Friday, April 12, 2024

The Afro-Caribbean Jazz Collective - Fiesta At Caroga - New Release Review


I just had the opportunity to review the most recent release, Fiesta At Caroga, from The Afro - Caribbean Jazz Collective and it's quite cool. Opening with Descarga, Brian Stark on sax, Ben Weisiger on trombone, Eric Devey on trumpet and Jose Guzman on guitar really lay it all out there over a beautiful weave of percussion supplied by Stephen Busath, Sebastian Nassar, and Brian Shank. Ian Stewart sets a hard bass line giving the track a super anchor and his soloing is tight. Excellent opener. Opening with a complex rhythm on El Canaveral, Busath, Nassar and Shank really dig in deep. Stark solos first on sax with rich deep tones, underscored by the bass lines of Stewart and light rhythm by Guzman. Warm blending by Devey, and Weisiger enrich the overall sound and a fluid guitar solo by Guzman really is nicely presented. Wrapping the release is Baile Bailekita with a great rhythm and brass infused melody. Stark on sax rips a few really nice melodic solos, really fueling the excitement and Guzman on guitar fans the flames. Very nice closer. 

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