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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dixie Highway - JL Fulks and Patrick Levon Farinas - New release review

I just got the new recording, Dixie Highway, by JL Fulks and Patrick Levon Farinas. This recording is a mixture of a lot of different sounds from R&B, deep blues, southern rock, guitar rock, jazz, funk, Nashville ... and much more. The opening track, I Gotta Get It Tonight, takes hints from Humble Pie, Bad Company and Van Halen for a contemporary look at southern blues rock. This track has heavy undertones and speed riffs. My Girl has the construction of a blues standard from the 50's with absolutely screaming guitar riffs. These riffs have the blues quality of BB King and the fluid dexterity of Johnny Winter or Alvin Lee... a really nice combination. Bull In A China Shop starts off in the style of a Buddy Guy track but switches to a Clarence Gatemouth Brown romp and back demonstrating the versatility of the group. Fish in My Own Pond has the distinct sound of Nashville but with a Chicago Mojo. These guys can play! Deep Blue is definitely cut from BB King's cloth but with high intensity soloing. This is really done tastefully and with feeling .... possibly the best track on the recording. Crazy About You has a funky jazz bass with blues overtones. There are some dirty nasty riffs on this track so beware! Before I Go Insane is right off the Chicago songbook. Fulks and Farinas take ample opportunity to demonstrate their skills so if you like guitar ...get ready. I Believe In Love is a straight up T Bone Walker style slow blues track again giving the duo the chance to solo generously. Born In Cackalack is more of a Chuck Berry influenced blues track with some country overlay. Watch Yoself has a funky back beat and the contemporary Texas style blues rhythm pattern but with sophisticated jazz styling. This is a pretty cool recording and one that you should check out if you really like guitar blues!
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