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Monday, September 2, 2013

I'm Leavin' This Town - DEMIAN BAND

DEMIAN BAND, the real Rock/Blues Power Duo with the most powerful live performances you will ever see on a stage. The band is made up of Demian Dominguez on guitar and vocals and Daniel Bianchi on the drums. In the beginning of 2012, Demian decides to give up the trio or occasional quartet line-up and he and Daniel start walking the way to music essence, reaffirming that Blues roots are not only found in the southern United States but also in the African continent. The influences of drums and Didley Bo, Delta Blues and raw Rock give Demian Band a unique sound which makes live shows become a party where the only things that really matter are the energy and playing music from the heart to convey to the audience this same feeling. It is worth mentioning that Demian has shared the stage with great bluesmen like Eric Sardinas and Bernard Allison and he has also opened multitudinous concerts for Jimmie Vaughan, Roy Rogers and Los Lobos. After many years on the road achieving great milestones, the Matamp English brand of amplifiers builds a signature model called “Matamp Demian”. His albums “Devil By My Side” and “Tattoo’d Fish” have achieved a great international impact, even reaching top positions on the American Blues charts. At the moment Demian Band is on tour. You can attend their live shows in the USA/European Tour 2013/2014.  

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bluesiana - DEMIAN BAND

Demian Dominguez is the most promising Blues/Rock artist ever to emerge from the Latin American, and Spanish cultures. His musicianship and virtuosity sounds so authentically Blues that you would think him a native of the Southern United States, rather than his native Argentina and current home in Barcelona, Spain. Not since the British invasion of the late sixties have we seen a guitarist/vocalist outside the U.S. so adroit at interpreting this indigenous American music and this is amply demonstrated on Demian Band's newest CD release, "Tattoo'd Fish". The Blues may have originated in the U.S., but clearly it now belongs to the world!

A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Demian has been devoted to his music and his musical career since the age of 12. At the young age of
15 he achieved a unique opportunity, and received excellent reviews, when he was chosen as the opening artist for Jimmie Vaughan, Los Lobos and Roy Rogers at Huracan Stadium in Buenos Aires, in a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Demian cultivated his artistry in the Buenos Aires music scene, sharing the stage with well-known Argentine musicians such as Alejandro Lerner, Ricardo Mollo (Divididos), Pappo, Jorge Pinchevsky, Pappo, Willy Quiroga (Vox Dei), Alejandro Medina (Manal), Hector Starc, Walter Sidoti (Patricio Rey y Los Redonditos De Ricota), and others, culminating in his being awarded the ?Contribution to Blues? award from the General San Martin Theatre of Buenos Aires. In 1997, MTV aired a 60 minute special about Demian, entitled ?MTV Outside? (?MTV Afuera?). Subsequently, he wrote the music for a Toyota TV spot, played nightclubs and concerts throughout Argentina, performed live guest spots on radio, and recorded two successful solo albums with Demian Band until he moved to Barcelona, Spain in 2002.

In Barcelona Demian reformed Demian Band and frequently appeared with world renowned Blues guitarist/singer Bernard Allison and international Rock legend Elliot Murphy while performing in prominent European clubs and Blues festivals. In 2007 he recorded a DVD, produced by Bad Music and the Barcelona Blues Society, in the legendary Sala Apolo de Barcelona, and followed this with a tour in Germany in 2008. Demian?s previous successful CD, "Devil by My Side", featured Fernando Tejero on keyboards, and Bernard Allison on slide guitar and vocals on "If You Say You Love Me." The CD received wide critical and popular acclaim in both the U.S. and Europe, reaching #1 on the Blues radio charts in the U.S. In addition to the extraordinary talents of Demian, on his latest and 5th CD release, "Tattoo'd Fish", Demian Band consists of the masterly bass and keys of Tito Bonacera and the driving percussion of drummer Roger Serrahima. "Tattoo'd Fish" cooks with Demian Band's usual high-energy and Demian's signature blistering intensity, and combines original tunes with new arrangements of classics from the traditional Blues repertoire.
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