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Friday, May 25, 2018

Hunter Records artist: J.T. Lauritsen & The Buckshot Hunters - Blue Eyed Soul Volume I - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Blue Eyed Soul Volume I, by J.T. Lauritsen & The Buckshot Hunters and it's very cool. Opening with R&B track, Anything I Can Do, J.T. shows just how smooth he can be on lead vocal backed by Ian Frederick Johannessen and Arnfinn Torrisen on rhythm guitar, Morten Nordskaug on bass, John Grimsby on drums, Paul Wagnburg on B3 Jens Petter Antonsen on trumpet and trombone and a nice guitar intro by Dave Fields. Stay With Me All The Time is a classic with a super melody and really nice balance. On Allen Toussaint's Nothing Takes The Place Of You, J.T. really shines with his soulful lead vocal with Borge-Are S. Halvorsen on sax, Deanna Bogart on backing vocals and nice solo guitar work by Mike Zito. Excellent! Funky blues number, You Got Me Down has a great bass line compliments Nordskaug and the clean cowbell work of Grimsby is not at all lost. Guitar solos by Johannessen and Torrisen give the track that stinging edge but this track is all J.T. and his vocal. Very nice. Wrapping the release is a Mike Zito ballad, Sweet On Me, with a country blues feel. Vocal blending between J.T. and Nordskaug are tight, the accordion work of J.T. is soothing and unexpected and the sweet sax work of Jimmy Carpenter closes this solid release.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Aunt Mary - New Dawn- New Release review

I just received the newest release (February 12, 2016), New Dawn, from Aunt Mary and it's bursting with energy. Opening with guns blazing on Slave Parade, Bjorn Kristiansen (guitars), Ketil Stensvik (drums), Bent O. Bodal (bass) and Henning Ramseth (keys) march ahead with the finesse of a 2 ton giant and Glenn Lyse has the mic for lead vocals. That's an opener. Unconditional Love has a much smoother and melodic Bryan Adams like feel with an eye toward radio play with a cool, funky bass lines. Hopelessly Lost takes a more straight ahead approach with it's blend of metal and Aerosmith with driving rhythms and slick guitar riffs. With a softer, ballad style, Happily Ever After, has an metal base with soaring guitar riffs, but with Roger Waters styling. Interesting mix. G Flat Ford is one of my favorite tracks with it's irregular rhythm and driving bass/drum combo juxtaposed against echoed vocals and synthesized guitars. Very cool! I Was Born To Ride On The Wrong Side takes a hard step toward metal but not abandoning it's rock feel so let's say Motorhead. Solid as a rock! Open Your Eyes is a quiet yet strong vocal ballad with clean acoustic riffs balanced on a ray of keyboards. Slowly building with layers, this track has oomph. Blind has a really nice swagger with particularly strong bass lead. Melodic vocals by Lyse, Bodal and Stensvik give the track it's radio edge. An extended yet understated guitar solo gives it a nice edge. Been There Done That has a cool blues rock feel with grinding bass riffs and the bluesiest guitar riffs on the release. It's poppy funk rhythm make it appealing across multiple genres. Soldadera has a minor feel and with it's broad orchestral feel makes it almost movie soundtrack like. Clean keyboard work by Ramseth and spanish guitar work by Kristiansen give it a very distinctive feel. Wrapping the release is Don't Keep Me Waiting, a bright rocker with light handed guitar riffs, snappy drumming and a driving bass line. Excellent closer.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Roller Records artist: Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings - The Voodoo Sessions - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, The Voodoo Sessions/Live at Down Under from Berdon Kirksaether & The Twang Bar Kings and it's got bite! Opening with Mama Roll Over, Berdon Kirksaether on guitar and vocal, sets a solid pace with swagger and sting. Joined by Erik Gabrielsen on guitar and vocal, Roy Hanssen on drums and vocals and Stein Tumert on bass and vocals, these guys mean business. Some Kind Of Voodoo, has a Bo Diddley beat and cool reverb guitar effects with nicely blended vocals. A solid tom tom beat by Hanssen sets the pace and nicely accented guitar tweaks reinforce the Voodoo effect. Very cool! Robin Trower's, Mad House, is a great rocker with definite Hendrix/Trower looseness and rip. Super! Wrapping the release is When The Moon Is On The Rise, is a cool understated rocker that builds as it goes. Obtuse guitar riffs and light/tight drumming carries this track. With traces of Led Zep and tons of guitar effect, this is a real cool closer for a super EP.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Screen Door Records artist: Magnus Berg - Cut Me Loose - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Cut Me Loose, from Magnus Berg and I really like it! Opening with title track, Cut Me Loose, Berg takes command on vocal and guitar showing a maturity beyond his age. Joined by Bjorn Tore "Daffy" Larsen on harp, Havard Sunde on drums and Roy Oscar Pettersen on bass. This is rock solid! On One Way To Please You, Berg slips into Chicago style and Daffy really hits the harp. Blues riffs with a twist of country, flash from the fretboard of Berg and these guys cook! Very nice! On Texas style loper, Drifting, Berg has commanding lead vocals and sets the rhythm riff and Daffy punctuates nicely on harp. Berg takes center stage again laying down a nice helping of Texas style blues rock guitar. Very cool! When You Leave Me is a understated blues in the style of SBW with well placed guitar tones and some of the best vocal work on the release. Berg plays some really nice slide work on this track with Kristian Koppang on keys making it one of my favorite tracks on the release. Laid back, Kansas City, gives you a shot of Berg and crew taking a leisurely ride in the blues. Smart guitar lead by Berg and nice key work from Koppang highlight the track. On Freddie King's San-Ho-Say, Berg really gets great tone from his tele and snappy surf rhythm from Ola Overby on drums give Daffy plenty of room to lay down some hot harp riffs as well. Kirsten Thien takes lead vocal on When It's Gone, a quiet ballad with slick slide work by Berg and additional acoustic guitar, accordion and bass from Erik Boyd. A great take on Willie Dixon's Hoochie Coochie Man is another of my favorite tracks on this release. A slinky blues number with really fat slide work and great tone, sets a particularly cool groove. Daffy and Koppang trade cool lead lines nicely complimenting Berg who really blows the doors off on this track. Excellent! On Boogie track, St. Pete Boogie, it's Pettersen and Sunde who make the groove. Berg has a special voice and it is perfect for this track. Daffy rides the groove with certainty and Berg steps up once again showing that he knows what to do on guitar. Smokin! Wrapping the release is One Too Many with it's great walking bass line. Berg opens with vocal and Daffy takes the first solo on harp. Berg steps up one last time with his tele and lets it do his talking. He has great feel and phrasing making this a super capper for a super release!  

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hunters Records artist: JT Lauritsen - Play By The Rules - New Release Review

I just received the newest release, Play By The Rules, by JT Lauritsen. Opening with William Bell's Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday, Lauritsen lays down an extremely soulful track with essential keys by Paul Wagnberg; clean guitar soloing by Arnfinn Torrisen and Ian Fredrick Johannessen and super gospel like vocal backing from Atle Rakvag, Sven Zetterberg, Larry McCray and Kerry Clarke. Really strong. up next is original track Next Time, a New Orleans style track with jammin rhythm by Jon Grimsby on drums and Victor Wainwright on piano. Josh Roberts plays a cool guitar riff on this track and the vocal backing crew is again spot on. On Play By The Rules vocal duets between Lauritsen and Teresa James and Debbie Jamison are really nice but you also can't miss sizzling slide guitar work by Josh Roberts throughout. Nice job! On Big Walter's Need My Babe, Billy Gibson steps up on harp and pushes Lautitsen who sings lead and also plays harp into a really super Chicago style blues. Paul Wagnberg contributes a cool Hammond solo on this track and Wainwright's work on piano can never be understated. Greg Gumpel plays a swingin guitar solo as well. On Wainwright penned track, Memphis Boogie, Wainwright takes the lead and lays down a terrific piano boogie line which is added nicely to by Lauritsen on accordion and Roberts on guitar. Jon Grimsby keeps it all tight on drums joined by Leo Goff on bass. (This ones for you stilladog) Smokin! Really nice soul track I'll Never Get Over You written by band member Atle Rakvag and Knut Eide has a strong sound of Philly. Lauritsen shows his strength as a lead singer on a soul track and again the backing vocals are key. Torrisen and Johannessen on guitar and Wagnberg each take short expressive riffs and the bass player (Rakvag) wrote in smart lines for himself as well. Well done. Another Louisiana influenced track, Ever Since The World Began, has a really nice bottom by Grimsby and Rakvag drives the bass really nicely. Vocal harmony on this track as elsewhere on the release is really super. Stinging guitar work from Torrisen and Johannessen really spice up the track. Another original track, Find My little Girl has a bit of an early rock/blues beat (Big Boss Man). Super swinger Anson Funderburgh steps up for a classic guitar on this track. Eye Candy is a rock bottom driven track again written by Rakvag and Eide. This is a classic early blues rock style track and I really like it (even has cow bell!). This track is a bit different from the rest of the release but it's a mover and possibly one of my favorites on the release... and that's good. On Bo Carlsson's classic The Blues Got Me, Lauritsen opens with cool harp work and a great blues lope. This is a great closing track and although not noted great piano work. Gumpel plays some really authentic guitar riffs and Lauritsen delivers a great closer. This is a really super release with a taste of different styles cohesively blended together for a thoroughly enjoyable album.  

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pristine - No Regret - New Release Review

I've just received the newest release, No Regret, from international sensation Pristine. In case you missed my earlier coverage of this Norwegian band, these guys have pulled from many influences but have a really cool fresh sound. Opening with Carry Your Own Weight, lead singer/songwriter Heidi Solheim bursts up with powerful vocals to rival Grace Slick and the band really drives! With a power blues rock sound, Espen Elverum Jakobsen on guitar and Anders Oskal on organ really fill the sphere of sound. She Won maintains the dominant strong vocal sound with wah guitar effects and searing guitar leads. With the intensity of an original San Francisco band, Pristine steamrolls through this cool track. Tell Me is a rocker with strong blues influences. Asmund Wilter Kildal Eriksson on bass and Kim Karlsen on drums support this track which is likely to be a hot airwaves track with super guitar work and vocal hook. The Occasional Wife is a sweet R&B style blues ballad. This track sets itself up nicely for Solheim really gets the chance to demonstrate the warmth of her voice and the strength of her writing. Jakobsen is given the opportunity to play some particularly tasty guitar riffs perfectly complimenting the track. Excellent! One Good Reason has a strong Hendrix like vibe but with a modern rhythmic twist allowing Solheim the freedom to sing over one of the strongest euro blues rock bands in years. No Regret, the title track, sounds like an interesting mutation of Renaissance and Led Zeppelin, and interesting turn that I wasn't expecting. Featuring an onslaught of guitar mayhem, I really like it. Pistols and Petticoats is an honest blend of funk, blues and rock. This is another really cool track that is certain to get your attention. Jakobsen rips some really soaring guitar sounds and Eriksson and Karlsen lay down a really hot beat. One Good Reason is a stripped down blues track with acoustic guitar and dobro work from Norwegian guitar hero Bjorn Berge. Completing the release is Beyond Retreat highlighting the purity of Solheim's vocals. The track has a lot of the spaciousness of Led Zeps No Quarter. This is a really interesting release with music that is different than I'm hearing anywhere else. Check it out!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Just Can`t Get It - Little Andrew

In 1996, Andreas Stamnes entered the Norwegian blues scene through the legendary Norwegian blues pub Muddys Pub in Spydeberg. Despite his young age of only 16, Andreas quickly made a name for himself as a talented singer and guitarist. During the winter of 1999 he was invited to tour all over Florida with the famous blues master David C. York, better known as Rock Bottom. Andreas returned to Norway seething with inspiration and energy, and formed a group of his own: Little Andrew & The Blue Masters. They won the Union Blues Cup in 2000 and toured all over Norway throughout the millenium. Some highlights included Notodden Blues Festival, Åmål Blues Festival, Drøbak Blues Festival, Oslo Jazz Festival and many others. The rest, as they say, is history. To back him, Little Andrew has picked among the best musicians from the Norwegian blues scene. Pål M. Dahlø on bass, Robert Skoglund on the drums and a pianoplayer as the fourth instrument. Little Andrew is known as “The uncrowned king of rock n´ blues in Norway”, he and his band are yet again ready to rumble the road. In summer 2007, Little Andrew released his debut album “Rock Back To Bottom” which was well received both in Norway and in the US. In 2010 he released ”Loadstone”, It was nominated best blues album of the year at “Spellemannsprisen” (Norwegian Grammy Awards 2010). 2012 came along and he released his last album “Bloodrush”. It is what the name tells you, a bloodrush! Little Andrew is a mix of the best from American music with both feets in the hearth of blues and he`s back on the road so there´s no reason to stay home “Take my advice and check out my friend Little Andrew, and you too will pleasantly surprised!” - Kid Ramos  

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Double Trouble - Mr.Bluesman & The Hammond Grooves

Bluesman & The Hammond Grooves is a bluesband from Askim, Norway. We are special happy to play gigs for a small amount people at pub as well as many people at big festivals The band was established in 2001 in Fredrikstad and in 2003 the band played as a warming act for master guitarplayer Knut Reiersrud at the Kraftfestival in Askim Norway. After this, the band went in the studio at Høgda Soundstudio in Moss and NRK Studio in Fredrikstad and recorded own stuff and a version of Robert Johnssons Crossroads. The Crossroads song was put out on and went on to the 1 place on their blueslist, voted by fellow musicplayers. The band was put to a rest in 2004. In the summer of 2008 Stig-Ole Skaldebø (Guitar and Vocal ) and Fritz Hunstad, Master Hammond player , met each other at a cafè in down town Askim, and decided to start up the band again. They had annoncement on net and in the local newspaper because they wanted new blood in the rythmesection. Thru this activity they found drummer Luke Holton from Australia, and Stig Adolfsen from Norway on Bass. Mr. Bluesman & The Hammond Grooves played their first concert with the new band at Askim Kulturhus, Askim, Norway on 24.01.2009 for full house. The band booked many concerts for the spring 2009, and we played at places as Rudolf Pub ( well know bluesclub in Oslo) and Buckleys (No 1 Bluesclub in Oslo). We also played a one hour live concert at NRK, Oestfold direct on the air and was exposed on the TV news both in Oestfold and the whole Norway on NRK TV channel 1.We had our second concert in Askim Kulturhus, Askim, before christmas 2009. Spring 2010 we had to change some of the players in the band because of sickness and other plans. New Drummer is Rune Bryn and Bassplayer Jimmy Jesultito Nielsen. Our playinglist consist of song from Albert Collins, Robert Johnsson, Otish Rush, Dizzie Gillispie, Jmmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton and our self a.o. Since the band consist of both jazzplayers and bluesplayers the battle against jazz and blues are always there. Much of playing is bare improvisation, and we do not play the songs as they are on records, or the same way every night. We take care of the soul of the blues, and see to so it comes from our hearts..
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Lipstick, Power & Paint - Billy T Band

William Troiani, Bill or Billy among friends, was born in New York City, NY in 1949. He started playing the bass when he was 11, and was quickly turned on to RnB and Blues. By the time he reached his twenties, he was playing music full time. While still situated on the American east coast he toured and/or recorded with such diverse artists as Eddie Kirkland and Tom Russell..... Since moving to Norway, just over a decade ago, Bill Troiani has established himself as one of Scandinavia's premier bassplayers for RnB, Blues and Roots Music. He has played with virtually the entire Norwegian music elite, and has been a permanent member of both Amund Maarud's and Vidar Busk's touring bands. In '99, Bill Troiani founded the Muddy Waters Blues Club's houseband together with Kid Andersen, Charlie Musselwhite's current guitarist. He led the houseband until the fall of '06. Backing international artists like Nappy Brown, Homesick James, Lazy Lester, Marva Wright and Bill Sims Jr. to name a few..... Today Bill Troiani plays regularly with young RnB and Blues talent Joakim Tinderholt in addition to his own Billy T Band. The Billy T Bands 2nd album "L.O.V.E. (just a silly notion)" was released January 25th 2010. It's a great follow up to the first release "A little mixed up" from 2007 , and it has already gotten a lot of positive response. See the blog for rave reviews! If you support live Blues acts, up and coming Blues talents and want to learn more about Blues news and Fathers of the Blues, ”LIKE” ---Bman’s Blues Report--- Facebook Page! I’m looking for great talent and trying to grow the audience for your favorite band!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Red House - JARLE AABØ

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Since I've been Loving You - John Norum

John Terry Norum (born February 23, 1964 in Vardø, Norway) is a rock music guitarist and founder of the Swedish rock band Europe. Concurrent to his role with Europe, he also maintains a side solo project.
During his career in music, Norum has also played with Eddie Meduza & The Roaring Cadillacs, Dokken, Don Dokken's solo band, as well as side collaborations with other artists including Glenn Hughes.
While living for a few years in the United States, he met and married Michelle Meldrum in 2005, founder and lead guitarist of the all female hard rock band Phantom Blue and the Swedish metal band Meldrum. The couple had one son, Jake Thomas, born on September 22, 2004. Michelle died on May 21, 2008, due to a cystic growth in her brain. On April 16, 2012 he had a son from his Swedish fiancée Camilla Wåhlander.

John Norum is the older brother of singer Tone Norum.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Krissy Matthews

Half English/Norwegian Krissy Matthews was born 25th May 1992, and now at the rare age of 17, has already managed to do a lot of things a normal young teenager wouldn’t.

Krissy’s father, Keith Matthews first got him up on stage at the age of three, but Krissy got his first electric guitar at the age of eight, and from then on it was an upwards spiral. It all started in August 2004, when Krissy sat in with John Mayall and the BluesBreakers in the Notodden Blues Festival, Norway. He played two nights running, and from that, Krissy had national radio and press interviews and sat in with several top Norwegian acts.

Krissy went back in October 2004, where he appeared on “God Morgen Norge”, Norway’s national breakfast TV, did a radio session with Knut Reiersrud for “BluesAsylet” on NRK P2, and performed live on stage with Larry Burton (Albert Collins, John Lee Hooker, Albert King) in the club “Muddy Waters”, centre of Oslo.

When Krissy got back to the UK, he started his first band Krissy’s Blues Boys. This was a four piece, with the extra guitar added by Keith Matthews. The band did several pub gigs to get the name around, with the odd festival, and an appearance by Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake) sitting in at one of them. Krissy continued to build his name up locally.

Then about a year later, Keith Matthews went onto bass, forming a 3 piece power blues trio, and this was the line up to stay. The band used different drummers, but in July 2005, went onto record their first CD “Influences” in Timeless Studios with Mark Freeman on Drums and Keith Matthews on Bass.

This was to be sold just at gigs, but then in February 2006, Krissy signed to Via Music in Norway, and the CD was released in Scandinavia. April 2006, Krissy went over to Norway for a press weekend to promote the CD. This included “God Morgen Norge” again and several radio and newspaper interviews such as “Dagbladet”, “Vaart Land” and “Aftenposten”.

Since then, the band have developed, had reviews in several magazines and newspapers, including a 7 page feature of Krissy and the band in the British national magazine “Blues Matters. February 2007, they went off to Norway to record the second CD “No Age Limit”, in Juke Joint Studios, Notodden.

This was followed up by their first trip to France in March the same year, where they performed the Blues Autour Du Zinc festival” and received great responses.

2 months later, Krissy was invited up by Jeff Healey to perform live on stage with him, which sadly turned out to be his last ever two songs performed live in the U.K.

The CD was released in August 2007, and to celebrate that, the band did a 15 date tour of Scandinavia, which included playing Rockefeller, Oslo supporting Walter Trout, and going off for two nights in the Mojo Blues Bar, Copenhagen. That same year, the band also went of to Europe in October, to celebrate the release. This included 3 shows supporting Robben Ford, as well as 4 club dates in and around Belgium and Holland, with a support slot for Walter Trout in the U.K, where Krissy got up and jammed with him.

April 2008, the band went off for their second tour of Europe, where they performed 15 shows in 15 days.

Since then the band did a week’s tour of Norway in May and September 2008 and a 20 date tour of Europe in October/November, as well as numerous gigs across the UK, performing festivals and receiving great reviews.

The next CD “Allen in Reverse” was recorded in January 2009, and was released in September 2009. It is receiving good reviews across Europe, and plenty of plays in Europe.

July 2009, Krissy got a phone call from Marshall Amplification to come and perform for the Marshall Class 5 Launch Party at Ronnie Scotts supporting Joe Bonamassa. Of course the band did the gig, and from that went onto recording for Paul Jones, and also had one of his songs on the Classic Rock Blues Compilation CD, and Total Guitar featuring him in the “Bands to watch out for” section.

November 20th, the band went to record a session for BBC Radio 2 Paul Jones at BBC Maida Vale, which was aired February 2010, just before a string of UK shows.

2010 proved to be another busy year for the band. Miikey Dean Smith joined the band on the drum stool, just before the festival season started, giving the band an extra dimension, and Krissy had his first 15 date tour of Poland on his own with a polish band, as well as several other fantastic gigs in Europe. The year ended with the recording of the 4th studio CD to date “Hit the Rock” which will be released late April 2011.

2011 is shaping up to be a busy year with over 50 gigs across Europe from March – June. Krissy is definitely worth going to watch, and is building up a name as one of the brightest blues rock players coming up in Europe.

The band have performed in over 12 different countries including England, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Germany, France and Switzerland, and Portugal where they played the Festi Avante. Krissy performed to 15,000 people alongside Brazilian blues player Nuno Mindelis there. They got such a good reception, they got asked to come back the following year where they were upgraded as the main stage opening act.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Vidar Busk was born 19 May-1970 and is considered today as the best guitarist in Norway. He grew up in Langesund but moved to the United States at 15 to play blues with the American band Rock Bottom. They toured the USA many years before Vidar moved back to Norway.
In 1996 started he started his own band, Vidar Busk and his True Believers. The the critically acclaimed song "Stompin' Our Feet with joy" in 1997. Since Baby's Happy the 2 new records before the band was placed on ice in 2000. Vidar selected a new musical profile 'Venus Texas", "Starfish" and "Laws Buzz". Vidar Busk has played in most of the major festivals in Norway, Skandinavia and Europe. He is host on radio, TV ,Magazines and is a very prolific artist.
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Key To The Highway - Jolly Jumper and Big Moe

Jolly Jumper ( Kjell Inge Brovoll)

Jolly Jumper, born 1965, has played the harp for many years, and you can hear Little Walter, Sonny Boy and James Cotton influence his way of blowing. He also a skilled blues singer with a strong voice plays the guitar in a very Blind Boy Fuller way.

Big Moe ( Jan Erik Moe )

Big Moe, born 1950, has played the blues guitar since the mid-60`s, at that time influenced by Buddy Guy and Freddy King. He then started playing acoustic guitar, and you can hear a lot of Lightning Hopkins, Mississippi John Hurt and John Jackson in his style. Moe also plays the mandolin and the slide steel guitar and his singing sounds like Tom Waits on a happy day.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

BluesNews Records artist: Pristine -New Release - Detoxing - Review

I just received a copy of the new recording by Pristine called Detoxing. Pristine is a Norwegian band led by vocalist Heidi Solheim. The recording opens with a very cool unusual jazzy blues tune called Damned If I Do. It hints back to the exploration into progressive or psychedelic rock and with heavy blues overtones. It is loaded with plenty of blues lead soloing backed by Hammond and rhythm. I think that it is a very strong track. You Don't Know, a funk infused song follows the intro and again has a terrific guitar interlude that gets my gears moving. Breaking Bad is a up tempo texas style blues and delivers the good with jazz overtones. Interesting touch. Whipping Post, yes the Allman Brothers Whipping Post slips in there. Pristine puts their own twist on it in a more stripped down version. The Countdown, a more straight forward rock style tune gives the band another shade of blue. Damage Is Done is a light funk track which mostly features Solheim's vocals. The Last Day is a subtle blues song that starts off quiet but builds to a full out grabber. Guitar work again is worth the price of admission as Espen Elverum Jakobsen takes his guitar by the neck and shows it who's boss. One of Norways top singer/songwriters and performers, Knut Reiersrud is featured on both this track as well as the last track, The Blind. Detoxing really puts me a lot in mind of the early San Francisco sound and the real psychedelic experimentation. Quite Interesting. The recording closes with The Blind which is a contemporary blues rock song. Vocals and instrumentals remain strong throughout.

If you want something different... check this out. I like it and it won't be in my giveaway bin!
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Aquavit Boogie - Kid Andersen

Born and raised in Norway, Chris "Kid" Andersen moved to California to pursue a career in the blues in 2001 at the age of 21. He quickly became a staple of the thriving West Coast Blues scene, just as he had been a vital part of the Scandinavian Blues scene for years already.

He currently plays in the touring band of harmonica legend Charlie Musselwhite and also tours with sax great Terry Hanck and harp ace RJ Mischo as well as the up and coming harpist and vocalist extraordinaire John Nemeth.

With all this sideman work, you'd think the Kid would never have time to do his own thing, but you would be wrong! With the 2003 release of his solo debut "Rock Awhile", Kid Andersen established himself firmly as an artist in his own right. He received world wide praise for his guitar chops as well as his soulful voice. He blends a multitude of different influences from all fields of music into a singular, unmistakable style that is all blues, but more importantly, all Chris Andersen.

His guitar playing has been compared to the very best from the West coast as well as having strong echoes of string benders BB King, Otis Rush and early Peter Green. He plays with great fluency and feel and remains completely unpredictable at all times. His wild, racing intensity have had him likened to Buddy Guy and his intense vibrato is something that simply must be heard. His heartfelt vocals have been described as a cross between Peter Green and Otis Rush, yet both his guitar and singing voices remain all the way his own. "Rock Awhile" is a tour de force of different blues styles, all linked and blended together by this young man's eschewed mind.

Chris "Kid" Andersen first caught a break in the music field when he joined the first house band at the famous blues club "Muddy Waters" in Oslo, where he first got the chance to back up a string of American Blues Greats. This is where he met Terry Hanck, who brought him stateside to Santa Cruz California. Since then, the Kid has toured all over the US and Canada as well as Scandinavia, Mexico and even Russia!

Andersen wouldn't be caught dead with anything but a top notch band, because the players he uses have to really stay on their toes to keep up with this wild man crazy antics. In his live shows Kid Andersen can go from a New Orleans Rocker into a low down Chicago blues in the blink of an eye. He can throw the audience a curveball in the form of a psychedelic surf workout and the in the next second he'll bring it home with a smooth West Coast shuffle, and yet he manages to tie it all in together and keep it all swinging at all times.
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Since I Found You - Amund Maarud

Amund Maarud (born 04.07.81 ) has dealt with traktor and guitar from he was 6 years old.
After an interregnum with the Grand has he has now returned to the roots "and to reinspikka blues!
Amunds projects will consist of bluesbasert music with an emphasis on Amunds many influences and with a focus.
In other words, a further development of Amund Maarud band where we face a more fully and erfaringsrik artist who take up that from 2006. With itself has Amund his brother Henrik Maarud on drums and Simen Aanerud on piano - known from Maarudkara.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vidar Busk and His True Believers

Vidar Busk. A true blues Artist! Discovered 14 years old in small Norwegian coastal city Langesund and taken on the road by Us Blues Artist Rock Bottom. Spent several years from the age of 15 under Bottoms´s wings in Florida before returning to Norway. Constantly on the road playing his guitar.
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bald-Headed Woman - J.T. Lauritsen

Jan Tore Lauritsen - Vocals, accordion (JT for short) is 42 years old living in Lillestrom, Norway. He began playing at the early age of 6 and pretty much immediately got interested in the Blues and related music after first hearing BB King, blues pianist Charles Brown and the legendary Ray Charles.

JT had his first paying gig at the age of 14, which resulted in a steady flow of jobs for him on the organ - an instrument he stayed with for many years. J.T. was searching for his own style on the instrument when he had to admit that a B3 Hammond organ was too heavy to drag around from gig to gig - so he compromised by taking up the accordion. Eventually, his blues harp began accompanying him wherever he went and became a new sound in J.T.'s music. Since 1989, both accordion and blues harp have been his trademark instruments