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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Blind Pig artist: Mitch Woods - A Tip Of The Hat To Fats - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, A Tip Of The Hat To Fats, by Mitch Woods and it's terrific. (Live from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2018) Opening with boogie track, Solid Gold Cadillac, Mitch Woods is slammin right out of the gate. With his smooth vocals and hot piano riffs, Mitch it rockin'. Backed by Amandee Castenell on tenor sax, Brian Cayolle on tenor sax, Roger Lewis on bari sax, John Fohl on guitar and Terence Higgins on drums, this track great. Down Boy Down is another excellent track with smoking riffs by Fohl and Castenell. Woods shows his New Orleans chops on Mojo Mambo and Fohl isn't shy to lay down dome riffs of his own. Flavorful! Rolling into a Fats Domino set, Woods pulls up Blue Monday featuring real nice tenor and bari sax solos setting the pace. Walking To New Orleans is another nice showcase for the horn section with Woods leading and fanning the flames. Getting the piano rolling boogie style, Woods pulls out Rocket 88 and a real romp. Driving the train with super piano runs, Woods sets the charge and with a full horn compliment drives it home. Wrapping the release is classic, The House of Blue Lights. Woods' vocals are solid and his piano playing on fire. This is a great show and one that the crowd was sure to enjoy.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vizztone Records artist: Mitch Woods - Live In Istanbul - Blues Beyond Borders - New CD/DVD Review

I have just received a copy of the new Mitch Woods CD/DVD combo pack, Blues Beyond Borders - Live In Istanbul and it's terrific! This is recorded live at the Rfes Blues festival and documents not only the performance but the tour itself. It shows beautiful shots of the Turkey scenery and shares their culture... "The Blues Is Everywhere". The DVD opens with Solid Gold Cadillac, a solid piano boogie. Mitch is a great singer and entertainer as well as piano player. Down Boy Down is a hot jumper and Mitch gets the band hopping! Amadee Castenell plays some awesome sax solos on this track and it's obvious the band is having a great time! Next Up is Mojo Mambo, a popular New Orleans party track. Mitch flows easily between piano styles and this track would make you believe he was born right there in the Bayou. Boogie Woogie Bar-B-Q, another jump style boogie is up next and Mitch is turning on the heat. The man is animated and it's hard not to smile watching his performance. Castenell takes another nice break on this track and this time Adam Gabriel also gets a chance to smoke the strings on his Strat! This band, also including Cornell Williams on bass and Larry Vann on drums is incredibly tight. I Got A New Car is a real swing blues and just has that great lope. Castenell smokes another beautiful sax solo ... this guy is really hot! What Can I Do is a cool jump blues giving Gabriel a nice opening to play some hot guitar riffs and keeps the crowd on their feet. Queen Bee is done swing style and again Gabriel plays a sweet guitar solo. Some lower octave playing really punches the upper fret squeezing! There are numerous shots and videos inter dispersed throughout this film and it helps to add to the viewers appreciation that this film is is being shot in a climate much unlike the US. The country is very receptive and the crowd is obviously really enjoying the opportunity to see this great show. Crawfishin', another jump blues keeps Woods on his feet and has hot riffs from but Castenell and Gabriel. Long, Lean and Lanky a rockin' blues keeps the heat up and Gabriel spits out another hot solo on guitar. Woods is really working this crowd and having a ball playing the 88's. Third Degree finds Williams leading off a real slow traditional blues track. Gabriel plays some absolutely scorching lead work on this track. Bassist Williams has a beautiful voice and actually fronts this track. Castenell absolutely kills his solo and leads up to another scorcher by Gabriel! The band gets back into the groove with Rocket 88 and leading right into In The Night/Lambaya Puf De (Described as a Barry White like song in turkey). This extended track gives each band member the opportunity to shine with nice solos. The set is wrapped with House Of Blues Lights, a perfect closer of this set. Mitch Woods obviously enjoys his "job" and makes sure that all of the concert goers do too! A natural entertainer. The extra footage showed impromptu performances with Kenny Neal Band who was traveling with them, and the band in local settings and engaging with local customs. It also gave insights into life on the road and the band personnel. Aerial and street shots captured glimpses of Independence day. Also included is a photographic slideshow which is quite enjoyable and aesthetically beautiful. This recording will be Available October 30, 2012
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Monday, March 5, 2012

Boogie Woogie Barbecue - Mitch Woods and his rocket 88s

Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88s
have been the torchbearers of a great American blues musical heritage, not for two years but two decades. Taking their inspiration from the great jump n' boogie outfits of the late 40s and
early 50s, they breathe fresh life into the music that gave birth to rock n'
roll. Woods styled his group after the jumpin' n' jivin', shoutin' n'
honkin', pumpin' n' poundin' bands of Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris, Joe and
Jimmy Liggins, Amos Milburn, and Roy Milton. Adding a healthy dose of New
Orleans rhythm and blues, piledrivin' piano, and some of his own
contemporary playful lyrics, Woods and His Rocket 88s forge their own brand
of music they call "rock-a-boogie."

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