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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sean Pinchin - Rust Bucket - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Rust Bucket, from Sean Pinchin. I am new to Sean's work and find it very well composed and heartfelt. Opening with Broke Down Automobile, Pinchin blends modern pop music with blues and country much like John Mayer or Ben Harper (yes... I know there is a broad space between the two). A fast paced track with slide rhythm and well blended backing vocals by Emma-Lee make this an easy one to hit the airwaves. Boo Hoo is another blues style track but with a lot of pop. This is quite an interesting track musically and again has possibilities to a broad audience. High Heeled Shoes has a solid country blues rhythm guitar part and structure but the vocals are so light and bouncy that the track comes across again with a strong blend toward pop. Very nice work. Wanna Stay In Bed is the bluesiest track on the release with really nicely picked blues guitar and harp by Steve Strongman. Strongman and Pinchin play cool tandem guitars for a really nice bridge. Gotta Move is a blues rocker with more prominent drums by Adam Warner. Again backing vocals from Emma-Lee add to this a very radio worthy track. Particularly nice slide work by Pinchin also adds a nice warmth to this track. Coming Home is a slow bluesy ballad which nicely showcases Pinchins voice and writing skills. Very strong. Dirt Poor is another pop/country track with a light feel. Light brushing slide work and vocal accompaniment blends this track nicely into the release. This is a very cohesive package showing multiple facets of this creative artist but not departing far from a central core of his basic music. Complete Fool is the rockiest track on the release with cool slide work but again not breaking outside of what you might expect from a solid singer/songwriter who also happens to play slide pretty well. Confession Blues is very strong melodically and possibly my favorite composition on the release. The writing is clear and clean with nice symmetry and feeling. The release is completed by Can't Stop Falling In Love, a quiet ballad (think Kenny Rankin) with nice guitar harmonics and punctuation. This release is definitely a spot on target bullseye for listeners who are melodic vocals oriented. The guitar work is well done and very smart. Excellent job!

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Guitarist / Songwriter Sean Pinchin Releases Rust Bucket

Guitarist / Songwriter Sean Pinchin Releases Rust Bucket
November 12, 2013 

Watching Toronto-based guitarist Sean Pinchin perform live, it's hard to see the separation between the man and his instrument. Each slide and bent note is delivered with a shocking balance of passion, intimacy and also bewilderment.
Where does Sean begin and his guitar end?
His new album Rust Bucket illustrates the evolution of his music from rocker to folk/roots singer to bonafide major player in the blues scene - marking the start of what will surely be a long and exciting career.
Juno winning producer Rob Szabo gives Rust Bucket a ton of mileage and revisits Sean’s electric days informed by the influences of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Lang and Chris Whitley. "Sean is an extraordinary talent, a total natural with a dirty feel when he plays that you can't fake. We recorded most of the album live off the floor in 2 sessions with Sean playing slide guitar and singing live with the band. Very few players can pull that off. Sean is the real deal." says Szabo.
Firmly planted in the blues, the title of the album captures Sean’s musical and personal journey. He says, “Rust Bucket is a reference to my body, mind and guitar. They are all strong but weathered from years of abuse and accomplishments. Music has saved my life again and again.”
The album is supported by a cast of some of Toronto's finest musicians including Adam Warner on drums (Jill Barber, Royal Wood), Mark McIntyre on bass (Danny Michel, Dean Brody), and Toronto singer/songwriter Emma-Lee provides backing vocals.
Thematically Sean delivers stories of personal struggle and triumph after living with depression for many years. Realizing that his grief could be put to constructive use he began writing about everything that caused him pain, fear and heartache. The result is a stunning collection of songs ranging from barn burners like “Broke Down Automobile” and “Boo Hoo” to moody, evocative pieces like “Comin’ Home” and “Can't Stop Falling In Love”.
The confidence heard in his voice and songs on Rust Bucket are not without a history of hard work – averaging 150 shows per year, Sean has worked tirelessly at promoting himself and gaining fans at a grassroots level. Despite its name, Rust Bucket is a gleaming gem ready for the road and destined to bring Sean Pinchin into the spotlight.
Track List:
1.    Broke Down Automobile
2.    Boo Hoo
3.    High Heel Shoes
4.    Wanna Stay in Bed  
5.    Gotta Move
6.    Comin’ Home
7.    Dirt Poor Blues
8.    Complete Fool
9.    Confession Blues
10. Can’t Stop Falling In Love
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