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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Showing posts with label Sean Carney. Show all posts

Monday, December 9, 2019

Blues Meets Girl featuring Sean Carney - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Blues Meets Girl featuring Sean Carney and it's pretty cool. British blues veteran, Mr. Downchild, joins forces with Kasimira and Sean Carney on this latest outing. Opening with Nightgown, a solid Chicago blues style number featuring Mr. Downchild on strong harmonica lead, Kasimira on vocal, Sean Carney on guitar, Scott Flowers on drums, and Ray Deforest on bass this is a super opener. Cool swinging rocker, Didn't See It Coming has Downchild on lead vocal and gives Carney a great opening to show Chuck Berry like riffs making this one of my favorites on the release. A cool track with authentic old style foot stomping blues influence is Backstabber, primarily Downchild on vocal, guitar and harmonica with Carney on guitar. Very nice.  With it's Latin overtones, Home To My Baby is a strong blues track featuring Downchild on lead vocal and guitar. Flowers' drum rhythms and Deforest's bass lines make this another top track. Cool shuffle, Swinging With Hank is a tasty instrumental with tight guitar lead by Carney. It's simple beat and nice melody make it another favorite on the release. Kasimira's top vocal track is Fishing Blues with light blues accompaniment by Carney on guitar and Downchild on harp. I'm Your Handyman is pure Downchild and pure blues. With only acoustic guitar and foot drum under early style blues lyrics and accompanying harmonica, as Down (child) as it gets. 

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Vizztone artist: Long Tall Deb - Raise Your Hands - New Release review

I just received the debut release, Raise Your Hands, by Long Tall Deb (Deb Landolt). Deb opens the release with What Would a Good Woman Do, a soul strut featuring a vocal duet with Phil Pemberton and guitar work from Sean Carney. Hush Your Mouth gets a funk groove going with backing vocals by Nikki Scott and Melvin Powe sets the stage with some smooth bass lines. Let's Get Lost is a strong radio track and one that should fir well with strong vocals. Married To The Blues, a track talking about independence, features Jimmy Thackery on guitar along with Bart Walker and Matt O'Ree with a R&B style track and featuring vocals by Big Llou. Finally Forgot Your Name, a solid soul track sets up nicely as a blues ballad, with guests the Roomful Of Blues Horns (Mark Earley, Rich Lataille and Doug Woolverton). Raise Your Hands blends gospel, soul and rock for another airplay geared track. There is quite a bit of guitar work on this track courtesy of Sean Carney, Dave Clo and Brent Pennell. Ian Moore's Muddy Jesus has a real funky sound but blues based actually reminding me of Jack the Toad by Savoy Brown. JP Soars and Damon Fowler exchange guitar riffs on this track and Victor Wainwright plays some nice keys on this track. Cool track. To Find His Home opens with some cool slide playing on a resonator guitar. This is actually a really tasty track with Deb showing the depth of her vocal talents sharing the lead with Shaun Booker and Phil Pemberton. John Popovich plays some nice piano on this track and Reese Wynans plays some great organ on this track that turns into a full blown gospel track. Torch blues track by Tom Waits, New Coat Of Paint features Deb and Popovich on piano. Really nice finish.   

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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Don't Answer the Door - Sean Carney

It’s no accident that Sean Carney’s career has been arcing steadily upward. The Columbus, Ohio bluesman has it in his family genes, with jazz horn players in the previous two generations. He’s put in at least his share of work and dues laying the foundation as he enters his third decade as a pro. Onstage locally he mastered his craft backing a wide array of local and national R & B greats such as Christine Kittrell and Jimmy “T-99” Nelson and making it known that he was a skilled and tasteful guitarist and vocalist. In 1998 he recorded his debut CD Provisions (re-packaged in 2007 with the inclusion of Kittrell’s last recordings). He gained exposure and experience serving as vocalist Teeny Tucker’s musical director and co-writer. Offstage he was a tireless advocate for those same artists, the blues and jump they represented and the area’s musical heritage, writing articles, being a dj, promoting concerts and serving three terms as President of the Columbus Blues Alliance.

Sean’s profile has gotten a major boost in the last five busy years, and in fact is decidedly international these days when European tours often in the company of major historical figures have become almost routine for him. 2006's "Life of Ease" was a welcome surprise and a triumph of substance when The Sean Carney Band won the Albert King Best Guitarist and took first place at the 2007 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Opportunities and touring increased dramatically. His 2007 and 2008 Blues For A Cure shows and CDs raised over $50,000 for the cause. In 2009 his 2007 Canadian recording Live Blues On Whyte was released. He has performed worldwide with Big Joe Duskin, Duke Robillard, Charlie Baty, Columbus standby Willie Pooch, Hank Marr, Joe Weaver, Johnnie Bassett, “King Saxe” Gene Walker, Sir Mack Rice and Hal Singer as well as his own group. As his visibility has grown, so has the growing realization that Sean is a noteworthy, sophisticated master of tone and taste with a broad appreciation for the music before him and around him and a knack for turning out interesting songs. His discography has shown a solid, well-considered approach and, as he puts it, “solid songs and tight arrangements.” And his reputation as a talent, a respecter of tradition and a humble and gracious person has become deservedly widespread.

With recent studio recordings with Duke Robillard and Jimmy Thackery, Sean Carney reaffirms his importance and value as a part of the blues scene he has supported so tirelessly for so long. It’s extra easy to root for him because of all the good he’s done and the road he’s taken. But even someone who knows nothing about him is bound to take notice of this grounded, savvy and rewarding musical affirmation of so many great things about Sean Carney and the blues.
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