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Showing posts with label Road Worn And Ragged. Show all posts

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Swingsuit Records artist: Jeff Jensen - Road Worn And Ragged - New Release Review

I just received the new release, Road Worn and Ragged from Jeff Jensen. Assembling a strong cast of supporting players Jensen hits it hard right out of the chute with Brunette Woman, a blues rocker with hot harp from Brandon Santini and rippin' guitar riffs from Jensen. Tom Waits' Heart Attack and Vine has a Cab Calloway style with a mostly spoken lead vocal and a slinky rhythm. Again solid guitar work gives the track a special something but laying the table open for some slick organ work from Chris Stephenson. Possibly my favorite track on the release, Pepper is a fast swing number with a bright and lively guitar lead. Les would be proud... a d*** fine track! Classic blues/jazz track, Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You gets a really strong blues infused jazz treatment and with a slow pace is instrumentally super. Jensen playing Montgomery style licks really shows polish. Morganfield's Crosseyed Cat has an interesting pace with James Cunningham playing almost military style drum riffs. Santini does an exemplary job on harp on this track and Jensen isn't far behind with riffs which have been bubbling over for a while just waiting to get out. Another Jensen (and Victor Wainwright) original, Raggedy Andy, has a moderate swing pace and lends itself to a real nice piano break from Wainwright as well as a few nice riffs from Jensen. Wrapping up the release is R&B style track, Thankful, penned by Jensen. Bill Ruffino establishes a solid groove on bass and Cunningham dress the track out with cool drums. It's on this track that I appreciate Jensen's voice the most with his free flowing vocal style having just a slight similarity to one of my contemporary favorites, Macy Gray. This a a cool release with some interesting tracks, hot guitar riffs and plenty of solid instrumental work. It will be available August 6, 2013.

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