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Saturday, May 18, 2013

New West Records artist: Randall Bramblett - The Bright Spots - New Relese Review

I just received the newest release, The Bright Spots, by Randall Bramblett and it shows Brambletts talents as a singer, songwriter, band leader and instrumentalist. Opening with Roll, a springy pop track, Bramblett puts forward a real catchy radio track. 'Til The Party's All Gone is a snappy, jazz rock track that also has a catchy hook and great instrumentation. My Darling One is a special track and one of my favorites on the release. Bramblett hits his stride vocally and the track is very strongly written, reminding me of one of my favorite Mike D 'Abo tracks, Handbags and Gladrags, (better known by Rod Stewart and Chris Farlow). This song has real sensitivity that I rarely see in music. Whatever That Is, a bluesy track finds a nice groove and also allows Tom Bukovac space to lay down a hot guitar solo. John The Baptist is a mix of numerous world components but has a strong gospel influence which is very cool. Michael Steele, Betsy Franck, Adam McKnight and Tom Ryan provide strong vocal backing on this track. Trying to Steal A Minute has a real solid bottom by Michael Rhodes, Gerry Hansen and Dylan Hansen. A really cool (in a cool way) track with a laid back attack, is a sneaky strong entry on this album. Again, Bramblett's vocals on this track are really super. Bukovac plays an unconventional but tasty guitar solo and Bramblett hits the horn for a quick dose as well. You Bring Me Down shows strong gospel and soul influences and both horn and vocal compliments are really spot on. Bramblett really brings on the sax to punctuate a strong moving entry. Rumbling Bridge, the closing number, has a jazz rock "Steely Dan" feel and I think it will also be a strong entry for radio play. It's good to hear Bramblett back on tape and doing well  

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