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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Troublebound - The Blasters with Dave Alvin

Grammy award winning singer/songwriter/bar-room guitar player Dave Alvin has been a constant force in traditional American roots music, both electric and acoustic, for over 25 years. From his earliest days with roots pioneers The Blasters through his stinits with punk rock/folkies X and The Knitters through his various solo releases, Dave has mixed blues, folk, rockabilly, rhythm and blues, country, surf, cajun and even doo wop into his own unique brand of American Music. His songs have been recorded by Los Lobos, Buckwheat Zydeco, Robert Earl Kean, Dwight Yoakam, Kelly Willis, James McMurtry, Joe Ely and Little Milton to name a few, and have been heard in tv shows like THE SOPRANOS and movies like CRYBABY and THELMA AND LOUISE. .. .. .. CHECK OUT DAVE ALVIN NOW TOURING AS DAVE ALVIN AND THE GUILTY WOMEN, AND CHECK OUT WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING!!! .. .. "GREAT show last night. Besides the stellar musicianship (Amy Farris - hokey smokes!) of the band, and the wonderful songs, Dave's stage presence was low key and self-effacing If you support live Blues acts, up and coming Blues talents and want to learn more about Blues news and Fathers of the Blues, Like ---Bman’s Blues Report--- Facebook Page! I’m looking for great talent and trying to grow the audience for your favorites band! ”LIKE”

Monday, July 2, 2012

Rip Cat Records artists: Fun On Saturday Night - The Blasters - New Release Review

On July 3rd (2012) Rip Cat Records will be releasing the much anticipated new release from The Blasters, Fun On Saturday Night. Phil Alvin on Vocals, Harmonica and Guitar is joined by Keith Wyatt on Guitar; John Bazz on Bass and Bill Bateman on Drums. The recording opens with a hot rendition of Tiny Bradshaw's Well Oh Well, a fast paced jump style blues track. Alvin's vocals are strong, Wyatts guitar playing is clean and articulate and the rhythm section is tight. This place is hoppin! Next up is a duet with Excene (Cervenka) on Jackson. Keeping an exciting pace but breaking away from a traditional arrangement, The Blasters do this with classic style. Fun On Saturday Night is a a slick uptempo blues track keeping in the early rock feel and develops a real nice groove. Next up is No Nights By Myself which gets stylistic makeover. Alvin's vocals are supplemented with some sweet harp playing and the band maintains a really vintage sound on this track which is particularly effective. Magic Sam's Love Me With A Feeling takes a rockin' shuffle with some vintage guitar riffs giving it a totally unique flavor. I Don't Want Cha is straight up Chicago with single line lead and rhythm answering every vocal call and Alvin playing a cool harp stretch in the track. Although there aren't any real long guitar solos, Wyatt really holds hos own on guitar throwing down some nice riffs. Pulling one of my favorites, James Brown's Please Please Please from the mix bag is a special treat. A number of bands will pull a JB track and play a hot guitar solo but The Blasters take it head on using James' arrangement and Alvin does a really cool job following in the footsteps of one of the all time greatest performers. Rock My Blues Away gets back into the jump blues groove and most contemporary bands have a difficult time competing with The Blasters at this game. Wyatt again demonstrates his clean guitar playing along with the already tight band. Maria Maria, a Davie Alvin composition, completes the package. This is a song written in the traditional Mexican style with Kid Ramos on Baja Sexto. I really like it.
This is an interesting outing from The Blasters and one that is certain to please existing fans as well as win them a healthy helping of new ones.

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Monday, March 5, 2012


Los Angeles, Calif.--The Rip Cat Records slogan “Our Cats Rip!” is spot-on, especially now that the world-class roots-rock band The Blasters has joined the label. At a time when the rosters of most blues labels are filled with well-meaning but jaded, uninspired musicians, Scott Abeyta’s young label thrives with artists that explode with creative energy. Showcasing many of the best musicians in Southern California, Rip Cat had a fine 2011--superlative releases, extensive radio play and print/cyberspace media coverage, great public response-- and the momentum has carried over into 2012.

The Blasters—singer-guitarist Phil Alvin, guitarist Keith Wyatt, bassist John Bazz, drummer Bill Bateman--have recorded their first album since 2005 and it will be released May 17th. The Mighty Mojo Prophets, leading advocates of West Coast jump-blues, have been nominated for a prestigious Blues Music Award in the “Best New Artist” category. The 44s have their second album “Americana” coming your way on April 15th, produced once again by Kid Ramos, they’ll be touring nationally and internationally this spring and summer; noteworthy too: they were named “Blues Band of the Year” by the online magazine American Blues News. Johnny Mastro & Mama’s Boys, a hard-charging band that tours Europe to much acclaim when not playing West Coast venues, have a new album which will be released on May 17th along with The Blasters. Not least, City Hall Records, a good friend to leading independent labels, will continue to distribute Rip Cat releases in North America, Europe, Japan, and in Australia.

Rip Cat’s affiliation with The Blasters is a big deal. Abeyta has known the band members for years, and not long ago he had a casual conversation with Phil Alvin about the record business. The band’s front man got excited when Abeyta spoke of his refreshingly respectful treatment of label artists—the Rip Cat boss takes a recoupable amount of money out of his end, the record company’s, rather than from the musicians’ royalties. Alvin later called him to say The Blasters were planning a tour and they wanted to have a new album available to sell to fans. Not suspecting Alvin had an interest in joining the Rip Cat family, Abeyta explained to him his method of recording, mixing, and getting a record ready for release. Abeyta recalled: “Phil asked me if I had time to help. I said, ‘For you, I’d take a few days off from work [his day job].’ He said, ‘OK, let’s do it!’ and I [replied], ‘Are you talking about releasing this on Rip Cat?’ ‘Phil said, ‘Oh, yeah!’” Soon they were in the studio, working on what turns out to be The Blasters’ most blues-oriented album ever, their passion for the 12-bar music at the same sky-high level as their ardor for rockabilly and other roots-music styles central to their glorious sound.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rip Cat Records Announces Signing Of Seminal SoCal Acts The Blasters, K.K.Martin

         K.K. Martin Hands Photo

Rip Cat Records Announces Signing Of Seminal SoCal Acts The Blasters, K.K.Martin

     Rip Cat Records announces the signing of two iconic Southern California-based music artists, The Blasters and K.K. Martin.       
     The Blasters formed in Downey, California back in 1979 and, along with X, Black Flag, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others, have been an integral part of the SoCal underground/indie-rock scene since their formation. Led by brothers Phil and Dave Alvin, the group originally signed to much-loved indie label Slash Records in 1981 and were known as much for their grueling touring schedule as their unique country-punk sound. Among the noted musicians that have performed as members of the Blasters through the years: the dynamic saxophone duo of Steve Berlin and Lee Allen; bassist John Bazz; the late Hollywood Fats (a/k/a Michael Mann) and X's Billy Zoom, Greg "Smoky" Hormel, James Intveld, and current guitarist, Keith Wyatt; and drummers Billy Bateman, David Carrol and current member, Jerry Angel. The Blasters were featured in the popular 1984 film Streets Of Fire and placed two songs in the sound track, "One Bad Stud" and "Blue Shadows." The Blasters are currently in the studio recording a new album for Rip Cat.
     K.K. Martin was a founding member, lead guitarist, singer and songwriter for 80's-era band A La Carte. The group gained considerable renown as one of the most in-demand groups on the then-vibrant Sunset Strip music scene. Exposed in the womb to the music of Jimmie Rodgers. Robert Johnson and Hank Williams, he began touring with his parents at age 10. K.K. was transplanted to California in 1969 and cut his teeth on the local L.A. rock scene at age 16, landing a brief stint with the Albert Collins backup band. Martin has performed with a Who's-Who in the music business including Eric Burdon, Booker T, Rick Derringer, Johnny Winters, Blondie, and currently, Lester Chambers of famed R&B/Soul group The Chambers Brothers. K.K. was a recipient of "Outstanding Blues Artist" at the 9th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards in 1999. In the last decade, Louisiana native Martin has reconnected with his Blues roots. He toured with Lester Chambers of the 60's Chambers Brothers fame, recording a project with Lester called "Blues for Sale." Martin has continued to play extensively throughout L.A. and Orange County as a solo act as well as with the band Roadside Revelers. His latest CD is "Naked Blues Vol. II," which will be re-released by Rip Cat.
     Orange County-based Rip Cat Records is one of the quickest-growing independent labels in Southern California, with a solid artist roster that includes guitarist Barry Levenson; The 44's, vocalist Lisa Cee; Johnny Mastro and Mamma's Boys; Whiteboy James & The Blues Express; John Marx; Little Barry G; The Mighty Mojo Prophets; and Gino Mateo.
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