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Friday, June 27, 2014

Selwyn Birchwood's "Don't Call No Ambulance" Receives Rave Rolling Stone Review


Don't Call No Ambulance, the Alligator Records debut from young guitarist/vocalist Selwyn Birchwood, received a rave review from writer Dave DiMartino at

Selwyn Birchwood: Don’t Call No Ambulance (Alligator)
"Recently issued by the distinguished blues label Alligator and garnering repeated plays in this household is the remarkable debut album by young guitarist/singer Birchwood--a powerhouse player and emotive performer whose work respects blues tradition but could not be more contemporary. From Orlando, Florida, Birchwood made an early ally of Texas bluesman Sonny Rhodes and at 29 has already made his name onstage opening for artists like Buddy Guy and Robert Cray. His band, his material, and both his skilled guitaring and soulful vocals are the essence of fully-formed; Birchwood is a major player, the sort of artist that assures his blues-devoted label many more years of prominence to come, and most importantly, a damn fine listen through and through. Highly recommended."

Since the June 10 release of Don't Call No Ambulance, Birchwood, the winner of the 2013 International Blues Challenge, has been wowing club and festival audiences and garnering piles of critical praise. He was recently featured, along with Alligator's other young signing Jarekus Singleton, in a major Washington Post feature story. The two were heralded as leading forces in a new wave of blues for a new generation of listeners.