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I started a quest to find terrific blues music and incredible musicianship when I was just a little kid. I also have a tremendous appreciation of fine musical instruments and equipment. One of my greatest joys all of my life was sharing my finds with my friends. I'm now publishing my journey. I hope that you come along!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BOOM BOOM - Carl Wyatt & Archie Lee Hooker

Archie Lee's songs recall the melodies, the attitudes and the roots of his life. Archie, who was born in Inverness, Mississippi later moved to Memphis, Tennessee. The bright lights and unique sounds of the city captured his imagination. As a teenager, Archie attended church and sang in the choir and also formed the gospel group, The Marvelous Five. The group sang in churches in and around Memphis, as well as New Orleans, Louisiana. Archie's next stop on his musical journey was California. There he joined his uncle, the legendary John Lee Hooker, doing live performances. In 1995, Archie Lee toured Europe for the first time. His live performance at the Castlebar Blues Festival in Ireland electrified the audience. His first CD, Suicide Blues was recorded there with Carl Wyatt and the Rhythm Kings. This project revealed Archie's gift for song writing and an understated vocal style all his own. Archie Lee's vision creates songs that have classic familiarity and groundbreaking qualities that move the listeners to yearn for more. Far From Home, Archie's second CD by the Archie Lee Hooker, Jr. /Shawn Gonzales Band is a blend of American roots Blues and world beat influences, which takes listeners on a delightful journey through new musical territory. ( Archie & Shawn pictured left. ) Archie Lee Hooker Jr.'s Best, the third CD from Archie Lee Hooker Jr. and the Blues for Hire Band, is a compilation from his previous releases featuring the unique artistry of Carl Wyatt on Delta Slide Guiter. As you listen to Archie sing, you'll notice that each song tells a story. Archie puts his feelings and emotions into each song & when you hear him sing, you will understand his roots, the kind of life he lived and where he is now. You may shed a few tears, or you may even dance a few steps; but believe me, no matter what you do, you will want more. New Church of the Blues is Archie Lee's newest CD. Released in early 2002, this dance CD also includes the last live recording by his uncle, the late great John Lee Hooker. The Album was popular locally but gained wide attention after reviews turned up in genre-specific trade magazines and the songs gained admiration from blues programmers all over the U.S. The Coast to Coast Blues Band provides lively accompaniment to Archie's unique style of vocals. Before you know it, foot tapping may lead to out and out dancing! Through most of 2005 Archie Lee Hooker Jr. joined his talent with the Ooozie Blues Show which has become the most popular band for traditional blues venues in Southern California. The inspiration for the Show came to Bassist Norman Pingrey. Norman called upon the vast pool of talented Blues Veterans in the SoCal area to form an excitng platform which varies from a solid Blues Band to an outbursting Blues Allstar blast. Archie Lee Hooker Jr. and Norman Pingrey became acquainted while performing with the original Boogieman , John Lee Hooker. They then toured Europe together in 1995. Some brief Oozie bios are included in the Artist Information Pages of our SWF Audio Player which features some clips from "The Oozie Blues" & "L.A Groove." In the Fall of 2005 Archie returned to the San Francisco Bay Area and to his classic high energy Boogieman performance style. Guitarist Mark Benedetti & drummer Dave Harper provide precise driving rhythms for the dance surging with melodic fire. The sound is always Fresh, Full, Fast & Fun. A typical performance features Archie Lee Hooker Jr. originals with some reprise from the lively works of uncles John Lee Hooker & Earl Hooker .

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Blues I'm Living - Carl Wyatt

Carls's live performances are a powerful blend of Texas, Chicago and Delta Blues. He has played and toured with artists such as "Archie Lee Hooker", "Big Bo McGee", "Little Whitt Wells", "T.W. Henderson", "Sharon Lewis", "Tino Gonzales"..., recorded with all of the above mentioned artists, lived and jammed with the Godfather of the Boogie "John Lee Hooker" and has been profiled on radio and TV stations on both sides of the Atlantic.

Although his main influences are artists such as Lightning Slim, Johnny Winter, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker, Carl developed his own style over the years. His love for delta blues made him study slide guitar, for which he his best known.

His many Concert and Festival performances led him through countries such as England, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland, France, Northern-Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Italy and the USA.
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