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Friday, April 26, 2013

Big Song Music artist: Lisa Biales - Singing In My Soul - New Release Review

I have just received and had the opportunity to review the newest release, Singing In My Soul, by Lisa Biales with Ricky Nye and The Paris Blues Band. You want real wholesome Americana/Blues music, this is it. Opening with A Little Bird Told Me, Biales sings a song so real it could be right out of a Roy Rogers movie. You an tell that Biales really enjoys her work and her voice is really well suited for this material. Nye and the Paris Blues Band, Thibaut Chopin on upright bass, Anthony Stelmaszack on guitar, Ricky Nye on piano and Simon "Shuffle" Boyer on drums add substantial realism to the track with vocal backing. On Sister Rosetta Thorpe's Strange Things Happening Every Day, Biales gets the house swinging and Stelmaszack adds a real slick guitar solo to tip off the track. John Hurt's Let The Mermaids Flirt With Me is up next and Biales really does a nice job bringing new life to this track. Doug Hamilton also adds a real nice violin solo on this track. Sippie Wallace's You Got To Know How really shows Biales vocal sweetness and is one of my favorite tracks on the release. Nye adds a really nice piano solo on this track again staying very close to authentic reproduction. Very cool. A Biales original, Magic Garden slows the tempo slightly but the songs flow with each other very nicely. Biales on vocal and Nye on piano makes for a very slick duet. Hamilton steps up again presenting another tasty violin solo. Bill Littleford adds a jazzy guitar solo on this track as well just adding shine to an already spiffy apple. WC Handy's Careless Love is up next and holding to the balance of the release, this is a pure track from the heartland. Biales has a very clear voice and is bound to find a number of new fans with this no nonsense approach to traditional music. Classic track, I Only Have Eyes For You, changes in feel from a simple backyard sound to a clean club setting. Biales really does a great job delivering this classic with smooth instrumental backing. Littleford plays a short but really effective guitar solo on this track adding depth. Waiting For The Train To Come In returns to the simple life of the 40's and Biales adapts nicely from track to track and in maturity required to handle each part. Nye plays a strong key set here and Stelmaszack adds some of the tastiest guitar riffs on the release. Write Me In Care Of The Blues has a real boogie swing to it and Biales gets a vocal grind going. A final track by Sister Rosetta Thorpe, Singing In My Soul, wraps the release in fine fashion with a large strut. Stelmaszack again steps up and delivers cocky rockin guitar riffs to support Biales' great cover of a hot track.

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