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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Quarto Valley Records artist: Savoy Brown - Blues All Around - New Release Review


I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Blues All Around, from Savoy Brown and I think it's their best in years. Opening with Falling Through, Kim Simmonds sets the pace of the set with some authentic delta style riffs on electric guitar breaking into a classic boogie style rocker. With Simmonds on vocal and lead guitar, this band has more miles than most anyone short of the Stones. Simmonds, who passed away in December has held the blues rock boogie torch for 57 years and has released 42 albums...yes...42. Having personally seen at least 4 or 5 different lineups of Savor Brown (all with Simmonds), I have been a long time fan. On Going Down South, Simmonds pulls out the slide and this is a guy who really knew how to play it. From some of the best days of the band in the 70's and Tell Mama to now, Simmonds shows a super command and feel for slide guitar. Due to Peripheral Neuropathy as a side effect of chemotherapy Kim plays quite a bit more slide on this release and I'm glad he did. His approach to the instrument is strong and certainly influenced splinter group, and slide driven, Foghat who leaned more into rock. Gypsy Healer glows with Simmonds' notable Marshall tone and his harmonica and of course the always solid bottom provided by Garnet Grimm on drums and Pat DeSalvo on bass. Texas Love has great swagger with Simmonds really sitting in the groove on rhythm guitar and his lead work is well phrased. Just listen to that guitar tone on Hurting Spell and you know why people love Simmonds. One of my criticisms on modern Savoy Brown has been Kim's vocals but with each release he seemed to get more comfortable as he molded his vocals to work well with the band. His slide work on this track is fat and classic. Can't Go Back To My Hometown has a great Latin feel, not unlike fellow UK contemporary Peter Green on his composition, Black Magic Woman. I think that Simmond's lead phrasing is every bit as juicy as Green's on the original BMW and it's great to hear Kim soloing with reckless abandon once again.  Wrapping the release is acoustic blues, Falling Through The Cracks, with Simmonds accompanying himself with that classic delta styling and a fitting way for such a great guy to close his life long love of the blues. 

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Friday, September 4, 2020

Quarto Valley Records artist: Savoy Brown - Ain't Done Yet - New Release Review


I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Ain't Done Yet, from Savoy Brown and they are definitely on a solid path again. Opening with blues rocker, All Gone Wrong, Kim Simmonds is up front on lead vocal and guitar and Simmonds is developing into a very solid lead vocalist. His guitar  playing and blues chops are as good as any, possibly one of the best electric/contemporary lead blues rockers ever. Joined by Pat DeSalvo on bass and Garnet Grimm on drums, the band sounds tight. With it's droning bass line and steady drums beat, Borrowed Time has a classic feel. Simmonds uses a Multivox FullRotor for shimmery guitar effects and keeps the underpinnings of the track spartan. Boogie rocker and title track, Ain't Done Yet has classic Savoy Brown styling with crisp lead work by Simmonds and a solid base. Latin flavored, Feel Like A Gypsy, is a cool radio style track with a smooth, "Santana" like feel. Simmonds is a talented player and improvisor and can pull off just about anything he attempts. Very cool. One of my favorites on the release is Jaguar Car with a driving bottom and giving Simmonds open road to plays slide. If you don't know Simmonds' slide playing, think classic rock track, Tell Mama or think the and Foghat, who built their trademark sound around Simmonds' slide sound. I love the Marshall crunch on Soho Girl, a heavy weight rocker with Simmonds singing and playing with authority. His lead playing is fluid and inventive. Wrapping the release is Crying Guitar, my favorite on the release. Simmonds is an expert at defining and playing long fluid guitar lead and with just a light Latin touch, this expressive, bluesy guitar melody springs to life. Excellent closer. This is really quite a good release and if you love the Savoy Brown sound, or blues rock in general, this is one to hear!

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Friday, August 2, 2019

Savoy Brown - City Night - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, City Night, from Savoy Brown and it's smokin'! Opening with Walking on Hot Stones, Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown is back with a vengeance. With a driving, heavy bottomed blues rocker beat, Simmonds is handling lead vocal like never before and his guitar can still breathe fire. An excellent slide player and overall guitar player, this is a great opener. I love the guitar tone that Simmonds gets on Payback Time and he has definitely refined his vocal delivery which gets closer and closer to a great blues rock delivery with every release. His lead riffs are as good as ever and at his best, he can compete with anyone. Neighborhood Blues has a real nice funky slouch and Simmonds rides the pocket with excellent, call and response like Clapton on Outside Woman Blues with the Cream. My favorite track on the release, Selfish World, conjures an eerie sense of Savoy Brown from the early 70's with it's calm but heavy undertone and easy approach giving Simmonds an excellent platform to deliver his overwhelming blues lead. Excellent! Title track, City Night, is a cool shuffle with a strong bass line by Pat DeSalvo and a solid drum rhythm by Garnet Grimm. Simmonds is comfortable over just about any rhythm and his riffs seem effortless. Wrapping the release is a relentless boogie, Ain't Gonna Worry with it's driving bass line and Simmonds' trademark guitar riffs over the turnaround. This is a real foot stomper. I'm thrilled to say that this is a really cool release and one of Simmonds best efforts in years.

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Monday, July 8, 2019



New US Tour Dates Announced

Over 50 years of rocking the blues – Savoy Brown, with leader Kim Simmonds at the helm, return with 'City Night' – their 40th album – released on June 7th via Quarto Valley Records. After a recent European tour, Savoy Brown will hit the road in the US for a number of shows in August.

On the back of a number one Billboard blues hit in 2017, expectations are high for this new band offering. The album features Kim Simmonds on vocals and searing lead guitar, and he is complemented with the most consistent line-up in the band’s history, going strong for more than 10 years now with Pat DeSalvo on Bass and Garnet Grimm on Drums.

'City Night' is comprised of 12 high energy blues rock songs to surely please the worldwide fan base. "Walking on Hot Stones," “Payback Time," and "Don't Hang Me Out to Dry" will catch the attention of radio DJs looking for the fresh new sound Savoy Brown brings to roots music.

Savoy Brown was formed by guitarist Kim Simmonds in 1965 in London, England. Simmonds has been the group’s guiding hand from the first singles released in 1966 through the band’s newest effort, their fortieth album, released in 2019.

Energetic blues has been the calling card of the band from the beginning. “Blues rock” became the catch-all phrase in the late 1960s to describe the band’s music along with that of contemporaries such as Cream, Fleetwood Mac and Jimi Hendrix. In fact, in the 2013 drama film, Jimi Hendrix: All Is by My Side, a Savoy Brown song co-written by Simmonds was included in the soundtrack.

Many of the band’s singles and albums have appeared on the Billboard charts. Through the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, songs such as I’m Tired, Train to Nowhere, Tell Mama and Lay Back in the Arms of Someone became Hot 100 entries. Two of the band’s albums in the 1970s, Looking In and Hellbound Train, appeared on the Billboard Top Forty charts. This pattern continues today, culminating with Witchy Feelin', the band’s 2017 album, reaching #1 on the Billboard Blues chart.

Along the way, Savoy Brown has toured continuously, making it one of the longest running blues/rock bands in existence. Through the years, the band has headlined concerts at many prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall, the Fillmore East, the Fillmore West and Royal Albert Hall in London. The band, having established national status in the 1970s, provided other groups opportunity. Kiss opened the bill on a Savoy Brown national tour, as did ZZ Top, The Doobie Brothers and many, many more acts.

Former members, having cut their teeth under Simmonds’ leadership, have gone on to complete their careers with other bands. Among others, these include singer Dave Walker with Fleetwood Mac, Andy Pyle with the Kinks and Paul Raymond with UFO. Previous band members including Lonesome Dave Peverett, Roger Earl and Tony Stevens, went on to become founding members of the multi-platinum act Foghat.

A resident of the USA since 1980, bandleader Simmonds has received many accolades himself. These include placement on the front cover of Guitar Player magazine, enshrinement on the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame and acceptance in many regional “Halls of Fame” in the USA and Canada.

Said Simmonds, “I have always opted for a non-mainstream, yet complimentary, music route … one that would allow me personal and artistic freedom. In the end, it seems I’ve had the best of both worlds.”

Savoy Brown helped spawn the 1968 UK blues boom and later opened the eyes of many 1970s American teenagers to their own home territory blues artists. More than 50 years on, they still remain a progressive Blues rock force.

The three-piece line-up includes Kim Simmonds on guitar and vocals, Pat DeSalvo on bass and Garnet Grimm on drums. This trio has established itself as the longest-running consistent line-up in the band’s history, now going strong for more than 10 years. Their legacy continues with the 2019 release of City Night on the California label, Quarto Valley Records.

Savoy Brown and Kim Simmonds have a body of work that is matched by only a small portion of musical artists. As they continue to tour the world, young and old find inspiration in their timeless music, classic style and ageless performances.


1.      Walking On Hot Stones (4:32)

2.      Don’t Hang Me Out To Dry (4:20)

3.      Payback Time (4:53)

4.      Red Light Mama (4:15)

5.      Conjure Rhythm (4:52)

6.      Neighbourhood Blues (5:11)

7.      Selfish World (5:21)

8.      Wearing Thin (4:03)

9.      City Night (6:13)

10.  Hang In Touch (3:38)

11.  Superstitious Woman (4:21)

12.  Ain’t Gonna Worry (4:55)

U.S. Tour Dates

8/24                       Iron Horse Music Hall                                                    Northampton, MA

8/25                       Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun Casino                          Uncasville, CT

8/26                       City Winery                                                                        Boston, MA

8/29                       The Coach House                                                             San Juan Capistrano, CA

8/30                       Ramona Mainstage                                                         Ramona, CA (San Diego Market)

8/31                       Fantasy Springs Resort Casino                   Indio, CA (Palm Springs Market)
9/1                         Bowlful of Blues Festival                                             Newton, IA (Des Moines market)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Panache Records artist: Savoy Brown featuring Kim Simmonds - You should have been there! - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, You should have been there! from Savoy Brown featuring Kim Simmonds and it's a super exhibition of Savoy Brown live and on top of it's game, recorded live at the Yale in Vancouver on 2.23.03. Opening with When It Rains from their 2003 release, Strange Dreams, Kim is handling stinging lead guitar and vocal, backed by David Malachowski on guitar, Gerry Sorrentino on bass and Dennis Cotton on drums. I have seen this unit and it is tight. On slow blues, Where Has Your Heart Gone?, also from Strange Dreams, Simmonds gets into such a nice guitar groove that this 11 plus minute track seems to be over in short minutes. Simmonds' phrasing is excellent as always and his ingenuity on this night was spot on. On classic, Poor Girl, from on of my all time favorite SB releases, Looking In, Simmonds literally blows the doors off. You like contemporary blues rock. This is it! Excellent! On Jimmie Rodgers' Blues Like Midnight, Simmonds takes it way down with only a sliver of a back up, playing Delta style and singing the blues. Winding up for the grand finale, Street Corner Talking from the album of the same name, followed by Hellbound Train, also from an album of the same name, are two of Savoy Browns bet known tracks and and one hell of one listening experience to spend about 25 minutes. Now I have to say, 25 minutes seems like a long time, but I listened to this release at least 5 times today and it's going into my car. it's the best of Savoy Brown live today and I highly recommend it!

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Friday, October 20, 2017

Ruf Records artist: Savoy Brown - Witchy Feelin' - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Witchy Feelin', from Savoy Brown and it's quite good. Opening with Why Did You Hoodoo Me, Kim Simmonds is back, better than ever with Pat Desalvo on bass and Garnet Grimm on drums. With a pounding bass rhythm and some of the most scorching riffs to come off of Simmonds guitar on record in a long time, this track rocks! There's something about a Gibson humbucker and a Marshall amp that just has that tone and Simmonds has it. Title track, Witchy Feelin', is a somber, dark blues number with light backing highlighting Simmonds vocals and exceptional soloing. Very nice. Gun Slinger kicks it into gear with modern boogie style. With a droning bass line and raw, saturated guitar tone Simmonds uses this basis to deliver one of the best rockers of modern Savoy Brown's history. Standing In A Doorway is a solid, old school blues style number with sweet slide work with tone not unlike Ron Wood on the Stones Love In Vain. This may be my favorite Savoy Brown track in many years.  Excellent! Memphis Blues is a blues rocker with a solid bottom. With Simmonds' signature rock slide sound and some of the best vocals on the release, you can hear a clear tie to his records of the 70's. Very nice. Another of my favorite tracks on the release is Thunder, Lightning & Rain with it's droning boogie bass line and extended guitar soloing. Brilliant! Wrapping the release is Close To Midnight, an enticing instrumental with a smooth, mellow melody and clean guitar riffs. This is the strongest Savoy Brown offering in a number of years. I am excited to hear Kim sound so inspired.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

new studio album coming from seminal British blues band SAVOY BROWN

Being released August 25, 2017 on Ruf Records, veteran British Blues band Savoy Brown's Witchy Feelin' proves the Devil still has all the best tunes. From the thrillingly brittle guitar riff that opens Why Did You Hoodoo Me, we are in the hands of a master, with founding member Kim Simmonds reigniting the seismic vocals and searing fretwork that established Savoy Brown as linchpins of the '60s British blues boom. "On this album, I tried my best to get my voice in its power zone," he explains. "I'm a baritone singer. I like listening to singers I can relate to, such as J.J. Cale, Mark Knopfler, Tony Joe White and Tom Rush. For my guitar playing, I still get inspiration from Otis Rush, Buddy Guy and all the Chicago players I grew up listening to back in '63... but I always listen to new music too."

Recording alongside Pat Desalvo (bass), Garnet Grimm (drums) and engineer Ben Elliott, Simmonds leads us into a world of dark nights, wild weather, women and whiskey: all perennial themes given a modern twist by this ageless bluesman. "The songs on this album have been two years in the making," he reflects. "I tried to write songs that had a personal point of view yet can be relatable to everyone. On Vintage Man, I wrote about being the type of guy who doesn't change as he gets older. I wrote about the power of love on Why Did You Hoodoo Me. And with Guitar Slinger, I wrote a song about seeing a great guitar player in an old country bar - as I did when I first saw Roy Buchanan in '69."

Blues is not for the faint-hearted. Since the genre first drew breath, its greatest practitioners have embraced the darkness, spinning tales of hardship and death, hellhounds and devilry. If the sleeve of Witchy Feelin' suggests that Kim Simmonds, too, has a tendency towards the macabre, then Savoy Brown's iconic leader is happy to confirm it. "Blues has always dealt with themes of the Devil, witchcraft and so forth, and I've always written along those lines. At least three of the songs on Witchy Feelin' have that hoodoo vibe..."

Anyone who witnessed Savoy Brown leave the blocks in 1965 would speak of a similar epiphany. Back then, the band were the spark that ignited the blues-boom, signing to Decca, opening for Cream's first London show and boasting a lead guitarist who was being namedropped in the same reverential breath as peers like Clapton and Hendrix (with whom Simmonds jammed). Already, the guitarist was emerging as the band's driving force. "I had a vision," he reflects. "When I started the band back in 1965, the concept was to be a British version of a Chicago blues band. And the exciting thing now is, that vision is still alive." 

Soon, Savoy Brown had achieved what most British bands never did - success in America - and became a major US draw thanks to their high-energy material and tireless work ethic. "There's far too much said about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll," Simmonds told Classic Rock. "It's a cliché. We were all extremely hard-working guys. When we came over to America, we were like a little army. I look at that time as being filled with incredible talent."

Times changed, of course, and by 1979, Simmonds had moved from a London he no longer recognised - "The punks were everywhere!" - to settle permanently in New York. The Savoy Brown bandmembers came and went, and the music scene shifted around him, but the guitarist stuck thrillingly to his guns and reaped the rewards, performing in iconic venues like Carnegie Hall and the Fillmore East and West, releasing thirty-odd albums, and later enjoying a well-deserved induction into Hollywood's Rock Walk Of Fame.

Even in the post-millennium, while his peers grow soft and drift into semi-retirement, Simmonds retains a vision and an edge, spitting out acclaimed albums that include 2011's Voodoo Moon, 2014's Goin' To The Delta, 2015's The Devil To Pay - and the emphatic new addition to Savoy Brown's catalogue, Witchy Feelin'. "I'm amazed that I still have the energy inside me to play guitar, create music and write songs," he considers. "I've been blessed in my life and I thank God for that. I've never been a believer in holding on to the past - I don't look over my shoulder and congratulate myself. I always want to climb the next mountain - and I'm very pleased with this new album..."

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ruf Records artist: Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown - The Devil To Pay - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, The Devil To Pay, from Kim Simmonds and Savoy Brown and I must say it's really hot! I have been a Kim Simmonds/Savoy Brown fan since high school and I've seen band changes both good and bad. Kim's dedication to keep rocking after 50 years and 45 albums is amazing and a testament to someone who loves what they are doing. Opening with Ain't Got Nobody, Simmonds leads right into a masterful guitar intro, the likes which of I haven't heard since his earlier release like Blue Matter and Looking In. This is a "slow blues" track and Simmonds absolutely blows the lid off right off the bat. The guitar phrasing on this track is some of the most beautifully executed work I have heard in years. Kim... excellent! Like I told you when I last saw you... certainly one of the greatest living blues guitarists today. Bad Weather Brewing is a moderate paced shuffle track with pure raw guitar riffs. Complimented by Pat DeSalvo on bass and Garnet Grimm on drums, this band is cooking. On rocker, Grew Up In The Blues, Simmonds shows continued progress in development of new blues rock riffs. I also want to note that I feel that the overall writing on this release is stronger than on most of the releases in recent years. His constant search for new means of expression and maintaining driving rhythm is exceptional. On shuffle track, When Love Goes Wrong, Kim backs off on the throttle a bit, but still playing smooth articulate guitar riffs. On Oh Rosa, Simmonds breaks out the harp giving the track still another dimension. Simmonds isn't Little Walter but he isn't Bob Dylan either. I really like his style and I think this track is a nice addition to the release. Title track, The Devil To Pay, is an upbeat Jimmie Rogers style blues rocker with a raking guitar rhythm and a natural fluid guitar break. Stop Throwing Your Love Around has a bit of a Willie Dixon flavor and Simmonds does some traditional Savoy Brown improvisational riffs against a traditional blues base. Very nice. Freddie King style, Snakin', shows Simmonds in pure shuffle mode. A real nice guitar instrumental, Snakin' is bound to make it's smooth transition into all blues stations play lists. Got An Awful Feeling finds Simmonds back at his best, choking the crap out of his guitar neck. This guy really does know how to get the best from his guitar and it's always nice to see him show it off. Excellent! Most Simmonds fans know that Kim has always been a slide master and this is the track where he whips it out. His best vocal effort on the release and a solid rock and roller, this track is great! Watch My Woman ventures into swing blues, a place that I've rarely seen Kim and I have to admit it's really nice. Stepping out on guitar, Gatemouth style, seems really natural for Simmonds and a cool change up for the Boogie Master! Whiskey Headed Woman slows down a bit with an almost relaxed, T-Bone Walker kind of style. Up beat accents by Grimm cooks this track and again, Simmonds vocals are some of his best. Want to hear Kim just ride along and play fluid guitar riffs against the up it is. Very cool! Wrapping the release is rocker, Evil Eye, with it's solid blues roots. Simmonds hits the guitar hard with searing string bending notes and the band drives it home, reminiscent of the conclusion of Hell Bound Train. Hot conclusion for a hot new blues rocker.

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Cordova Bay Records artist: David Gogo - Vicksburg Call - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Vicksburg Call, by David Gogo and he's blending more rock into his strong blues feel. Opening with Cuts Me to The Bone, Gogo is hammering right out of the gate. With Jay Stevens on bass and Bill Hicks on drums this track does rock. Gogo isn't fooling around with his slashing slide guitar soloing and grinding rhythm. Boogie guitar master, Kim Simmonds joins Gogo on Fooling Myself with his unmistakable guitar soloing style. This is a really cool track with some remarkable riffs. Another Canadian, Neil Young's The Loner has always been a favorite and Gogo does a really nice cover. This track has a moderately different arrangement from the original and a definitely non Young style guitar solo. Harmony vocals with Stevens add warmth and with the track slightly uptempo sounds quite fresh. There's A Hole is a quiet, bluesy ballad with Gogo on resonator and guitar and Shawn Hall on harp. Stephen Stills' Jet Set (Sigh) has a deeper groove that earlier set by Stills and I like the change. Bassist Stevens sets a great heavy line and Gogo literally rips the fretboard to pieces with expressive riffs. Excellent! What's Not To Like? has a pop edge with a steady rock beat and Rick Hopkins adding full Hammond backing. Gogo again gets out the slide and plays as smooth as silk accompanying his radio styled vocals. Our Last Goodbye is a nicely crafted ballad starting off very quietly but building slowly adding drums and guitar lead. This track is very anthem like and with solid backing vocals by Shelley Beeston and Jona Kristinsson and fluid guitar runs, could easily be found as the closing song for a movie. Very nice! Title track, Vicksburg Call, is a simple blues rocker that breaks loose with some very tasty grinding guitar riffs. Rock and roller, Coulda Shoulda Woulda has a taste of Chuck Berry with almost John Lennon like vocals. Nice bass riffs by Stevens really drive this track and Gogo reminds us once again that he's not just a blues player with flashy rockin' riffs. Wrapping the release is a solemn ballad, Why, along the lines of White Shades of Pale. Really nice Hammond work by Hopkins sets the basic tone and Marisha Devoin adds subtle bass defined by a steady drum slap by Hicks. Isolated guitar lead by Gogo at the end of the track caps the soulful conclusion.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

News from RUF

“Where Blues Crosses Over”
(Pronounced “Roof”)

Label’s “Songs From The Road” CD/DVD Sets Chart With Joanne Shaw Taylor at #11
& Royal Southern Brotherhood At 15 

February 4, 2014  Joanne Shaw Taylor “Songs From The Road”
February 11, 2014  Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown “Goin' To The Delta”
                               Royal Southern Brotherhood “Songs From The Road”


April 8, 2014        Albert Castiglia “Solid Ground”
May 13, 2014      Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado “Too Many Roads”


Samantha Fish              “Black Wind Howlin’”
Dana Fuchs                  “Bliss Avenue”
Devon Allman                “Turquoise”
Mike Zito & The Wheel  “Gone To Texas”
Cyril Neville                    “Magic Honey”
Joanne Shaw Taylor       “Diamonds In The Dirt”

Congratulations to our nominees for the Blues Music Awards 2014!
  • Cyril Neville - Magic Honey for 'Contemporary Blues Album'
  • Mike Zito & The Wheel - Gone To Texas for 'Rock Blues Album'
  • Jimmy Carpenter (The Wheel) for 'Instrumentalist-Horn'
  • Royal Southern Brotherhood - Songs From The Road for best 'DVD'


New CD is #2 on Amazon in 2 Days
The reviews from overseas precede the U.S. release of SAVOY BROWN's GOIN' TO THE DELTA (RUF RECORDS):
"Simmonds himself is probably in the form of his life, both vocally and instrumentally.  This is a masterclass in taste, collaboration, arrangement, longevity and respect for electric blues."
"The album... nails some of his best vocals in recent times.  This album stokes the embers of a ... glowing career."
"This release shuffles blues and boogie with intense playing and a real sense of joy."
Music (UK)
"Savoy Brown at their best."

On the road:
Date              City                          ST            Venue
2/14              St. Augistine              FL            The Standard                      
2/15              Orlando                     FL             Zaida’s New Room
2/16              Clearwater                 FL             Clearwater Blues Fest
2/18              Indiatlantic                FL             Lou's Blues
2/19              Lake Worth                FL             Bamboo Room
2/21              Atlanta                      GA            Variety Playhouse
2/22              Charlotte                   NC            Handle Bar
3/21              Ft. Wayne                  IN             C2G Music Hall
3/07              Bay Shore                  NY            Boulton Center
3/08              Annapolis                   MD           Ramshead
3/14              Pawling                      NY            Townecrier
3/15              Jim Thorpe                 PA            Chunk Opera House
3/28              Pittsburg                    PA            Moondogs
3/29              Erie                            PA           Perry Highway Hose
4/12              Syracuse                     NY           Palace Theatre
6/05              Davenport                   IA            Redstone Room
6/06              Milwaukee                   WI           Pabst Theater            
6/07              Woodstock                   IL            Woodstock Opera House

RELEASES “SONGS FROM THE ROAD” on FEBRUARY 4th and immediately charts at #11 on the
Billboard Blues Chart
Joanne is the is the British blues guitarist and singer, who was discovered by Dave Stewart
of the Eurythmics at the age of 16 and has gone on to release top 10 Billboard Blues
albums as well as to win both Best Female Vocalist and Songwriter of the Year for her track
"Same As It Never Was" from her album, “Diamonds in the Dirt.”

Joanne also has a recent studio album, “Almost Always Never” and others available from
RUF Records.
She’s touring Internationally and can be seen in the US:

Date              City                          ST            Venue
4/04/14         Jacksonville                FL            Springing The Blues
4/20/14         Byron Bay                  AU           Bluesfest w/ KT Tunstall
4/21/14         Byron Bay                  AU           Bluesfest w/Joss Stone
7/11/14         Milton Keynes             UK           The Stables                              

Watch Joanne Shaw Taylor perform "Jealousy" Live at The Borderline London

Their Songs From The Road Double CD/DVD Is Released In The US
On February 11 & Hits Charts At #15

The Royal Southern Brotherhood -- Devon Allman, Cyril Neville, Mike Zito, Charlie Wooton and Yonrico Scott -- went back to school on February 7, 2014 to join kids from the High Plains Elementary School in Engelwood, CO in building cigar box guitars which will be sold at an event to benefit the Blue Star Connection Organization. donates instruments to medically fragile kids/teens/young adults and donates musical gear to Children’s Hospital Music Therapy Departments all over the U.S. The Royal Southern Brotherhood was in town to play local Colorado dates as part of their continuing US tour.

The Royal Southern Brotherhood release "Songs From The Road," a double LIVE CD/DVD on RUF Records on February 11th and charted on the Blues chart at #15.  The collection is a perfect set for anyone who has not yet seen the supergroup or who wants to be reminded of the great experience of the live show until the band returns to their town.

Thanks to John Catt and Blue Star Connection for making it possible to hang with the kids at school and to raise money for the kids who need it.

The band members are pictured below building the guitars with the students.

On The Road Again…
Date              City                          ST            Venue
2/14/14          Dallas                        TX            The Gas Monkey
2/15/14          New Braunfels            TX            Brauntex Theatre
3/07/14          Millville                      NJ            Levoy Theatre
3/08/14          Ardmore                    PA            Ardmore Music Hall
3/11/14          Annapolis                  MD           Ram’s Head On Stage
3/12/14          Collinsville                 CT           Bridge Street Live
3/13/14          Fall River                   MA          Narrows Center for The Arts
3/14/14          Old Saybrook             CT           The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center
3/15/14          Natick                        MA          The Center for Arts in Natick
3/16/14          Londonderry               NH          Tupelo Music Hall
3/19/14          Washington                DC          The Hamilton
3/20/14          Bayshore                    NY          Boulton Center for the Performing Arts
3/21/14          New York                    NY          BB King’s
3/22/14          Hackettstown              NJ          Sitnik Theater Centenary (College) Blues Bash and



Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornado is one of Denmark’s hardest working and most sought
after bands.  It has played as many as a hundred live gigs a year for the past ten years, has
become one of the country’s hottest musical exports, and has released seven albums.  On
May13th,  Thorbjorn Risager & The Black Tornados release their eighth album, “Too Many Roads”
on RUF Records in the US.

ALBERT CASTIGLIA (pronounced ka-steel-ya)

Albert’s much anticipated “Solid Ground” on RUF Records will be available on April 8th in the US.  He continues to tour actively, sharing the sounds that made his 2012 release “Living The Dream” #12 on the Top Blues Albums Chart of 2012 from Roots Music Report.
See Albert LIVE:

Date           City           ST            Venue






Ft Lauderdale/




Riverwalk Blues & Music Fest






Pompano Beach




Rips Sports Bar






Winter Garden




City of Winter Garden Blues & BBQ Festival






Ft Lauderdale










Ft Lauderdale




Maxwell Room @ the Downtowner-CD Release Party










Aces Live










Little Bar





Lake Worth




Bamboo Room






St Petersburg




Ale & Witch






Ft Myers




Buckingham Blues Bar






White Springs




Florida Folk Festival






White Springs




Florida Folk Festival






Key West




Green Parrot






Key West




Green Parrot






Key West




Green Parrot






Saint Georges




Saint Georges Blues Festival






Colonial Beach




Colonial Beach Blues Festival






SAMANTHA FISH - You've Got To See The Girl Behind That Voice & Guitar!
Voted Best New Artist Debut By Blues Music Awards

The Blues Music Award (BMA) winner for “Best New Artist Debut” in 2012, Samantha is on the road supporting her sophomore release for RUF, “Black Wind Howlin’.”  Her songwriting and performance, both vocally and on guitar and other instruments show her varied influences from her local Kansas City blues club, Knuckleheads Saloon, to the sounds of visiting modern blues guitar masters like Mike Zito and Tab Benoit, going back to ’80s heroes like Stevie Ray Vaughan and following the lineage to the pre-war Delta masters. “I fell in love with it,” she told Premier Guitar of her growing passion for the form, “and started doing my homework by listening to the old guys like Son House and Skip James.”
With those influences as her template, Samantha incorporated the sounds of the classic rock of The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty, alongside contemporary artists like Sheryl Crow and The Black Crowes, in putting together a sound that would become her own.
See Sam play:

Dana starred in the Sony Pictures hit movie/musical and was a featured recording artist on the platinum selling soundtrack for "Across The Universe"

Dana portrayed Janis Joplin in the off-Broadway smash hit, "Love, Janis."
She wrote and performed music for the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed, Maggie Gyllenhaal movie "Sherrybaby “ and starred in and performed music on the soundtrack for the Method Man movie "The Mortician."
Dana has been successfully touring the world for the past several years in support of her highly acclaimed albums "Love To Beg" and "Bliss Avenue,” available on RUF Records.
See Dana Live:
Date              City                          ST            Venue
3/01/14         Shirley                      MA            The Bull Run Restaurant
3/07/14         Annapolis                  MD            Ram's Head On Stage
3/08/14         Wyomissing              PA             Building 24 Live
3/14/14         New York                  NY             Highline Ballroom
5/13/14         Philadelphia              PA              World CafĂ© Live



The name may sound familiar but the music is all his own – Devon Allman is a solo artist for RUF
Records with his acclaimed “Turquoise” which he recorded with his band, The Honeytribe in
addition to his work with the lauded Royal Southern Brotherhood which combines the bloodlines of
the Allman Brothers and the Neville Brothers to create a sound all its own.  Follow Devon on social
media where he has become quite a frontman as well.


Mike Zito, the distinguished guitarist, released the Billboard top 10 Blues album “Gone To Texas”
For RUF Records and tours with his solo band in between gigs with The Royal Southern
Brotherhood in which he plays with Devon Allman, Cyril Neville, Yonrico Scott and Charlie Wooton.

For more information on all of Mike’s projects, visit his website.


The youngest of the famed Neville Brothers, Cyril records as a soulful solo artist for RUF
Records, offering up the recent “Magic Honey” as well as performs as a key member of the
Supergroup, The Royal Southern Brotherhood.  Cyril was recently honored with a Lifetime
Achievement Award from Offbeat Magazine for his contributions to music and society.