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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mascot Label Group artist: Koch Marshall Trio - Toby Arrives - New Release Review

I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Toby Arrives, from Koch Marshall Trio and I really like it! Opening with loose shuffle and title track, Toby Arrives, Greg Koch on guitar, Dylan Koch on drums and Toby Lee Marshall on Hammond set the corner stone for this latest release. This is a tight trio with feature strength all round. Funk Meat has a rich bottom provided by Marshall's organ and Greg's funky guitar lead is nicely enhanced by Dylan's tight drumming. Heed The Boogaloo has a driving bass line similar to a Manzarek riff setting a strong foundation for Greg to dig in with adventurous and nicely flowing guitar lead. His float from rock to jazz influenced lead is very nice.  One of my favorite tracks on the release is jazz rock fusion endeavor, Mysterioso, with understated bass and organ lines and a beautiful exploration in chorded melody by Greg and East Indian influenced bending/slide. Very nice. Marshall takes the helm for a solid ride on organ as well with Greg playing primarily bass lines and Dylan's tight drums support. Quick paced shuffle, Enter The Rats, is really snappy with pace that would satisfy Gatemouth Brown. Greg's solos are fluid and inspired and Marshall's Hammond lead is really nice. Boogie Yourself Drade is a hot track with driving bass lines and foot stomping guitar lead. Marshall starts low with poise before building to a real frenzy on Hammond leading to the final summation by the trio. Excellent! Wrapping the release is Sin Repent Repeat with hot slide work played vocal style for melody. Powerful Hammond work supplementing Greg and a great beat by Dylan make this an excellent closer for a really solid release.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Koch Marshall Trio To Release Toby Arrives on 2/23/18



The Koch-Marshall Trio Are American Guitarist Greg Koch, His Son Dylan Koch On

Drums and Hammond B3 Specialist Toby Lee Marshall

New York, NY --- Mascot Label Group has announced the release of Koch Marshall Trio’s Toby Arrives on February 23, 2018.  This will be the first album on the new imprint THE PLAYERS CLUB.  At the heart of this organ trio is a blues sensibility - but Koch's compositions are an amalgam of rock, funk, jazz and country served up with heavy grooves and dynamic improvisations delivered with no small dose of humor and occasional wild abandon.

The trio blends the explosive guitar manipulations of Greg, the groove-centric, power-pocket playing of his son Dylan on drums (who share many telepathic musical moments) and the glorious, Hammond organ stylings of the uber-talented Toby Marshall, Greg’s compositions are properly portrayed in the blues drenched, funk, chicken-fried, gospely jazz-rock panorama in which they were conceived. Their first release, “Toby Arrives” the first moments of their unexpected musical partnership captured at an extemporaneous jam session earlier in the year. 

“So we went over there…the drums and B-3 were already set up and mic’ed. I sat down with my guitar and said, ‘Let’s just do a shuffle in G.’ And as soon as I heard it back I said, ‘We’re releasing this!’ So the very first notes we ever played is that first song you hear on the album, totally unrehearsed. And just from that very first tune I was like, ‘Holy shit! This is not your grandfather’s organ trio!’” Greg Koch

“Toby had actually retired from music,” Koch says of the 39-year-old Hammond B-3 ace. “For the last several years he’s been working for a farm, driving a semi and taking crops to the Twin Cities from River Falls. He had two young kids so he decided to stop touring to help raise the kids. For Toby, it was kind of like that scene in The Godfather where Michael Corleone says, ‘Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!’ But now he’s so excited to be playing in this trio because this is just such a perfect format for him to let his freak flag fly. It’s the perfect combination of this kind of churchy, bluesy, funky, jazzy, rock, chicken-pickin’ thing, and he fits right in.”