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Showing posts with label Coming Out Swingin'. Show all posts

Monday, June 24, 2013

VizzTone Label Group artist: Candye Kane featuring Laura Chavez - Coming Out Swingin' - New Release Review

I just received the newest release (June 25, 2013), Coming Out Swingin' from Candye Kane and it may be her best effort to date. Opening with the title track, Coming Out Swingin' Kane and notable guitarist Laura Chavez literally come out swinging!! This authentic swing track features really tasty guitar riffs but conjures the feel from the 40's with Bill Caballero on trumpet, April West on trombone, Jerry Viau on sax and tight tom tom work from Fred Rautmann. On Rock Me To Sleep, Kane leads the way with swell vocals and Chavez plays some remarkably clean guitar work backed by Sue Palmer on piano and Kennan Shaw on bass. I'm The Reason Why You Drink has a Chuck Berry flavor but with a twist of horns and of course Kane on vocals. Chavez steps up again on this track showing that she well knows the fretboard. Bill Watson also adds nice harp work on this track. One of my Personal favorites, Invisible Woman, is a slow bluesy ballad track with shimmery guitar work. Low fretboard guitar solos, and especially cleanly inventive ones always draw my attention and Chavez is all over this. Excellent! A catchy swinger, You Ain't All That gets you back up and rockin' and Kane's vocals are bounce nicely along with the support of Chavez. Have I mentioned that I love her guitar work on this release? I Wanted You To Walk has a bit of an old western (but rockabilly) feel to it and it's nicely done. Darling Baby is an old Holland, Dozier, Holland classic and possibly showcases Kane's voice better than any other track on the release. Barbed Wire Mouth is a rocker with a bit of punk sass. Kick out the stops and in with the surf. Twanging guitar riffs flow and Chavez again shows her mastery of the fretboard. Rick Estrin's What Love Can Do is another nice addition to this release. A R&B style track, Kane belts out the melody and the bands stays low in support. Leo Dombecki adds some really nice organ work to this track as well. In a tribute to New Orleans Kane and Chavez play Au Revoir Y'All, a track starting in classic NO strut style but developing to a full swing. Sue Palmer lays down some really nice keys on this track backed by the horns. Lalo Guerrero's Marijuana Boogie is a great choice to wrap up this release. Kane is in full tilt and Chavez is stepping on the gas. I can see my pal Still A Dog stompin' his foot and whistling away. Palmer again steps up and really rides the keys. This is surprisingly really really good. Check it out!

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