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Friday, January 6, 2012

Alive Natural sound label New Release :Where Is Parker Griggs - Compilation Showcase - Review

I have had the opportunity to review the new cd from thee Alive Naturalsound label entitled " Where Is Parker Griggs". This is a compilation of recordings by Alive Naturalsound recording artist, most of which are available only on this set. Included in the lineup is Radio Moscow,
Hacienda, Buffalo Killers, Henrys Funeral Shoe, Black Diamond Heavies, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Brian Olive, Gardens, White Noise Sound, Left Land Cruiser and The Bloody Hollies. Now you can imagine in any compilation of songs by diverse artists that there will be songs that you like more than others just due to the song types/styles and your own personal taste. This entire compilation is very well composed and flows very nicely. Radio Moscow who has two songs on this compilation come on strong with mind expanding overtones and eerie swamp sounds, Hacienda who also have two songs, both which are exclusive to this release are more directed to the general listening audience and airplay. Buffalo Killers, also featured 2 exclusive to this release tracks which I found enjoyable and in the nature of early Joe Walsh. Henrys Funeral Shoe has one song which is exclusive to this release and has a soul side laid down over a nice slide groove and harmonica. Lee Bains III a debut song that is exclusive to this release and Brian Olive seem well suited to airplay. Gardens drum up a sound that was primitive and endearing like the Ramones or the Donnas... only their sound. White Noise Sound was actually one of my favorite tracks on the release with a song called There Is No Tomorrow. It shows originality and interest to go where few others venture...but then I like different stuff! Left Lane Cruiser with one track was pretty straight forward rock music with a lot of slide. The Bloody Hollies delivered the bluesiest tune on the recording with Dirty S'x. Overall a very interesting listen!

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