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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Rip Cat Records artist: Ron Dziubla - Nasty Habit - New Release Review

I just received the new release, Nasty Habit from Ron Dziubla and it's far out! I mean it's far out! This is a time machine musical trip with a man and his sax. Opening with Fine Time, Dziubla shows what sexy sax sounds like. An instrumental track when Dziubla isn't blowing the doors off, James Intveld is playing some mighty fine guitar riffs. Second up is Loose, a sax driven surf tune backed by Sam Bolle on bass and Pete Curry on drums. Get out your board moon doggie! (Stilladog ... check this one out! It's got your name on it!) Moan is a seductive sax ballad with some real grinding tone. Dziubla really groans this one out pulling out really great sounds. Featuring a nice light guitar solo this track could easily be a soundtrack from a 50's TV show. Slapped, another surf like rocker, showing hot sax riffs not seen on a blues record in such a collection in years. This track is also complimented by great guitar work from Intveld. The title track, Nasty Habit,continues in the surf vein but this time featuring R.J. Ronquillo on guitar and some really authentic riffs he has. Shaken and Stirred has a real burlesque sound to it and Dziubla really shows that he has really mastered the sax with great grind and breath control. If you like sax and you like's hard not to like this release. Lemon Drop Martini really has a 50's soundtrack sound and is likely to get revelers out on the dance floor. I'll be shocked if this track isn't played a lot and may even make a Tarantino movie... really! Classic Harlem Nocturne gets a really sweaty workout. With a richly written rhythm bottom, this track is a candidate high on the list for airplay. Spy Step, also a strong candidate for a TV theme song ... think the Munsters... is cool, driving and simple. Night Train, another classic R&B track gets a real honking work over. Dziubla plays this track like it's his own child shown for the first time. Great job! The release wraps up with Bordello, a smooth full throated sax ballad. Excellent choice for the wrap and a really solid composition and performance.  

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