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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Shining Stone Records: Nuno Mindelis Featuring the Duke Robillard Band - Angels & Clowns - New Release Review

I just received a copy of the newest release from Nuno Mindelis, Angels & Clowns featuring the Duke Robillard Band and Sunny Crownover. Opening with It's All About Love, a blues laced pop track, Mindelis is nicely complimented vocally by Sunny Crownover. With simple blues riffs and a nice hook and melody, this is a track that could easily hit the airwaves hard. It's Only A Dream is a straight up rocker along the lines of a Glenn Frey track with a twist of Dire Straits. The title track, Angels & Clowns actually has the melodic sound of a Jimi Hendrix composition but as executed by Steve Winwood. Very interesting. Miss Louise has an easy going bluesy sound with a clever key solo and a well executed guitar solo as well. Hellhound has a funky jazz rhythm and some pretty strong guitar riffs laid down on a cleanly executed bed of drums (Mark Teixeira), keys (Bruce Bears) and bass(Brad Hallen). 27th Day is one of my favorite tracks having an unusual melody and instrumentation compliment. Mindelis plays clean melodic guitar runs to compliment  a really nice song. Perfect Blues has a familiar sound with riffs almost like Stevie Ray Vaughn turned inside out. Bears and Hallen really come on this track driving Mindelis into some really nice space. Instrumental Tom Plaisir features a really cool guitar lead melody. With only the simplistic of carrier notes from the band, Mindelis plays a really sweet track. On Blues In My Cabin, a standard 12 bar number, Mindelis sounds quite a bit like Clapton with smooth vocals and ringing guitar riffs. Happy Guy has a full on R&B style with a laid back JJ Cale feel. Country style picking is featured on this track showing the versatility of Mindelis' playing. Wrapping the release is instrumental jam Jazz Breakfast at Lakewest. it's a short break but demonstrates how tight thise guys can be when they want. Very cool.

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Dizzy Slow Blues - Nuno Mindelis

Born in Cabinda (Angola) Eastern Africa on Aug. 7, 1957, Nuno Mindelis became a guitar enthusiast at the very young age of 5. By the age of 9 he began building and playing self-made guitars.

A primary influence at that time was Otis Redding and his great rhythm section, Booker T. & The MG's, made up of Booker T., Steve Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn, and Al Jackson. Nuno continues to enjoy the work of these musicians to this day.

Because of a civil war, which made Nuno lose everything he had, he had to run out of his country at the age of seventeen. He joined an older cousin in Canada.

He remained there for about a year, jamming where possible and increasing his guitar knowledge. In 1976, following a year of separation from his family, he decided to rejoin them in their newfound home of Brazil.

Nothing eventful happened until 1990, when an independent recording he had made there began to receive airplay on local radio stations. In 1991 he was invited to record his debut solo album, "Blues & Derivados", which received very positive reviews in Brazilian media.

In 1991 he recorded his second solo album, "Long Distance Blues" for "Movieplay Records" . In this album Nuno was joined by Larry McCray, guitarist from Gary Moore's band, and French harp player J.J. Milteau, considered as the best Harp Player in France and one of the most important in Europe. The album received rave reviews from Brazilian media. As part of his promotional tour for the album, Nuno was fortunate to gain a spot in a blues festival in Sao Paulo featuring Robert Cray, Otis Clay, Ronnie Earl, Lonnie Brooks, and Bo Diddley.

1994 saw Nuno's first known recognition by a major American music magazine. "Guitar Player Magazine" profiled Nuno in an issue. In the article, Jas Obrecht (the editor at the time) compared Nuno to Jimmy Page. ("think Jimmy Page I can't quit you baby") Further recognition came in their May, 1998 issue, as Nuno was selected as "Best Blues Guitarist" in the 30th Anniversary Guitar Player Magazine Competition

In 1995 Nuno was invited to play at Antone's 20th Anniversary in Austin, Texas, opening for Guy Forsite, Junior Wells, and others. Clarence Gatemouth Brown and Storyville also performed at this event. The headlines of the Austin Blues newspaper warned of Nuno's forthcoming visit as "The South American Beast is coming!".

Later that year Nuno would record his album "Texas Bound", featuring newly made friends Tommy Shannon & Chris Layton, Stevie Ray Vaughan's rhythm section supreme, "Double Trouble".With this album Nuno gained audiences in the entire world, from Brasil to the US and Europe and had all his records licensed for the old continent by Taxim Records/Germany from then on. Texas Bound came to be the 12nd top seller in Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg) sharing the shelfs with the world's biggest blues names ,BB King, Robert Cray , Buddy Guy.

In 1999 Nuno released "Blues On The Outside". Again, rave reviews from the media. This album was the Nuno's producer favorite (Eddie Stout , Antone's Records,who produced several albuns of Nunoi) and it's first track (The Grss is greener) was the top chart in all Internet blues radio stations according to Live 365 (24 hours radio monitoring) .A canadian promoter and record company executive heard the record and invited Nuno for the 25th edition of the Montreal International Jazz Festival in 2001 and did other presentations in Quebec , Ottawa . He was considered by the critic as the best blues guitar player of the festival and his presentation one of the best of the latest editions of the festival.

Nuno was once again invited in 2004 , after the release of his album Twelve Hours and again played Quebec and Ottawa and also the Montremblant Blues Festival, announced along with Keb Mo, Jimmy Vaughan and others.

The reviews on Twelve Hours were so many and so praising that we may just mention a reviewer’s question in one of them : "Is the new King of the blues a man based in Brazil?" (Andy Grieg,Realblues Magazine - Canada) .

In 2005 , Nuno did an album especially dedicated for Brazil. All the songs were sang in portuguese and Nuno officially showed his poetical skills for the first time, highlighting the songwriting and the fusion with other musical elements (rap,hip hop,even samba) rather than his usual guitar playing. The album received very good reviews from the main newspapers and magazines in Brazil and was considered one of year's best album by prominent critic Pedro Alexandre Sanches.

Nuno is considered by the media and fans of his native Brazil as the best blues guitarist to ever come out of their beautiful country. His records are well played on radio stations as well as Brazilian MTV. Fans of British guitar legend Eric Clapton identify with graffiti once spray-painted on a London wall; "Clapton is God". In Brazil the graffiti says "Mindelis - Brazil's Guitar God!".

In 2010, Nuno released Free Blues, an attempt to modernize the blues language, which receive rave reviews from important newspapers and magazines. Carol Borrington, Blues Matters Magazine-UK wrote: “In this Cd you will find some of the best blues guitaring around” .

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