makes this one of the more memorable tracks on the release. Walk With The Zombie is a bluesy rock ballad. Williams and Dziubla create a really nice feel on this atmospheric story adding musicality to it's clever lyrics. Riding On The Rims stretches more toward a country folk rocker with Leibinger, Mennel and Jean providing mostly a light backing for Drout's vocals. Another live track, the classic Motherless Children, get a totally rework fitting og a festival jam say at the Fillmore with the Allmans or the Dead. Quite different with a particularly cool bass solo from Mark Harris. Ghosts Of Mississippi has a light country rock flavor with Drout and Albert Castiglia sharing acoustic and slide guitar roles. Wrapping the release is The Day The Old Man Died, a bluesy rocker with swagger. Castiglia is back on slide Cam Robb on drums. Drout paints a good story and this track is a solid choice for it's completion.

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High Energy Act coming to Phoenix, AZ!
JW-Jones, a red hot young Canadian guitar slinger/singer known as a high-energy crowd-pleaser, will bring his dynamic show to Phoenix as follows:
 9:15 PM $10  Jones, a popular and highly acclaimed artist in Canada, widely regarded as one of that country’s premier touring blues acts, is set to break out in the U.S. and worldwide markets with his first release on acclaimed American roots music label Blind Pig Records, entitled Belmont Boulevard.
The album was produced in Nashville by Grammy-winning producer Tom Hambridge, who’s helmed projects for Buddy Guy, George Thorogood, and Susan Tedeschi.   Jones said, "Signing with Blind Pig is truly an honour and major milestone in my career.  I am ecstatic to be on a label that is a fixture in roots music."
Jones has played in nineteen countries in his brief career, and recently opened tours for the late Johnny Winter and Jimmie Vaughan, one of his strongest influences. Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail, based in Toronto, referred to Jones as "one of this country's top blues guitar stars."  Billboard called JW part of "a new wave of young talent moving onto Canada’s blues stage."