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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'll Play The Blues For You - Homemade Jamz Blues Band

Ryan Perry (19) -- vocals, guitars

Kyle Perry (17) -- bass

Taya Perry (13) – drums

“These young kids have got energy, talent and do the blues proud with their own flavor. I believe they’ve got a GREAT future ahead.” – B.B. King

How does a seven-year-old kid get the blues? Ryan Perry, now 16, laughs heartily at the notion—like he’s a father himself, maybe even a grandfather, as if fondly recalling his precocious past self. “We haven’t had any bad xperiences as a family,” says Perry, who sings and plays guitar in the Homemade Jamz Blues Band (HJBB) with his brother Kyle (14, bass) and sister Taya (10, drums). He understands the irony of a world-weary anklebiter but more importantly the simple, youthful concept of doing what comes naturally.

HJBB started in Baumholder, Germany when father Renaud Perry returned from military service in Korea. Young Ryan found a Stratocaster copy among dad’s bags and wanted it. A week later, Ryan had composed a short instrumental tune (which he’d play at his school talent show) and was playing along to commercials. When the family relocated to Tupelo, the passion stayed with him. Returning home, Ryan, now 11, dove head first into the blues.

“I heard B.B. King, Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughan,” he recalls, “and I would listen to them all the time and try to emulate them.” Having found his muse, Ryan’s playing progressed “like, tenfold. As soon as I knew which direction to go, it really took off.”

Two years later, Ryan was playing live with a drum machine and little brother Kyle, then nine years old, wanted in on the action. After first trying piano and becoming frustrated that he didn’t progress as fast as Ryan, Kyle switched to bass, teaching himself the nuances of the instrument and its role in the blues. Soon he was playing out with his brother, as confident as any wizened old pro and digging his role. “[I] keep the timing and lock down the beat along with the drummer, which allows the lead guitar player to do his own thing while everyone is juking to the beat.”

Eventually proud papa Renaud called Robert Stolle of Clarksdale’s storied Ground Zero Blues Club and insisted on an audition, HJBB—Ryan, Kyle and an unrelated drummer wowed Stolle enough to get a booking. When that drummer didn’t work out, seven-year-old Taya wanted to give it a shot. Already possessing a rhythmic sense from playing tambourine, Taya settled onto the stool and in two months was providing the beat behind Ryan and Kyle. “It's very exciting to play drums,” she says.

It’s likewise energizing to watch HJBB work out, and soon the cherubic trio was a hot ticket. Ryan’s gruff vocals and visceral, stinging, guitar licks, Kyle’s solid rumble and Taya’s cool stomp have electrified crowds across the country, up and down Memphis’s famed Beale Street and on the festival and blues cruise circuit. The band saturated their local media, appearing numerous times in several local papers and national blues magazines, and on local and national TV—including a feature segment on CBS Sunday Morning when the band played the WC Handy Festival last July. Even B.B. King said in a YouTube video, “In my 82 years, I’ve never seen something musically… so remarkable.”

As well, HJBB won the 3rd Annual MS Delta Blues Society of Indianola’s Blues Challenge (2006), and were the youngest band ever to compete in the International Blues Challenge (2007), taking 2nd in a field of 157 bands. Fred Litwin, president of the esteemed label NorthernBlues Music, was a judge for the event. Fred called HJBB and announced he was keen to make them the youngest blues band to sign with a major record label. “Mister Fred,” as the Perrys call him, made it happen. True to their name, the band recorded Pay Me No Mind at home, over three days in January 2008.

Rife with powerful, puissant songs (lyrics by Renaud, music by HJBB) that lyrically and musically epitomize the blues, Pay Me No Mind blends Chicago and Mississippi juke joint blues, copping the gritty slickness of the former and the dirty soul of the latter—never betraying its authors’ age. The trio exudes nothing but confidence and attitude as they sing of betrayal, love, hard times and other bad things gone down as if they’ve lived a life rich in strife. They are, to be sure, a veritable blues explosion poised to make the big sound.

Which again begs the question: how do a seven-year-old and his younger siblings get the blues? Ryan says they just “connect” with the music, like it’s hard-wired into them. He and his siblings don’t think in those terms. “We all love the blues,” he says matter-of-factly. “For some reason it just comes naturally to us.” Write on our Facebook Wall or post your Photos of great blues events! ”LIKE”

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Don't You Lie To Me - Karen Carroll

Karen Carroll (born January 30, 1958, Chicago, Illinois, United States) is an American Chicago blues singer. She was born to parents Mack Carroll and Alberta Simmons Carroll (stage name: Jeanne Carroll). Her godparents were the jazz guitarist George Freeman and blues vocalist Bonnie Lee.

Carroll started singing in church at the age of six. Her first appearance was on stage playing guitar with her mother's band at age 14. Early in her career she worked with Katie Webster and Albert King. She recorded her first song with Carey Bell on his album, Son of a Gun in 1983. Carroll went on to tour with Eddie Lusk in Canada, after recording his album Professor Strut in 1989. She went on to play at some big Chicago blues clubs. In 1995, Carroll worked on an album with five other female blues artists called Women of Blue Chicago, and it is still being played on the radio today. She was offered her own recording contract by Delmark Records in 1995, subsequently making the album Had My Fun. This was followed by another recording, Talk to the Hand in 1997. Some of the tracks on the album Carroll wrote and holds copyright for.

Over the years she has worked with many Chicago blues musicians such as Carey and Lurrie Bell, Rudy Rotta, Otis Grand, Angela Brown, Billy Branch, Melvin Taylor, Eddy Clearwater, Lonnie Brooks, Alvin Lee, Byther Smith and Sugar Blue
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seattle Surfer Stomp - Ramington Flashride

Ramington Flashride & The Incredible Cat Heads from Collogne Germany is an instrumental trio that combines the surf music of the 60's with the blues rock of the 70's, creating a hypnotic and rhythmic own unique sound that brings to mind lonely desert roads, sunny beaches and perfect waves.

Radio DJ and Surf Guru Phil Dirt from California describes their sound as "Musically hypnotic and rhythmic … definitely off the beaten path”.

In spring 2011 Ramington Flashride released his debut album "5ft Offshore".

In December 2011 the Song "Travel" was chosen for the soundtrack of the radio play "Zeitreisende Surfer" by the city of Hannover.

At the moment the band is recording their second album called "The Blue S".

The Band Line-up

Ramington Flashride - Guitar
Danny Rucks - Bass
Rokky - Drums
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stop Playin'Games/The Thrill Is Gone - STACY BROOKS with Tony Fazio

Stacy started singing at the age of 5 in Zweibruken Germany at an Army show and after her first standing ovation there was no looking back. Fast forward to the present, with her diverse background she continues to give you toe tapping, head bobbing feel good music that crosses all barriers. Since she began her quest of the blues she has been working non-stop bridging the age gap on the blues circuit and importing fans from other genres. In her short time on the blues circuit she has shared the stage with blues greats Kenny Neal, Grammy Award Winner Sugar Blue, Guitar Legend Bobby Parker, Memphis Gold, Lil Dave Thompson (R.I.P.) Ronnie Baker Brooks, Grammy Nominated Billy Branch, Eddie Shaw, Willie "Big Eyes" Smith (R.I.P.), and Bob Stroger just to name a few. Her arrangements keep the integrity of traditional Chicago, Delta Blues while adding a spruce of rejuvenation.

This year on 9 July, The Stacy Brooks Band competed and won The Battle of The Bands at The Sedalia Blues Festival in Big Island Virginia. They will now go on to compete in Memphis at the International Blues Challenge in January 2012.

The highly anticipated Love Peace and The Blues Cd was released in September 2011 to wonderful reviews and airplay. Bluesmen Kenny Neal and Memphis Gold are co-producers of the Cd along with Stacy. The CD includes a duet with Kenny Neal and she wrote & arranged 12 of the 14 songs. The CD also includes German lyrics to pay tribute to her German background.

Stacy is a multi award nominated artist with nominations for:
2007 for New Artist of the Year
2009 for her Live @ the Surf Club CD for Blues Recording
2009 & 2010 Female Blues Vocalist all from the Washington Area Music Association.
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Release: Live in Coburg, Germany - Karen Carroll - Review

I just got a copy of Karen Carroll's latest release, Live in Coburg, Germany and it's a beaut! The release is made up of 11 tracks which were recorded live by Karen with her band, Fever de Soul, at the Irish Pub in Coburg, Germany in 2008. This is a really great set of blues tracks and it captures the richness of Karen in concert. The track list consists of:
I Aint Got Nothin But The Blues
Steppin In
Part Time Lover
Next Time You See Me
Play The Blues For Me
I Need Money
Breakin Up Somebodys Home
Dont You Lie To Me
Do Your Thang
Are You Ready
Killin Floor
Along with Karen's deep lush voice, this is a very tight band. They have the chance to open up and play in strong support with some beautiful instrumental work throughout. I particularly like the bass players style but all of the instrumentation is great.
It's hard to believe that such a solid set could have been buried for such a long time. I'm glad that they have released it.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why Does Everything Happen To Me - Jimmy Reiter Band

Neben meiner eigenen Band, die den einfallsreichen Namen "Jimmy Reiter Band" trägt, spiele ich seit dem Jahre 1999 bei Doug Jay & The Blue Jays, die quer durch Europa touren, und der Bluesnight Band, mit der wir monatlich wechselnde hochkarätige Gäste begleiten. Man kann mich aber auch bei anderen Besetzungen sehen, als Gast bei Bands und Künstlern wie Albie Donnelly's Supercharge, Memo Gonzalez & The Bluescasters, Angela Brown oder Keith Dunn.

Ich habe auf mehreren Alben verschiedener Bands mitgespielt, und im Jahre 2011 endlich meine erste eigene Platte mit dem Titel "High Priest Of Nothing" herausgebracht.
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Free Downloads - Karen Carroll - NEW!!!!

Karen recorded a live show in Coburg, Germany in 2008 and fortunately for us she has decided to release it! I expect to have a review copy within days...stay tuned... It is made up of 11 tracks of blues standards. From what I've heard it's some of her best work on the standards. She was really on it this night. The club is no longer open but it was at the "Irish Pub".

I have a few free downloads for you below so help yourself and take a taste!

"Do Your Thang"

"I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues"

"Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home"


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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cry Again - Henrik Freischlader

Henrik Freischlader (born November 3, 1982) is a German blues guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer, and autodidactic multi-instrumentalist from Wuppertal, Germany.

During his teenage years, he started his career as a blues guitarist and singer in bands such as Lash and Bluescream. In 2004, he formed the Henrik Freischlader Band and released his first album "The Blues" in 2006. The follow-up album "Get Closer" was released a year later in 2007. A live album then followed in 2008 entitled "Henrik Freischlader Band Live". Henrik Freischlader's style of music cannot only be considered blues. He often blends in musical styles such as rock, jazz, soul, and funk, even though blues is the basis of all of his songs. His guitar-playing is influenced by Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Peter Green, Albert Collins, and Albert King. Growing up, Freischlader taught himself how to play the drums, the bass guitar, the guitar, and various other instruments. On his studio album "Recorded by Martin Meinschäfer" (2009) he plays all instruments - guitars, bass guitar, drums, percussion, and hammond organ. In addition to this, he composed the songs, wrote the lyrics, produced the record, and released it on his own record label Cable Car Records. A second live album - "Tour 2010 Live" - was published in late 2010 after an extensive tour through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Henrik Freischlader has played with his band throughout Europe. Current band members are Theofilos Fotiadis (bass guitar, backing vocals), Björn Krüger (drums, backing vocals), and Moritz "Mr. Mo" Fuhrhop (hammond organ). They are currently on tour with Freischlader's latest studio album "Still Frame Replay" (2011), on which he, again, plays most of the instruments. Moritz Fuhrhop (hammond organ) and Max Klaas (percussion) joined him in the studio for "Still Frame Replay". As special guest, his friend Joe Bonamassa plays the solo guitar on the title track.

Henrik Freischlader has been the supporting act for Joe Bonamassa, B.B. King, Gary Moore, Peter Green, Johnny Winter, and other blues legends.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Markus Strasser - MSTR

I came across this guy when I was doing my New Year I know that this isn't blues (his last entry was) but this guy is really talented and clever. I just wanted to pay a tribute to his ingenuity! If you have a sense of curiosity and like things that are clever (not stupid or predictable) check this guy out!!

Good Going Markus!!
I have put up a few of Markus' videos here that I enjoyed. I'm sure there are a lot more!

1) Bass Solo - Touch Me

2)Milk Shake Guitar Slide


4)MSTR Quartett / Markus Straßer - Clone Music

5)I love my Marshall V2

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This is terrific Markus!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blues for Two (E-Cavaquinho) - MSTR Trio

Markus Strasser is an instrumental teacher and lives in Neuötting (administrative district Altötting, Upper Bavaria). He has studied music educational theory and psychology at the university of Passau and published in 2004 his CD "Kiss me, I'm Frog". The works at the " guitar school for left-handers " are concluded. Since 2007 famously by the "Lokalistensong". In 2007 the pupil's CD " Charlie in the snail house " followed as a benefit performance project for abused children (Suibamoond). The studio admissions for the CD Horst Biewald " Boarisch Grooving " are concluded.
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rollin´ And Tumblin´ - HANK DAVISON

The last 20 years HANK DAVISON had a great time playing with his BAND the famous parties all over the world! He shared the stage with ZZ TOP, LYNYRD SKYNYRD, JETHRO TULL, MEAT LOAF, SCORPIONS, MANFRED MANNS EARTHBAND, MOLLY HATCHET, WHITESNAKE, URIAH HEEP, TEN YEARS AFTER, RORY GALLAGHER, CANNED HEAT, GEORGE THOROGOOD, STEPPENWOLF, MOTHERS FINEST, LUTHER ALLISON, DOC HOLLIDAY, CLIMAX BLUES BAND and many more. Now he cancelled the BAND but he come back on stage - just with a guitar and his voice- Hank Davison - he..ll take you where the wild ones go!
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Julian Thome

Julian Thome (*September 19, 1991, Sinsheim, Germany) is a german singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, percussionist and leader of the "Julian Thome Band" since March 2010. After he released "Collected Papers" (now his signature song) in May 2009, he came up with his first album "My Own World" (September 2009), featuring only a guest guitarist, but many different music genres packed in a singer-songwriter style. Tracklist including "Where Is All The Acid Gone", "My Country", "Lost Happiness", "Bad Weather", "Guilty" and his tribute to the dead singer/drummer "Buddy Miles". In February 2010, he released an album called "Lung Cancer", highly-influenced by industrial, deathcore, nu metal, screamo and goregrind. Songs including "Fuck The War", "As Heavy As A Machine", "Rahhh" and "Organic Peace Of Mind". Thome is up with new songs on his setlist, has plans for more progressive music styles and using every bit of his voice to get the rock music on a new level.
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sunday Morning - Philipp Fankhauser

Philipp Fankhauser - vocals, guitar.. Tosho Yakkatokuo - drums.. Angus Thomas - bass.. Hendrix Ackle - piano and Hammond.. Marco Jencarelli - guitar..
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mr Blues

Germany has the Blues!

Dieter Kropp plays at the moment with the award winning "Dieter Kropp & The Fabulous Barbecue Boys" Band.
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Haben Sie den Niedergeschlagenheitsbericht von Bman Überprüft?

Will YOU help me share!!
Am Niedergeschlagenheitsbericht von Bman bin ich auf der Suche, um jedes kühle Niedergeschlagenheitsband zu finden, das ich finden kann. Ich teile mich mein findet mit jedem, der hören wird. Ich habe mehr als 20,000 Monatsleser aber möchte den Künstlern geben, dass ich soviel von einem Publikum finde, wie ich kann. Ich schlage die Väter und Söhne der Niedergeschlagenheit jeden Morgen und jede Nacht, Postbänder von der Außenseite der kontinentalen Vereinigten Staaten am meisten jede Nacht an und prüfe mindestens eine neue Niedergeschlagenheits-CD oder DVD jeden Tag mit Videos nach. Ich führe regelmäßig Interviews mit dem Spitzenniedergeschlagenheitstalent, Musik-Befürwortern und registriere Firmeneigentümer. Jede Woche schlage ich eine Rezension eines Weinleseniedergeschlagenheitsamperes und auch eine Videorezension einer schönen Gitarre an. Sie wissen nie, was ich als nächstes präsentieren werde.

Ich ziepe der Anhänger-Lieblingsposten der Woche jeden Montag.

Meine Spezialisierung gräbt Bänder um, die neu sind, dass Sie von ... viele von anderen Teilen der Welt nie gehört haben und oft freie Downloads haben.

Geben Sie bitte dem Niedergeschlagenheitsbericht von Bman einen Versuch!

Haben Sie einen großen Tag!

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