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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Shane Dwight Returns With NO ONE LOVES ME BETTER - Out April 5

Shane Dwight Returns With



USA Today called him an “ace songwriter”

Shane nails life to the wall like a WANTED sign out in the wild west.

Critically acclaimed blues maverick, Shane Dwight, will pull you into his house by the ear after the first chord of No One Loves Me Better out on Red Parlor Records out on April 5, 2019. This esteemed independent label has long been a champion of music’s best songwriters, and Dwight is no exception. This new collection of songs is some of his most personal yet – gut-wrenching, and heartbreaking to date. The story of a man finding love, committing a crime, and wanting redemption runs deep in Shane’s songs.

From the heartwarming “No One Loves Me Better” to the dark “Bullets & Gasoline” to the sassy “Sucker,” Shane nails life to the wall like a WANTED sign out in the wild west. Shane’s songwriting has evolved so far that he may be untouchable for a while, and fans won’t be able to get it out of their heads, critics won’t know what to do with him. But one thing’s for sure; he’s here to stay.

Recorded at Grammy Award-winning Kevin McKendree’s studio in Franklin, TN with a mega all-star cast of players the sounds of this album, are slick, powerful and groove driven. The heartbeat of the drums and the entanglement of guitars mix well with Shane’s raspy voice. The eccentric guitar tunings bring the haunted voices to life; you can almost see the movie. “You will hear some of my friends, Bekka Bramlett (Elton John), Kenneth Blevins (John Hiatt), and Rob McNelley (Bob Seger) who all came to the table that day to be a part of this story. The story is of a misunderstood man, his trials and tribulations over the perils of whiskey, women, and the music business.” – Shane Dwight

No One Loves Me Better, ends with “The Trial Of A Poet” – a haunting resonator and background vocals from the renowned Bekka Bramlett; it’s filled with fog, crunchy leaves, and a flashlight. There are blues, rock, soul, country and a little bit of hip-hop that shows his California roots. It’s heavy, it’s deep, and it’s a swamp full of characters that show up at the fight.

“Exceptional talent…. it’s clear this cat can sing anything he wants.” – Blues Revue Magazine

Shane grew up on a ranch in Morgan Hill, CA a few hours from San Jose and Monterey, where the air was fresh, and the sun was hot. At the age of nine, he was diagnosed with Perthes bone disease in his hips that prohibited from him walking for about a year as a young boy. Since then, the debilitating illness does go into temporary remission but when it returns it forces Shane to live with severe chronic pain. Shane began to learn how to play guitar back in high school, playing with friends and bands along the way, he started The Shane Dwight Blues Band at 28. His musical roots were FM radio, Album Oriented Rock artists like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. He dug deep into their influences and found a stack of others, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, and Albert King; those gave him the nod to take it even further.

Sometimes standing on the rock where Moses stood is vital to get the energy of the ground into your soul and when Shane stood on the same burn spot where Jim Hendrix once stood at the famed Monterey Blues Festival, he felt the mysterious aura seep into his bones. Bones that once were strong get weakened at times when you need to fill your cup.

Where do you go to get it filled up? At the well of course, and for Shane that well is his fans. He has crisscrossed this country and the world many a time, to bring the people what they want, his music – a blend of rock and blues with a little dash of country. His band went on to win the Monterey Blues Festival Battle of the Bands in 2001, and that’s when it began.

He caught fire that day in Monterey, and never stopped except to get gas. His grassroots approach to his career has also been crucial for he has built it fan by fan, show by show and album by album. From What You Need to Gimme Back My Money to A Hundred White Lies, Shane has conquered it all; festivals, CD sales, radio and press accolades galore from rock to country to blues and back again. Dwight’s most successful to date has been A Hundred White Lies, which received praise from publications like, USA Today, Guitar World, and Living Blues Magazine. It charted on several popular radio lists, XM/Sirius Satellite’s Channel, “Bluesville,” Living Blues Magazine, Route 66 – an Americana radio show chart for a total of about six months together. Then, in Spring 2018 he went into Greaseland Studios with Kid Anderson and did a fresh set of his favorite blues covers with another all-star cast of players, called High Time I Got Mine which is only sold at his live shows.

Shane’s hectic touring schedule reads like an airplane flight plan. He keeps it real with a bi-coastal routing to festivals, winery series and of course, he will show up at his favorite dive bar to croon. He has performed over 3500 shows over the past 20 years, headlining at some of music’s most significant events; Beale Street Festival, Portland Waterfront, Reno Blues Festival, Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise, Ottawa Blues Fest; sharing the stage with household names such as Blake Shelton, The Doobie Brothers and B.B. King. He’s backed off the 200 dates a year he once did, but he still brings the rock to the table and the blues to the dance floor.

Country and blues music is about the same. You see, they are rooted from the same soil with a Bible and bottle in each hand. And that’s why Guitar World said that Shane Dwight, “rocks hard.”

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Delta Groove & Eclecto Groove New Releases


Delta Groove Music & Eclecto Groove Records New Releases

We are happy to announce that Delta Groove Music & Eclecto Groove Records just released 3 new albums on April 15th 2014 which are available to purchase at multiple outlets worldwide or directly through our online store.
If you are a fan of Delta Groove or Eclecto Groove then you might be familiar with a couple of these releases already. But if you aren't be sure to follow the links and you will be taken to our online store where you can stream the songs and purchase the album.

Bob Corritore - Taboo

Click Here To Listen And Order

Terry Hanck - Gotta Bring It On Home To You

Click Here To Listen And Order

Shane Dwight - This House

Click Here To Listen And Order

Delta Groove Music, all rights reserved 2014 ©

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Delta Groove & Eclecto Groove April Releases


Delta Groove Music & Eclecto Groove Records April Releases

We are happy to announce that Delta Groove Music & Eclecto Groove Records have 3 new albums releasing on April 15th 2014 which are available to purchase at multiple outlets worldwide or directly through our online store.
If you are a fan of Delta Groove or Eclecto Groove then you might be familiar with a couple of these releases already. But if you aren't be sure to follow the links and you will be taken to our online store where you can stream the songs and purchase the album.

Bob Corritore - Taboo

Click Here To Listen And Order

Terry Hanck - Gotta Bring It On Home To You

Click Here To Listen And Order

Shane Dwight - This House

Click Here To Listen And Order

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Eclecto Groove Records artist: Shane Dwight - This House - New release Review

I just received the newest release (April 15, 2014), This House, from Shane Dwight and it really has it's own character and a bunch of charisma. Opening with the title track, This House, a R&B structured track done totally laid back and acoustic style... it's quite smooth featuring Bekka Bramlett on backing vocals and nice key work from Kevin McKendree. Next up is funky track, We Can Do This, which has more movement than anything I've heard of this style since Sneakin Sally Through the Alley (Robert Palmer and Little Feat).... super guitar work and I dare you to sit still! Fool drops into a ballad slot but thankfully missing the John Mayer hook and going straight toward Fiona Apple. This is a cool track with again nice vocal backing by Bramlett and featuring a nice guitar solo from Dwight and clean drumming from Kenneth Blevins. Sing For Me (Search For Sierra) is a swampy ballad with nice guitar effects and a really strong melody and backing vocals. One of my favorites on the release. Bramlett takes the lead on It's Gonna Be Beautiful, a pure pop track with country flair. This track has a strong hook and could easily find airplay. Devil's Noose, a shuffle track, has the blusiest sound so far with a loose guitar solo with a lot of swing. Steve Mackey brings up the bass on this track giving it a full feel. Stepping Stone is a cool boogie track with strong rhythm guitar work from Doug Lancio giving Dwight room to play some cool over the top riffs along with his vocals. This track definitely has some of the hotter guitar riffs on the release. Never Before has a cool R&B style rhythm with uncharacteristic drum patterns transforming it to more of a rocker and then guitar riffs adding just a twist of country blues. Cool! I'm A Bad Man is a slick blues track right out of Chicago. This track gives Dwight a really nice opportunity to dig into more characteristic blues riffs. Excellent! Losing Ground is soft country pop style ballad with a lot of airplay potential and a tight hook. With a R&B root, it gives Dwight a clear opportunity to throw down a slick guitar solo to wrap the track. Bad For You incorporates heavy bass riffs like you would expect from a much heavier genre of rock but with the softness and clever vocals of soul music. A frenzied guitar solo on this track along with spoken vocals give this a totally different flavor. Wrapping the release is Crazy Today with a country/gospel sound. Dwight takes the opportunity on this track to do some real country acoustic chicken pickin. A real foot stomper complimented nicely by McKendree's key work, it's a perfect ending to a pretty tasty release.

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This is not a track from the new release but characteristic of Dwight's work:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pre-Order New Delta Groove & Eclecto Groove Releases - Save 15%

Pre-Order Our New Releases

Delta Groove Music is happy to announce that we are now accepting pre-orders on 3 of our new upcoming releases including: Bob Corritore "Taboo", Terry Hanck "Gotta Bring It On Home To You", and Eclecto Groove artist Shane Dwight "This House" all of which are highly anticipated and great pieces to add to your collection. When you pre-order a copy of a new release you instantly save 15% for a limited time!
Take a look at the releases below and follow the links to listen to the music and pre-order a copy today to save $15% (limited time only!)

Bob Corritore - Taboo

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Terry Hanck - Gotta Bring It On Home To You

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Shane Dwight - This House

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  $11.05 (15% OFF)

Delta Groove Music, all rights reserved 2014 ©

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise - Shane Dwight - Free Music Download

along with Taj Mahal, Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Tommy Castro, Lil' Ed, Ana Popovic, The North Mississippi Allstars & MORE!

Legendary Rhythm
& Blues Cruise #19
Southeastern Caribbean
Oct. 27 ~ Nov. 3, 2012


Toll-Free: 1-888-BLUESIN’ (258-3746)
International or Cell: 816-753-7979

"The Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise is by far the best week I've ever spent playing music.  Literally hundreds of musicians (professional and amateur) spend a week on a "floating island of fun" making music.  If you have done this before, you know what I'm talking about.  If you haven't, I can promise you will have the time of your life!" ~ Shane
Make sure to tell them, you're coming to hang out with The Shane Dwight Band

Shane Dwight - A Hundred White Lies

"Dwight definitely sings and writes the blues,
but he also rocks - and rocks hard!"

"... Ace Songwriter!"

"Every song is a gem, from a musician at the top of his game."

"One of the best, if not the best Blues/Rock release for 2011"

BOOKING CONTACT Intrepid Artists Int’l, Inc.  |  704.358.4777  |  fax 704.358.3171

1300 Baxter St., Ste 405, Charlotte, NC 28204  -

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Hundred White Lies - Shane Dwight - New recording release review

I have been listening to this cd for the past 4 or so days because I wanted to pin it down and write an appropriate review for it. No I'm not one of those guys who puts on a cd, listens to a track for 10 seconds, listens to the next one,,,reads the promo materials and then writes a review... so sometimes it just isn't that simple. The cd is strong. It's just hard to get your hands around. There is a mixture of sounds and great guitar playing here and I just keep listening to it. It doesn't have the big hook of ZZ Top or the stellar playing of Joe Bonamassa but it is just a great strong recording and I'm just not getting tired of listening to it... plain and simple. Good singing, good guitar, good rhythm, good piano... I can't tell you what it sounds like. All I can tell you is I've probably heard it 20 times and I'm not tired of it yet. Buy a copy and write me and tell me what it is!


Friday, August 12, 2011





NASHVILLE, TN – R-Tist Records has announced a September 27 release date for

A Hundred White Lies, the newest and most creative album yet from blues/roots guitarist and singer/songwriter Shane Dwight. Produced by gold record and Grammy Award-winner Kevin McKendree, A Hundred White Lies was recorded at Rock House Studio in Franklin, Tennessee, and its dozen tracks include 11 original songs that showcase Dwight’s roots mix of blues, rock, Americana, soul and R&B, all presented in a killer style that takes no prisoners.

Shane Dwight will celebrate the release of the new CD with extensive touring throughout the U.S., including a special festival billed as “Hot Cars & Guitars” on September 10 at the San Benito County Fairgrounds in Hollister, California, not far from Shane’s original hometown of San Jose. This will be a first for Shane; he will not only be performing, but he and his father are also the promoters of the event. His father, Mike Dwight, is a renowned custom car builder and hot rod enthusiast. “Hot Cars & Guitars” will combine all-day music performances from Shane Dwight, Chris Cain and other bands, while patrons will be treated to a viewing of over 400 custom hot rods. For more information on the event, go to

The songs on A Hundred White Lies were inspired from the last three years of Shane’s life, and the stress on his marriage that came from long stints touring around the country performing over 200 shows a year. The stress of being gone from his wife a majority of the time proved to be too much for both of them. Going through a separation and eventual divorce took a hard personal toll on Shane and his wife. It was during that time that he began writing songs for the album that would become A Hundred White Lies.

11 of the 12 songs on A Hundred White Lies are originals written by Shane during that sad, dark period in his life. As the title track states so eloquently, it all began with “A Hundred White Lies.” “She Struts 22” is about the temptations that all artists go through while on the road. “Love’s Last Letter” and “Broken” are songs written about the pain of separation; and “True Love’s Gone” sums it all up. Sometimes the best songwriting comes from the darkest of times.

Shane moved to Nashville almost three years ago and as fate would have it, the home he purchased was a stones throw from producer Kevin McKendree. As Shane began to get to know his neighbors, a great friendship developed between Shane and Kevin. It wasn’t long before they were working in the studio together recording A Hundred White Lies. Shane was literally able to walk out of his house, go next door to Kevin’s studio and record.

Shane and Kevin were able to put together a cast of musicians on this album that is unparalleled. The group he used for these sessions was “Dick 50,” better-known as Delbert McClinton’s recording and touring band, featuring - in addition to McKendree on keyboards - Rob McNelley (guitar), Lynn Williams (drums) and Stephen Mackey (bass). Guesting on background vocals are Bekka Bramlett (daughter of Delaney & Bonnie, a former member of Fleetwood Mac, who’s also sung with Dwight Yoakum, Rod Stewart, Vince Gill and Sam Moore), as well as the McCrary Sisters (Ann, Regina and Alfreda, who have recorded with Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Buddy Miller and Wynonna Judd).

Over the past 10 years, Shane Dwight has performed over 2,000 live shows, released seven CDs with over 60,000 units sold, been a repeat performer on the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise (West Coast and East Coast), headlined and performed at some of the biggest music festivals around the world, including Beale Street Music Festival, BayFront Blues Festival, Bethlehem Musikfest, Ottawa Bluesfest and Portland Waterfront Blues Festival. He has performed with and/or shared the stage with a wide variety of some of the biggest names in music: B.B. King, Los Lobos, Los Lonely Boys, Night Ranger, The Marshall Tucker Band, Johnny Winter, Etta James, The Doobie Brothers and Jimmie Vaughan, to name a few. His music has been heard on hundreds of radio stations in over 30 different countries.

Born on the East Side of San Jose and raised on a horse ranch in Morgan Hill, California, it was a tough decision for Shane to pack up and move to Nashville to further pursue his musical career. But Shane fell in love with Music City and knew it was the right decision for his career. Within six months of living there, he quickly earned a reputation as a “guitarslinger.”

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Boogie King - Shane Dwight

Shane Dwight is a charismatic and supremely talented guitarist, soulful vocalist, prolific songwriter and one of the brightest young up-and-coming stars on the rock/blues scene today. Shane has performed at prestigious concerts such as the Monterey Blues Festival, Reno Blues & Brews Festival, Portland Oregon Waterfront Blues Festival, San Francisco Jazz Festival, S.F. California Blues Festival, Central Valley Blues Festival, San Jose Comcast Jazz Festival, San Jose Metro Fountain Blues Festival and the Redwood Coast Jazz Festival (Eureka) and many more. The Shane Dwight Band has also performed at world famous nightclubs: Slims (Boz Skaggs Club), John Lee Hooker's Boom Boom Room, and Biscuits and Blues in San Francisco, B.B. Kings in Hollywood, Blue Cafe in Long Beach and Harvelle's in Santa Monica. Though Shane's music is blues based, the band's ability to cross over to a variety of different audiences is evidenced in their current concert schedule which has them working at venues as diverse as County Fairs, Disneyland Theme parks, opening up for Major Country, Blues, and Rock Stars and appearing as the house band on Microsoft's Nationally Broadcast television show, "Microsoft Insider LIVE." Shane has already been contacted by several concert promoters from around the United States as well as Europe for the 2006 Festival season.

In recent performances, Shane has shared the bill with world class acts such as John Mayall & The Blues Breakers, Taj Mahal, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Marshall Tucker, Elvin Bishop, Dave Mason, The Supremes, Jefferson Starship, Terrie Clark, The Greg Kihn Band, Big Bill Morganfield (Muddy Waters son), Bob Margolin, Dennis Quaid, Indigenous, Brad Gillis of Ozzy Ozbourne, Night Ranger, Johnny Winter, John Lee Hooker Jr., and Tommy Castro and Robert Randolf & the Family Band..