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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tyler Porch Band - Only The Sky Knows - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Only The Sky Knows, from the Tyler Porch Band and it hits hard. Opening with Who Am I, TPB sets a aggressive blues rock posture. This band picks up where Mahogany Rush left off and as a trio these guys are heavy! Featuring Porch on vocal and lead guitar, Brad Kemp on bass and Joey Robertson on drums. This track has a nice helping of flashy guitar riffs as well as a cool bass solo and cowbell. Oh, Lady is up next with a cool slide solo reminding me quite a bit of the Allman's Every Hungry Woman but progressing into something much heavier...think Mountain with vocal harmonies. Very nice! Title track, Only The Sky Knows, is more of a quiet rock ballad has nicely blended vocals and guitar soloing not unlike Joe Bonamassa or Peter Frampton... you say that's quite a spread? Not as much as you might think. Jess is a straightforward rocker with a pop hook. This track is the automatic radio track with Steeley Dan clean vocals. Smooth guitar soloing and a nice portion of it, keeps the track from standing out as a separate thought. This is a really nicely written track with solid, broad potential. My Love has a swift bass line and driving guitar feel. Robertson should not be underrated on drums keeping these two string hungry instrumentalists on a leash. Solid! Wrapping the release is Leftovers From Woodstock, a cool jazz rock funky fusion instrumental. With lead melody by Porch on guitar, Kemp and Robertson provide a lively platform to solo over. With overdubbed twin lead guitars, this track takes on just a pinch of it's southern roots but maintains it's spontaneity throughout the 6 plus minute interlude. This is a cool release and a pack of fellows that you should watch out for.

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