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Monday, April 13, 2015

Bad Taste Records aertist: Danko Jones - Fire Music - New release review

I just received the newest release, Fire Music, from Danko Jones and it rips! Opening with red hot rocker, Wild Woman, Jones and his band, Rich Knox (drums) and John Calabrese (bass) crank it out. I've been waiting for a release like this since the Distillers broke up and this one hits the spot. Yes, Brody Dalle did just come out with a new release and it's great but this release has the bite that I needed. A driving rocker with the tightness that you only get from a 2 or 3 piece band is here. Jones has a great voice and with a straight up guitar solo and a really cool drum riff, this track is smokin! High energy The Twisting Knife has a great beat and melody and Jones' driving guitar riffs really set it off. Gonna Be A Fight Tonight, possibly my favorite track on the release, really gets you moving with all of the drive of the best rock. With a take no prisoners attitude, this track has teeth. Jones lays his guitar chops on the line slashing his way through the dust. Excellent! Body Bags is a great driver and one that I shouldn't listen to in my car while I'm driving in traffic (it's made for the open road)! This track is packed with a hard punch and great melodic vocals that are hard to ignore. Excellent! Live Forever slows down a little providing a contrast but still with a great rock beat. I've been listening to this release all day and I have to say it's the best rock of this type I've heard in a long time! Do You Wanna Rock has a totally different type of feel with more of a dance feel and "nervous" vocals. Frenzied cowbell and drumming by Knox gives this track it's edge. Getting Into Drugs is a simple rocker with more directed lyrics. It's likely to be popular for radio play. Watch Your Slide kicks it back into high gear with a real train rumble from Knox matched by blazing guitar work from Jones. A great rocker, this track is hot! I Will Break Your Heart is a clearest radio track on the release. Powerful guitar riffs, a solid melody and a driving beat make this an excellent radio track. Piranha kicks it back into overdrive with great guitar, bass and drum power. Jones leads the way with super vocals and grinding guitar riffs. Again, stay away from your gas pedal. This track breathes fire! Wrapping the release is She Ain't Coming Home, a powerful rocker with great lead and backing vocals. A driving drum beat by Knox pushes this track along and Jones lays out a great melodic guitar solo. This is a great closer for a super release..... ah hell. I'm riding top down tonight!

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