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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

International Recording Artist MISS ROBIN BANK$ 2012 European Tour and Cew CD with Duke Robillard

International Recording Artist MISS ROBIN BANK$
2012 European Tour and a new CD with Duke Robillard
Toronto based recording artist Miss Robin Banks is set to embark on her third Eurpoean tour with Texas based Viennese piano player Christian Dozzler to continue promotion for their duo CD "Livin' Life", which was recorded in Texas and released internationally in 2009. Popular on the European blues festival circuit, Banks and Dozzler will be performing in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Banks' first appearance in France at the Boogie Woogie Festival in Beaune in December.
Miss Banks is currently in preparations to for her next CD, with recording scheduled for February 2013 which will take place in Rhode Island. The CD will be produced by award winning artist, guitarist and producer Duke Robillard and will be recorded with Robillard's band in his studio.

"I'm really excited to be working with Duke on this one." Banks explains "He's an artist and a man that I've admired and respected for so many years. I really love his work, and his band is as good as it gets. I have a feeling it's really going to be a lot of fun musically. And this will be the first all original full band studio recording I've done in 11 years, since "Honestly", so I'm definitely due! I'm putting everything I got into this one - the whole of my heart and spirit. I think I'm a different singer than I was on "Honestly". I think I've grown as a vocalist and a songwriter... Duke seems to like the batch of tunes I sent him and that's a great place to start! I'm feeling real good about the record."
Stay tuned for more information
Miss Robin Banks has her roots deeply dug. Clearly comfortable with Jazz, Classic R&B and Soul, even Reggae, she's also known for her bold and brassy, classy but sassy, Texas and Chicago electric Blues style. In 1999, Miss Banks became a staple in the Texas music scene and continues to enjoy, and record in, the Lone Star state. She has 4 independently released CDs and one single to her credit and makes regular tours to Europe and the Caribbean, but recently made Toronto Canada her home.

A master of tone and phrasing, Robin Banks has a vocal style, strength and clarity that has been compared to Etta James and Dinah Washington. She is a recipient of a Maple Blues Award for New Artist of the Year and was three times nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year. In 2010, she performed at Massey Hall in Toronto as part of the celebrated annual Women's Blues Revue event.

No matter the genre, she is known in the industry as the real deal.
Christian Dozzler is an accomplished Blues musician of 40 years. In Europe and Texas he's known as "Vienna Slim" or "Two Metres of Blues". He performs regularly with American Blues guitarist Anson Funderburgh. He sings and plays harmonica and accordion as well as Blues piano very much in the style of Otis Spann.
"Robin's got soul, class and most of all good taste!" - Duke Robillard

"Robin Banks is Canada's first lady of the Blues! She has an electrifying presence and one of the best Blues Bands in the country" "She's a pro's pro!" - Mike Fitzpatrick, Downchild Blues Band

"Robin sings with a simple coolness that can break your heart and still make you beg for more. She is absolutely my favorite blues singer"
- Teddy Leonard, Fathead

"Robin Banks is the real deal, playing in her world class band is a joy"
- Gary Kendall, Downchild Blues Band

Robin Banks, she'll kick your ass and break your heart, all in about a minute!
- Lee McBee

Upcoming Performances
November 23
Davis, Vienna (Austria)

November 24
Altes Kino, St.Florian (Austria)

November 29
Schalander, Seligenstadt (Germany)

November 30
Jazzkeller, Sargans (Switzerland)
December 1
Incontri, Rohrbach (Germany)

December 3
The Maple, Ertvelde (Belgium)

December 7 & 8
Boogie Woogie Festival, Beaune (France)

December 10
Jazzland, Vienna (Austria)
Miss Robin Banks

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Blues and a Half - Christian Dozzler & Lazy Roosters

Christian Dozzler (born September 22, 1958, Vienna, Austria) is a blues, boogie woogie and zydeco multi-instrumentalist and singer from Austria, now based in the Dallas/Fort Worth (Texas) area. He plays piano, harmonica, accordion and organ, and writes most of his recorded material. He has been nicknamed "Vienna Slim".
Dozzler took classical piano lessons from the age of 5. He started teaching himself to play blues and boogie woogie on the piano after he heard this music on the radio at age 14. Eventually, he also learned playing the harmonica and guitar, and formed the 'Backyard Bluesband' in 1976, while still in high school. In 1984 he got called to co-front Austria's 'Mojo Blues Band', and toured and recorded with them until 1993. From 1993 until 2000, he led his own band 'Christian Dozzler & The Blues Wave'. In 2000 he relocated to the United States and was keyboardist for the Larry Garner band from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for two years. He settled in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area in 2002 and continued his solo career. As of 2010, he performs mostly solo piano blues in North America and Europe, but also plays with Texas blues bands like Anson Funderburgh & The Rockets, Mike Morgan and the Crawl or 'Hash Brown & The Browntones' on a regular basis.