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Friday, March 20, 2015

Severn Records artist: Tad Robinson - Day Into Night - New Release review

I just received the newest release (April 21, 2015), Day Into Night, by Tad Robinson and it's smokin! Opening with smooth groovin' Soul Lover, Robinson shows just how much soul he has with has solid vocals joined by Caleb Green and Christal Rheams and understated horn work of Kenny Rittenhouse (trumpet), Liesl Whitaker (trumpet), Antonio Orta (tenor sax) and Bill Holmes (trombone). On Call Me, Kevin Anker on keys and Benjie Porecki on organ set a nice groove and Robinson takes a smooth ride vocally. He really does have the groove and delivers like a master (think Al Green). Lonely Talking has a great feel and the masterful guitar playing of two of my favorite contemporary guitarists, Anson Funderburgh and Johnny Moeller. This isn't your typical Texas guitar shootoff but a real soulful sway with honest tasty riffs playing against the beat. Excellent! He's Moved On opens with Bill Holmes warm trombone sound and Robinson keeps his vocals attack on the down low. Now he's not Barry White, but this is is hot. Green and Rheams keep the melody line going and Robinson shows his honest feel for the groove... Marvin Gaye style. Now I don't say these names to say he's doing someone else's thing. He actually captures the feel created by the best in the business and that's saying something! Lead Me On is a great track and Robinson continues to impress with his soulful vocals. Moeller lays out a stinging guitar solo on this one and Anker isn't far behind sewing it up on keys. Mellow In Love is a solid R&B ballad with a horn chaser. Steve Gomes sets up the bottom and Robb Stupka keeps it tight on drums. Love Is A Winner has a real bright feel and a crisp beat with Anker, Rittenhouse, Whitaker and Moeller weaving a smooth tapestry of music. Blue Yesterday is a smooth soul track with a smooth approach. Moeller's subtle attack on guitar and support of Anker gives Robinson a lot of headroom to lay down the vocal groove. Robinson taps his harmonica to set the footing for high stepping While You Were Gone. The perfect groove set by Gomes and Stupka is glazed by Anker on keys and Robinson rides the wave both vocally and on harp. Nightwatch has a slower sway to it set by Whitaker and Rittenhouse. Even the percussion on this track makes you feel you're in the studio of Marvin Gaye. A supple track with warm horn backing, this track coaxes Moeller out again with some really soulful riffs hitting it on the head. Need Some Better has a nice strut with a tight reign by Robinson. His vocal phrasing is excellent and Anker seems to hit the spots just right. Wrapping the release is a fuller sounding Call Me, with horns gently caressing the tender vocals of Robinson. Smooth backing vocals by Green and Rheams and painterly addition of each instrumental sound clearly results in a superb professional production. Robinson speaking the lyrics like an original soul track from Philly in the 70's gives this track a super feel and authenticity.  This is an excellent new soul fused release. Check it out!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Multiple Blues Music Award Nominee Tad Robinson Brings His Soul/Blues Sound from "Day Into Night" on New CD, Coming April 21 from Severn Records

Multiple Blues Music Award Nominee Tad Robinson Brings His Soul/Blues Sound from Day Into Night on New CD, Coming April 21 from Severn Records

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Severn Records announces an April 21 release date for Day Into Night, the new CD from seven-time Blues Music Award nominee Tad Robinson. This new CD is the long-anticipated follow-up to his last release, Back in Style (2010), and features the soul/blues singer backed by the Severn Records house band of Johnny Moeller – guitar, Kevin Anker – keyboards, Steve Gomes – bass and Robb Stupka – drums. Joining in the fun are special guest appearances from blues guitar heavyweights Alex Schultz and Anson Funderburgh.  

This veteran team of musicians, recorded at Severn Sound Studios in Annapolis, Maryland, shows its experience by focusing on how best to serve each song. “It’s not about excess,” notes Robinson; “rather, paring down the accompaniment to the essence of each song.”

That restraint is obvious throughout Day Into Night, enabling Tad Robinson’s soulful vocals to take front and center, resulting in the strongest soul/blues collection in his growing catalog to date.

Included in the new album’s dozen tracks are mostly-original songs crafted by Robinson, Gomes and Anker, including “Nightwatch,” which showcases the always tasteful fretwork of Robinson’s longtime collaborator, Alex Schultz. “Severn’s creative studio environment produced a spontaneous combustion, resulting in Alex’s gorgeous rhythm guitar part on ‘Nightwatch,’ which anchors the tune,” recounts Tad.

The legendary Anson Funderburgh lends his signature stabbing, punctuated guitar lines on “Lonely Talking,” the deepest soul/blues cut on the album. “Anson provided a real gut-check with a call and response to my vocal, which gives it deep passion and intensity,” says Robinson

Additional highlights include the stunning opening track, “Soul Lover,” with its elegant horn chart courtesy of arranger Kenny Rittenhouse; the infectious soul of “Mellow in Love” and “Love Is a Winner;” and the band’s re-working of Bobby “Blue” Bland’s up-tempo number, “Lead Me On.” “This goes to the heart of the record with its message of trust and humility,” declares Robinson. “In the end, that is the essence of the entire disc.”

The songs contained on the new CD are reflections of the way we connect, love and remember. They flow from soul celebrations of sturdy, tested love to the blues of relationships tangled up in doubt, old flames and new attractions, with the inevitability of Day Into Night.

Tad Robinson will celebrate Day Into Night with a series of CD release shows in and around his Indianapolis hometown, including April 10 at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana; April 11 at Player’s Pub in Bloomington; May 21 at the Slippery Noodle Inn in Indianapolis; and May 22 at the Jazz Kitchen, also in Indianapolis.

Tad Robinson Discography
2015 – Day Into Night – Severn Records
2010 – Back in Style – Severn Records
2008 – A New Point of View - Severn Records
2005 – Did You Ever Wonder? - Severn Records
1998 – Last Go Round – Delmark Records
1995 – One to Infinity Delmark Records

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