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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tech Talk - Magnatone 415 Clio Bass-Amp (1962)

The 415 has a 6EU7 for the preamp and tone circuits. After 1st preamp section, a 12AU7 for the phase inverter,and twin 6973 miniature beam power tubes. The rectifier tube is a 6CA4. Powerful 5 tube unit with 4 large custom built 8" extended range speakers (AlNiCo # 25-1011). 1 channel, 2 inputs (high & low gain) Volume and Tone controls, jewel pilot light, hum phase switch and AC line switch. Dimensions: 23 1/8" long. 19 1/4" high. 10 1/2" deep. Wt. 46 lbs.

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