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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cold Rain - The Blues Company & The B.C. Horns

This band is hot. Very, very hot.

And those aren't just empty words. After all, the Blues Company from Osnabrück, Germany is neither a hodgepodge of rank beginners nor – to borrow business lingo – a group of new business starters. Rather, they are a team of artists who have made their mark, musicians with experience and know-how aplenty. The musicians at work here have long since ensured that the name of their “company” is a recognised “seal of approval”. In a nutshell, “Blues Company” stands for German's longest-running and most successful blues band. And with each new recording, with each concert, these pros underscore that their passionate love affair with the blues is burning brightly as ever.

Has their playing become routine? Not a chance. Quite the contrary, as can be seen in the fruitful interplay between the performers and their enraptured public. This in turn energises the band, whose fans feast on a free-spirited performance of the music Blues Company lives and breathes.

Since the '60s, the blues have inspired practically every generation of enthusiastic young, white musicians. Blues Company itself hasn't been around quite that long. The band started up its blues crusade on 20th May 1976. That was the day they first climbed on stage to fire up the audience into a twelve-bar frenzy. After countless other live missions, they proudly celebrated their first 30 years in the spring of 2006.

Initially, Blues Company concerts were not just a mix of fun and hard work. They were pioneering events. Because until Blues Company came to be, blues in Germany – performed by professional bands – quite simply didn't exist. What did exist were tours by American blues greats, who often enjoyed higher esteem in Europe than in their homeland. The Blues Company musicians backed up many of these bluesmen at their concerts in Germany. Thus they not only got to know the old masters, they garnered the admiration of countless blues freaks. Since then, many a basement musician who's strapped on a guitar or settled down on a drum stool to indulge in the twelve-bar sound can thank the Blues Company for leading the way (far off over the German border, a young, very talented Blues guitarist from Hungary admitted that he was significantly influenced by this band, after hearing one of their concerts).

The Company itself has demonstrated tremendous staying power - and Todor “Toscho” Todorovic, the band's co-founder as well as singer, guitarist, composer and sound freak makes sure of this. The bluesman was born in 1951 in Lingen, in the Emsland region of northern Germany. His parents, who were born in Yugoslavia and who had fled to West Germany after the Second World War, gave their son a variety of opportunities to expand his musical horizons. And what Toscho learned from them and from grand old men of the blues including B.B. King and Muddy Waters would one day become the lifeblood of “his” Blues Company.

Toscho not only plays the blues, he lives and breathes them. Blues without compassion would be unthinkable. Thus for years the band's leader has organised benefit events both large and small in his adopted country. For his commitment to social concerns, the city of Osnabrück awarded him the Public Service Medal in 1993.

Because the blues are performed live, Toscho has worked unceasingly on his image as an entertainer. It is pure delight to watch his facial reactions to a catchy refrain, to see how he electrifies the crowd with a breakneck guitar solo or entrances his listeners with a lush melodic figure, how he wakes emotions with his distinctive, dark voice. And with experienced band members at his side. The current line-up – in effect the core band – includes second guitarist Mike Titre (member of the band since 1980), Arnold Ogrodnik on bass and organ and Florian Schaube on drums.

The band has chalked up an impressive number of performances throughout Europe over the past 25-plus years: 3,000 to date. And even in the US clubs, the band is now viewed as an insider's tip, with the band's market value on the rise.

And not only that: the fact that Germany's most tireless, ever-present and longest-lived blues band is also its most commercially successful is due to the superb quality of its studio recordings. Quite a few of its 20-odd albums are amongst the best-selling German blues recordings ever, including “Damn! Let's Jam” (1991), “Vintage” (1995), the Best Of “Blues, Ballads and Assorted Love Songs” (1997), “Invitation To The Blues” (2000) as well as “From Daybreak To Heartbreak” (2003), in collaboration with Scott Billington, the renowned US producer.

With the CDs they purchase, their fans also honour Blues Company's non-purist approach to their music. The band thrives on change. “Blues is always changing – that's what keeps it alive” is their creed. And in this way they have cultivated an innovative, open-minded, free association with the Blues genre: Whether rock, soul or the New Orleans grove, it goes without saying that these are all part of their musical repertoire, and they love experimenting with fresh sounds. In 1999, Toscho brought in the “Fabulous BC Horns” – Uwe Nolopp on trumpet and tenor sax player and arranger Robert Kretzschmar. And with the “Triple X Horns” (= BC Horns plus four other wind players), a jazzy big band sound enters the picture. At the time of their 30th anniversary they performed together with the NDR Big Band (North German Broadcasting), who, as is well known, have always been open-minded towards new things.

Their 2005 combo coup was also a real surprise. For “The Quiet Side Of Blues Company”, Todorovic and Titre gave their beloved Fender guitars a breather, and so, leaving their electric guitars behind them, the quartet went acoustic. In lovingly “unplugged” arrangements, audiences were presented with oldies from Robert Johnson to Muddy Waters, paired with the odd Blues Company hit.

After this unabashedly relaxed return to the roots, the origins of the blues, in their new album “Hot and Ready to Serve”, Toscho & Co. once again show off the talents for which they are best known and loved: they serve up powerful, modern, guitar-based blues. Just as the cover unmistakably suggests, the music is a "gumbo", a dish directly from New Orleans, very nourishing and sharply flavoured, with every possible ingredient that grows and flourishes in the enormous garden of blues. Driving rhythm and blues from the fifties (“Till The Lights Go Out”) and boogaloo (“My Guitar And Me”) stand side by side with funny music (“Soon Or Later”), profound ballads (“Dark Day”), a scat number by the Boss (“Shake It Don't Break It”) and Toscho's tribute to the great Freddie King with “Hideaway/Peter Gun Theme”.

Such complex, versatile music, such superior lyrics. Once again, Toscho does not limit himself to laments for a lost love or to describing the wonderful feeling that a blues musician gets when up there on the stage in their element. He does do this. But he does more, he sings about street urchins (“Kids”) and homeless people (“Soon Or Later”) in the First World country, Germany, or he reflects on the fall of the Berlin Wall and the upheavals in Eastern Europe which followed this (“The People”). In “Plastic People” (with Mike Titres in his first singing appearance in a Blues Company record) the song again talks of the plastic world of today, in which people are becoming ever more artistic.

Only “Hollywood” remains. In this song Toscho talks of a point at which he feels himself to be at “the pinnacle of his musical career”. In the autumn of 2006, the many time award-winning American film producer and script writer, Ian Gurvitz knocked at the door of the Blues Company and their record company. He wanted to use the song “Blue And Lonesome” from the album “Keepin' The Blues Alive” as the theme song for his film “L.A. Blues”.

It was the first time that Hollywood has ever imported a blues song from Germany. Lately this makes particular sense as the Blues Company is an international player with an internationally successful product.
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Monday, September 10, 2012

Dust My Broom - Ball 'n' Chains

The 50's style rockabilly trio was formed in 2007.They're committed to the true and authentic sound of great names in rockabilly history - such as Billy Lee Riley, Johnny Burnette, Gene Vincent, Charly Feathers and many others... .."Ball'n'Chain"are: Buddy Baltrusch - voc.,upright bass, Stefan - git.,voc., Patrick Müller - dr.,voc... .."Ball'n'Chain are spreading a vibrant fifties feel and wow the audience with their sheer enthusiasm and joyful playing... ..Have fun and listen... .."There's a fine line between pleasure and pain, love me like a ball and chain."
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shame Shame Shame - COLOGNE BLUES CLUB

BLUES GERMAN AWARDS 2012! BLUES COLOGNE CLUB plays BLUES GERMAN CHALLENGE 2012! „ Authentic Großstadt-Blues with a pinch Motown/Stax. Cool voice, organic sound, elegant arrangements and persuasive soloists. " (Marcel Anders, music journalist, music express train, guitar bass, radio) with "Our Streets" the debut - CD of the Cologne blues club comes on the 25th February to the stores. The tape has signed recently a five year contract with the famous label ZYX/Peppercake. Twelve songs are on "Our Streets", six own titles and select cover versions. "Our Streets" was played in in May, 2010 and is for the musicians a location regulation, a snapshot and the first important step on her musical way. They want her kind to play blues develop constantly and refine the sound the volume constantly. „ Finest Groovin blues " call them her music what they with it mine one can hear on "Our Streets" wonderfully: Grooving, urbane, song-oriented blues, straight-lined, plain. For it the tape stands also with theirs Live to the appearances which it will lead in 2011 on the German stages and in the adjoining foreign country. Live play blues club is very important for the Cologne, on the stage the truth lies for them, here counts Can do, energy, passion, and radiation. Therefore, the CBC has also won to themselves within the shortest time a call as a persuasive Live tape.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Memo Gonzalez and the Bluescasters are swinging like a suspension bridge in a hurricane, declares British music magazine Blueprint , while Texas Blues Magazine is wondering: Who are these guys?

Without reservation one of the most exciting live blues bands touring today Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters combine authentic Texas roadhouse blues with swing and rock 'n' roll influences to deliver one hell of a live performance. Their collaboration started in 1995 and resulted in more than 1,000 shows in European clubs and on international festivals. Memo Gonzalez, who hails from Dallas/Texas, and his continental colleagues have worked hard for their inspiring sovereignty which has been stirringly captured on "Live In The UK". The new album was recorded at various concerts during a tour through England and confirms in evidence Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters excellent reputation as a dynamic live band. "Music's always happening today", Gonzalez declares. "We ain't no juke box. We want to leave our own imprint on the music."

The band's history started at the end of the 1980s when Kai Strauss formed the Bluescasters. Already in their early years, the band was invited to perform at festivals, all over Europe. In 1995 the first CD was released, Drivin' With … .

6,000 kilometers away, Memo Gonzalez milled new facets into Texas Blues, supported by Paul Size, Johnny Moeller, Jim Suhler and other guitar greats. After an impressive 'Texas Harmonica Rumble' in Utrecht, The Netherlands ,The Bluescasters invited Memo Gonzalez to join them on their European tours. The debut album Let's All Get Drunk And Get Tattooed was released in 1996. Ten years later the XXL-Texan with the genuine rock'n'roll pompadour easily controls every stage he's on and continues to defend his heavyweight harmonica champion title with every performance.

Germany's musician's journal Gitarre & Bass has devoted two pages to the Troja-born bass player Erkan Özdemir in their April 2006 issue. Henk Punter from Amsterdam is the new man behind the drums.With this addition, The Bluescasters are 100 per cent an international top band.

"Thirty two years ago in high school when I began taking an interest in music, I fell in love with the rhythm and blues sounds of the local radio stations," the charistmatic American remembers. During his school days he was not yet known as Three Hundred Pounds of Texas Dynamite. "Later this music did change my life and I've travelled half the world."

Yes, there's power in the Blues.
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Red House - Pass Over Blues and Peter Schmidt

Aktuelle Meldung: +++ Wir sind nominiert für die Blues Challenge 2o12 (baltic blues e.V.) +++
Der Endausscheid für die "German Blues Challenge 2012" findet am 29.o9.2o12 in Eutin statt.

Wie genau wir nun in diese "Lage" gekommen sind, wissen wir auch nicht. Es verhält sich so, dass, im ersten "Wahlgang", eine Jury von 150 Journalisten, Veranstaltern, Moderatoren u.ä. zehn Bluesbands aus Deutschland erwählt hat, man kann sich hierfür nicht bewerben.
Um sich für das Finale zu "qualifizieren" bedarf es eines zweiten "Wahlganges" und dieser läuft dann ab dem o1.o7.2o12 über die Internetseite des Baltic Blues e.V..

Hier seid IHR dann alle gefragt und gefordert
weil: nur IHR entscheidet ob wir zum Finale fahren werden.
Wir werden hier Anfang Juli einen Link zur Abstimmungsseite einrichten, dort kann ein jeder einmal
* hoffentlich ganz viele für uns, das "Pass Over Blues Quartett" :-) *
seine Stimme abgeben.
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Dave & the Backbones with Alex Schultz

Big Dave Reniers (born 1969) began playing harmonica at the age of 14. A few years later he got in touch with blues music listening to harmonica-players such as William Clarke, Kim Wilson, James Harman, etc..

He formed “the Dizzy Dave Band” when he was seventeen and they played steadily for about eight years.

Learning more and more about the old-school blues he wanted to play forties and fifties style and so co-started “the Electric Kings” in 1994. This band knew a lot of recognition in Europe with their mixture of Swing, Jump and Chicago-blues.

The last few years you could also hear Big Dave play as a sideman in “the Elmore D. band” (pre-war blues with a 21st century approach).

Influenced by all the great harp-players (both Walters, both Sonny Boys, G. Smith,...) Big Dave plays a fat-toned, straightforward harp while singing with a strong relaxed voice.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Thrill Is Gone - The Badrock Bluesband

m Sommer 1992 formierte sich in Österreich (Oberösterreich, Bezirk Ried - siehe nebenstehende Karte) mit Gerald Schuldenzucker, Siegfried Horvath, Franz Kollmann und Berndt Steiner die BADROCK BLUES BAND.
Anfangs zu viert in klassischer Band-Besetzung mit zwei Gitarren, Bass und Schlagzeug wurden vorwiegend Blues- und Rocksongs gespielt. Den ersten Live Auftritt gab's im April 1993 beim "Rock Shock Let".
Diese ursprüngliche Besetzung ist bis heute weitgehend unverändert.

Die Band wurde 1998 durch den Bluesharp-Spieler Hans Siegetsleitner erweitert. Einige Harp-Klassiker wie 'Whammer Jammer' und 'Hoochie Coochie Man' sind auf unserer CD Playin' the Blues zu hören.

Seit 1998 kümmert sich unser Tontechniker Johannes Seidl um einen perfekten Sound, und auch um das Management.

Bei zahlreichen Auftritten waren wir über mehrere Jahre in dieser Besetzung zu hören.
Ende 1999 wurde unsere Debütalbum Playin' the Blues aufgenommen. MP3 Dateien und nähere Informationen dazu unter MUSIK.

Mitte 2001 wurde die Besetzung nochmals erweitert. Kathi Wagner mit ihrer kraftvollen Stimme kam an Bord. Songs wie 'Bring Me Some Water' und 'Piece Of My Heart' wurden mit ihr möglich.

Anfang 2001 gab unser bisheriger Schlagzeuger Berndt Steiner bekannt, aus beruflichen Gründen aus der Band auszusteigen. Aber es blieb keine Zeit für eine Pause oder so, weil wir einige Gigs spielen mussten. So half uns Thomas Krkosch, ein sehr guter Drummer einer lokalen Band, für fast ein Jahr am Schlagzeug aus.

Mit dem Jahr 2002 übernahm unser Langzeit-Freund Manfred Allinger diesen Platz für die nächsten Jahre.
Mit 2006 wurde die Besetzung wieder geändert. Drummer Harald Perzl stieg für die nächsten drei Jahre ein.

Im Jahr 2009 verließen Hans Siegetsleitner, Kathi Wagner und Herald Perzl die Band.
Mitte 2009 stieg unser jetziger Klavierspieler Toni Herrmann aus Passau/Deutschland in die Band ein. Unser Programm wurde überarbeitet, aber wir spielen weiter Blues, Rock und Rock'n'Roll.
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Monday, July 16, 2012

Michael Van Merwyk & Bluesol

Michael van Merwyk (MvM)- Guitar-Player, Singer, Songwriter.... "Blues has got to move your Soul and keep your legs shakin!".... MvM ist a triple treat...a soulful and unique Guitarplayer, a songwriter and storyteller and singer. Plus he is one of the few exponents of Lap Steel Players in the Blues-Field who makes this tiny instrument sing, howl and talk..... Praised by public, musicians and critics MvM is a modern day bluesman who has his own stories to tell and his own music to play with hats off to bluesmen and storytellers all over the world....... New CD out now!..Michael van Merwyk - Catching The Rain"..Debut-CD with 12 Originals by MvM incl. "OH YEAH! 4.0", "A Soul ain..t worth a Dime", "Here Comes Love", "Hard Way To Go", "The Boogalizer"; one song co-written with Larry Garner plus a re-recording of Larry Garner..s "Nothing But Life" .... Featuring: Larry Garner, Ali Arlt (BB & The Blues Shacks), Erkan Özdemir & Henk Punter (Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters), Raphael Wressnig, Nadja Grosspietsch, Shedrick Nellon (Larry Garner Blues Band)
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Black Queen - BEIGE FISH

BEIGE FISH" is a new "BLUES'N'FOLK-ROCK" project - produced-directed and recorded by John H. Schiessler. -CD AVAILABLE- ON I-UNES-CD BABY -AMAZON AND ANOTHER 20 ONLINE STORES. Mastered at SKY STUDIO for SKY PRODUCTIONS by BOBBY ALTVATER. The musical range reaches from DELTA BLUES to ACOUSTIC FOLK- ROCK music. John worked with several bands (Callgirl-Cathouse-etc-) as lead singer- currently with THE SPOON AND MUNICH BELLE (MySpace).You can listen to his music on several German film scores ( "DER GROSSE BELLHEIM"- "ATOMDORF" - "GLUECKSRITTER" etc). He also worked as musical director for the dance theatre „LETTERS FROM TENTLAND" by Helena Waldman, which is still performing all over the world. John hit the Danish charts and peaked NO.1 - as „LAFAYETTE" with the single version of „THE GREATEST FIGARO" John's song "DOWNTOWN BOULEVARD", covered by "Wolfgang Petry" on his "Nie Genug" album, peaked NO.2 in the German charts. He also directed the ethno project „VANILLA MOON" (MYSPACE- CD-BABY-I-TUNES) where you can listen to a colorful sound-mix of african-indian and european songs, rythms and voices.
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jealous Girl - Jan Hirte Blue Ribbon

Do you have desire for a musical time trip in the 60s?

Jan Hirte Blue Ribbon feat. Nayeli takes you with in a soul and blues from club in which it is with the music still about creativity and touch! After Jan Hirte polished since the 80s as a Sideman beside Blueslegenden like Luther Allison, Johnny Copeland, Buddy Ace or Big Jay Mc Neely with whom ridge Class Bluesband record prices skimmed milk and traveled with the most different artists and tape all around the globe, Jan now with his own volume Blue Ribbon and singer Nayeli has published a Live CD which allows to become possible for this trip!!
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Steady Roll Boogie - Axel Zwingenberger

Axel Zwingenberger (born May 7, 1955, Hamburg, Germany) is a blues and boogie-woogie pianist, and songwriter. He is considered one of the finest boogie-woogie music masters in the world
Zwingenberger was born in Hamburg, Germany, and enjoyed eleven years of conventional piano training. In 1973 he listened to recordings of boogie-woogie pianists Albert Ammons, Meade "Lux" Lewis, and Pete Johnson. He soon joined piano playing partners Hans-Georg Moeller, Vince Weber and Martin Pyrker, and word about the four friends began to spread. In 1974, he played at the First International Blues-and-Boogie Woogie Festival of the West German Radio Station in Cologne which was followed by Hans Maitner's annual festival Stars of Boogie Woogie in Vienna.

By 1975, Zwingenberger received his first recording contract, issuing such solo recordings as Boogie Woogie Breakdown, Power House Boogie, and Boogie Woogie Live, as well as lending his talents to recordings by such artists as Lionel Hampton, Jay McShann, Big Joe Turner, Lloyd Glenn, Joe Newman, Sippie Wallace, Mama Yancey, Champion Jack Dupree, Sammy Price, Ray Bryant, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Vince Weber, and the Mojo Blues Band, among others. In addition to issuing other solo recordings, Zwingenberger continues to tour all over the world. He has also authored several publications about blues/boogie-woogie music and musicians as well as Boogie Woogie: Piano Solo, a book of 12 of his compositions, exactly transcribed.

Being a railfan since early childhood, he is also known for his photographs of steam locomotives, including some taken from within the machinery itself. Zwingenberger established a non-profit foundation within the German Foundation for the Protection of Historical Monuments which donates for the preservation of monuments on rails, including the world's fastest operational steam locomotive, the German DR 18 201.

In spring 2009, coordinated by young pianist Ben Waters from the UK, Zwingenberger renewed his relationship with Charlie Watts, drummer of The Rolling Stones. Together with bassist Dave Green, they played joint concerts labeled as 'The ABC&D of Boogie Woogie'.
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Friday, May 4, 2012

Cleaning Lady Blues - Tommy Schneller

He has let himself a few years of time with a new CD. However, the waiting has been worthwhile: Tommy Schneller does all honour with the new CD "Smiling For A Reason" to his name.
In 2010 quick got the offer of Henrik Freischlader's label Cable Car Records to take up a new album. Lablechef Freischlader produced personally the album published in November, 2011 with Tommy Schneller. In February, 2012 the album got the price of the German record criticism.

The music goes faster to the legs than everything what the saxophonist and singer has produced up to now – radio, soul and blues of allerfeinster quality.

In 2012 quick brings this mix with brand-new volume on the stages. This "soulfull-perfomance" may not be missed.
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monokel Kraftblues - Gasthof Medingen (Little Red Rooster)

In Germany KraftBlues boiling the hot served court which both special guitarists Michaels "Lefty" the left and Bernd "hollow" Kühnert with theirs spice sharply sharp, board-hard smashed or bubbling - playful reef and Licks.... Be freely after the motto " m . see a little bit more? “ if the Bluesturbine is incredibly heated up here and hochgepeitscht. Pitti plowman in the Viersaiter and Dicki Grimm in the blow work fire this explosive mixture powerfully. Dynamically they do her front by the sound sceneries of her songs and are for a good 10 years with from the wild part.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Plakatak - Dino Haak Collective

The Dino Haak Collective came together to create music that transcends the usual and predictable. Frontman Megatar player Dino Haak shares the stage with an assemblage of talented individuals including: Chris Squires, drums; Artis the Spoonman, spoons & wisdom (Soundgarden, Zappa); Alex Westcoat, drums (David Bazan, Say Hi!); and Taiwanese scratch prodigy DJ James Ho, turntables. Former members of The Collective include Troy Glessner (guitar), Todd Gray (drums), and Sean Siner (drums). The band is also known for their unique duo performances.

German artist Dino Haak is best known for his work on the Mobius Megatar, a twelve-string touch-style instrument. The sound of the Megatar adds a powerful and eerily symphonic element to the band’s sound. Haak’s legal move to the US from Germany was supported by American musicians Trey Gunn (King Crimson), Don Schiff (Pat Benatar, Tina Turner, Sheryl Crow), Greg Howard (Dave Matthews Band), Emmett Chapman (Inventor of the Chapman Stick) and others, who helped him to be awarded an Exceptional Artist Visa in 1999 and choose the United States as his full-time place of residence since 2000.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tech Talk - Lakewood M-54

This Brazilian Rosewood and Adirondack Spruce Lakewood M-54 is a versatile OM guitar that is outfitted with a dual source B-Band pickup system. The 54 series is a top-of-the-line instrument from the Lakewood shop in Germany. The top on this one is exquisite, even grain and lovely red streaks. This guitar is bright and clear with abundant headroom. The neck is slender and fast with its satin feel. Measurements Body Size: Medium Scale: 25 1/2 in. (647.7 mm) Nut Width: 1 3/4 in. (44.5 mm) String Spacing: 2 5/32 in. (54.8 mm) Body Length: 19 3/4 in. Upper Bout: 11 in. Lower Bout: 15 1/2 in. Serial #: 14855 Body Depth @Neck Heel: 3 1/2 in. Body Depth @Tail Block: 4 5/8 in. Frets to body: 14 Woods & Trim Back/Sides: Brazilian Rosewood Top Wood: Adirondack Red Spruce Fingerboard: Ebony Neck Wood: Mahogany, 1 Piece Bridge: Ebony Rosette: Abalone & Wood Binding: Koa Fingerboard Bindings: Flamed Koa Headplate: Brazilian Rosewood Headstock Bindings: Flamed Koa Headstock Inlay: None Top Trim: Maple Back Strip: None Fret Markers: None Tuners: Waverly with Ivoroid Buttons Tuner Finish: Nickel If you like what I’m doing, Like ---Bman’s Blues Report--- Facebook Page! I’m looking for great talent and trying to grow the audience for your favorites band! - ”LIKE”

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Magic Carpet Ride - John Kay & Steppenwolf

John Kay (born Joachim Fritz Krauledat, 12 April 1944, Tilsit then Germany, today Russia) is a German-Canadian singer, songwriter and guitarist known as the frontman of Steppenwolf. Kay has lived since 1990 in Franklin, Tennessee.

In the Evacuation of East Prussia in early 1945, in harsh winter conditions, his mother first had to flee with the baby boy from the advancing Soviet troops. In 1948, the two also fled from Arnstadt in the East German Soviet occupation zone to resettle in Hanover, West Germany (as recounted in his song "Renegade" on the album Steppenwolf Seven). Located in the British occupation zone, teen aged Joachim, suffering from eyesight problems, listened to music broadcast by the British Forces Broadcasting Service before his family moved to Canada in 1958.

He joined a blues rock and folk music group known as The Sparrows in 1965, which had moderate success in Canada before moving to California in the USA, augmenting its line-up and changing its name to Steppenwolf in 1967. With music that pioneered hard rock and heavy metal, Kay's Steppenwolf had international success with songs such as "Born to Be Wild", "Magic Carpet Ride", "Monster", "The Pusher", and "Rock Me". This was multiplied by the use of "Born to Be Wild" and "The Pusher" in the 1969 movie Easy Rider.

Kay recorded both as a solo artist and with Steppenwolf during the late 1970s, and wrapped up Steppenwolf's 40th year of touring with what was to be a final gig in October 2007. However, Kay and Steppenwolf appeared July 24, 2010, at the three-day HullabaLOU music festival in Louisville, Kentucky.

In 2004 he was inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame, in recognition of his early years as a Canadian citizen and the beginnings of his musical career in Toronto. Kay was present at the induction ceremony in Toronto, and reiterated his strong affection for Canada.

Kay suffers from increased sensitivity to light, so he wears his trademark sunglasses. He also has congenital achromatopsia, complete colorblindness, a defect of the cone cells in the eyes which causes him to see in black and white, and results in legal blindness. Despite this condition, he is an avid videographer.
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Sunday, April 8, 2012


At the age of 13, Andreas Arlt gets his first guitar. Since then, he has flatly refused to ever put it down again. He gets just two guitar lessons, the rest of his tuition is absolutely self-taught. In the course of the years, he investigates the complete spectrum of musical styles, until – during the 1980s – he stumbles upon the order form of his current record label – “Crosscut” – specializing in the Blues. The Hildesheim boy orders a pile of discs and dives deeply into this truly traditional American music. With this move, the guitarist, who is traeded as one oft he best in Europe, has found his direction. He proceeds to infect his brother Michael (vocals and harp) with this particular kind of fever, and in 1989 they start the band "B.B. & The Blues Shacks".

On the 20th May, 1994, the band gets the chance to appear at Bremen´s big cultural event, the „Breminale“, depping as substitutes for indisposed colleagues. DThey take this opportunity by the throat, and they truly boogie themselves into their first record contract.

Meanwhile, they have achieved well over 2000 gigs, recorded ten albums, and they are hailed as the German Blues band. The five-piece eternally tours all over Europe, but their sojourns also lead them to Russia and America.

It´s easy to determine what fascinates them in terms of their chosen field, R´n´B and Soul. Andreas Arlt: It´s the music that touches us. There are those songs which call up those feelings so authentically as if we had just created them.” The five musicians (Henning Hauerken, who really hits the accelerator pedal with his double bass, Dennis Koeckstadt – the beautiful boy with tons of feeling on the piano, Bernhard Egger - specially imported from Austria to supply those Blues Shacks drums) around the Brothers Arlt have never been bulldozed by Hip-Hop or Indie Rock.
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Sunday, March 25, 2012

NIKnSTIX - Drum Contest

From Orange County California, Nikke Blout is a drummer based out of Frankfurt, Germany and Los Angeles, California. With a musician for a father and a music-loving mother, Nikke fell in love with drumming at age seven. She gave her first drum solo to a standing ovation at age nine and got her first drum set at eleven. She continued drumming in drum corps and jazz band through high school. In the first week of college, Nikke even moved an entire drum set into her dorm room. Later, while pursuing a business career, she regularly played the Los Angeles’ music scene with Women In Blues and The Deep Happy and opened up for notable acts including Chris Isaak. In Los Angeles, Nikke worked with drum master, Carl Tassi, who taught her approaches to play more fluidly and powerfully with greater dynamics and timing. In 2009, Nikke went to Berklee College of Music in Boston and continues to study remotely with Mark Walker, Professor of Percussion at Berklee. She also keeps a close connection with such masters as Claus Hessler in Germany, and Walfredo Reyes Jr. in Los Angeles. Currently, Nikke is playing in and managing bands, including blues/rock with Richard Saratoga and the new pop/rock project, She Rocco. Nikke gives lessons to those who share the same passion for the drums. Visit her on Facebook or
Hit Like A Girl 2012

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Loved Another Woman - Henrik Freischlader

Henrik Freischlader (born November 3, 1982) is a German blues guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, and autodidactic multi-instrumentalist from Wuppertal, Germany.

During his teenage years, he started his career as a blues guitarist and singer in bands such as Lash and Bluescream. In 2004, he formed the Henrik Freischlader Band and released his first album "The Blues" in 2006. The follow-up album "Get Closer" was released a year later in 2007. A live album then followed in 2008 entitled "Henrik Freischlader Band Live". Henrik Freischlader's style of music cannot only be considered blues. He often blends in musical styles such as rock, jazz, soul, and funk, even though blues is the basis of all of his songs. His guitar-playing is influenced by Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Peter Green, Albert Collins, and Albert King. Growing up, Freischlader taught himself how to play the drums, the bass guitar, the guitar, and various other instruments. On his studio album "Recorded by Martin Meinschäfer" (2009) he plays all instruments - guitars, bass guitar, drums, percussion, and hammond organ. In addition to this, he composed the songs, wrote the lyrics, produced the record, and released it on his own record label Cable Car Records. A second live album - "Tour 2010 Live" - was published in late 2010 after an extensive tour through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Henrik Freischlader has played with his band throughout Europe. Current band members are Theofilos Fotiadis (bass guitar, backing vocals), Björn Krüger (drums, backing vocals), and Moritz "Mr. Mo" Fuhrhop (hammond organ). They are currently on tour with Freischlader's latest studio album "Still Frame Replay" (2011), on which he, again, plays most of the instruments. Moritz Fuhrhop (hammond organ) and Max Klaas (percussion) joined him in the studio for "Still Frame Replay". As special guest, his friend Joe Bonamassa plays the solo guitar on the title track.
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Walkin' Blues - Papa George & Alan Glen

Internationally acclaimed London bluesman Papa George is admired on the UK blues circuit as an extremely well respected musician. Since the mid-70s Papa George has forged a reputation for stunning performances on the blues circuits and festivals, “Highly regarded, both here and in the US, and Europe, for the gritty passion of his voice and his finesse on the blues frets…” Paul Jones BBC Radio2. Recognised as one of the top guitarists and vocalists and described by THE TIMES as “a mean axeman”, he captivates audiences playing Fender Stratocaster, or bottleneck blues-style on Amistar and National Steel Guitars.
During the 70s & 90s George ventured out to play in Colombia, New York, LA and Texas, these experiences had a profound effect on his musical journey. Shortly after his return to the UK in 1986, he formed the Papa George Band, which became very popular around London & the South East, plus Europe & Scandinavia. The Papa George Band has built a solid reputation for their great musicianship, mainly using original material - their improvisational skills are second to none. They continue to tour and play festivals throughout Europe. Guest Appearances include: Micky Moody, Zoot Money, Freddie Mercury, Paul Jones, Roger Chapman, Bobby Tench, Jon Lord, "Sir” Charles Atkins, Ken Emerson, Gary Husband, Elliot Randall, PP Arnold and the late, Gary Moore.
Alan Glen (born 1951, Wuppertal, Germany) is a British blues harmonica player, best known for his work with The Yardbirds, Nine Below Zero, Little Axe, and his own bands, The Barcodes and The Incredible Blues Puppies.
Glen started playing harmonica after seeing Muddy Waters, and the 'American Folk-Blues Festivals' which visited London in the late 1960s and early 1970s. His early influences being Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson[disambiguation needed ], and Junior Wells. Early bands he was involved with were Crowjane Bluesband, The Radical Sheiks and Brothers Grimm, before going on to join Nine Below Zero (1991–1995), and The Yardbirds (1996–2003 and 2008–2009).

Glen has played on over 50 albums and recorded/performed with: Alannah Myles, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Slash, John Mayall, Steve Lukather, Skunk Baxter, (on the Yardbirds' album Birdland) and he recorded six albums with Little Axe. In addition he appeared alongside Alan Barnes, Jim Mullen and Roger Cotton on the With Friends Like These album for the Barcodes, which also included Zoot Money. He played with Peter Green, Paul Jones, Junior Delgado and Hubert Sumlin at the Long Beach Blues Festival.

With Dr. Feelgood he recorded the album On The Road Again. Other collaborators include Art Themen, Pee Wee Ellis, Dub Syndicate, Paul Cox, Alan Barnes, Little Axe and Gypie Mayo. Glen has played at Montreux, Brecon Jazz Festival and Nice Jazz Festivals, Hollywood House of Blues, the Hilton, Las Vegas, and The Royal Albert Hall, as well as various television and radio performances.
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